The 9 Best Modern Dollhouse Kits For Beginners

The other day, there was someone in my Facebook group asking which modern dollhouse kits would be best for beginners.

So I decided to dive deeper into this topic and made an oversight of the DIY kits that I believe to be the best to start out with, in combination with people’s opinions on Facebook, as I have joined many groups myself πŸ˜‰

But first, why would you start with modern dollhouse kits for beginners?

Starting out with DIY miniature kits can get quite frustrating when you start with one that is way to difficult, believe me! πŸ˜‰

I started myself with a DIY greenhouse kit from Robotime called “Cathy’s Flowerhouse“, and I can tell you: I was about to throw it out, especially in the last phase, when adding the plastic cover!

And I was even ready to not buy miniature kits anymore, but the thing was that I got 2 more of them for my birthday and that Cathy’s Flowerhouse was the most difficult one for me, auwch!

But after starting with the second one, Miller’s Garden, I was addicted and things got a lot easier!

The reasons to start with a beginners kit are:

  • As said above: starting with a more complex kit can get frustrating and you will want to give up

  • If you have never created miniatures or dollhouses, starting with a beginner’s kit will help you decide if you even want to create miniatures yourself or just collect them.

  • Creating 1:24 kits or on another scale, like 1:48, can help you decide which scale has your preference.

  • It can help you understand how to create miniatures and get insights into dioramas.

Anyway, let’s dive deeper into the modern dollhouse kits for starters!

Beware: if you see a different “brand” when you go look for details on Amazon and others: beware that the kits that they are selling are from retailers and not the correct brand!

If I can’t find the exact brand, I will mention so in the reviews. It doesn’t happen a lot anymore because I mostly recognize the style and materials used now πŸ˜‰

Expanded reviews on the best modern dollhouse kits for beginners.

This blog post contains affiliate links from Amazon and Etsy, with no extra charges for you.

1. Soho Time by Robotime/Rolife

Not only is this one of the most affordable DIY kits from Robotime, but it is also quite easy to create when you are just starting out.

The design is simple and modern and “light”.

Scale1: 24
Pro’s– obviously: one of the easiest kits from Robotime to create
– Very affordable
– good quality product
Contra’s– You might not like/get a bit frustrated about
the wirework on this
– a very known brand can also mean that the project
isn’t unique and you don’t feel “special” as a
beginner πŸ˜‰
Our Ratings4,5/5
Hours to Makeabout 15 hours

2. Buttercup Dollhouse kit by Greenleaf

Admittedly that the dollhouse kits from Greenleaf are usually on a more difficult level, because they are larger and more “complicated”, because of the Victorian or Gothic theme, which makes them more finicky.

That being said, Greenleaf does have dollhouse kits that are suitable for beginners.

Just like this one called Buttercup, and it can represent a chalet in the mountains or a getaway at the beach πŸ™‚

Scale1: 24
Pro’s– Very elegant designs
– this can be made from 12 years and up, so quite easy
– sturdy enough for even kids of 9 years and up to play
with it
Contra’s– does not come with paint, furnishing, or other
decorations. Some shingles come with it, but they are
not like in the picture
– you need to sand the pieces a lot to not get splinters and
to assemble the pieces
Our Ratings4/5
Hours to MakeAbout 14 hours

Clearance Sale

3. Cake diary by Cutebee

This Cake Shop DIY kit from a cute brand called Cutebee is fairly easily made by beginners.

Don’t the little cakes look delicious?

Scale1: 24, but more like 1:22
Pro’s– great step-by step manual
– from 14 years and up
– easy to assemble
– lots of fun miniature items
– comes with a music box
Contra’s– You need extra tools, especially for Cutebee kits
– glue and batteries are not included either
– no dust cover included
Our Ratings4,5/5
Hours to Make15 hours and up

4. Robotime’s Sams’ Study

This bookstore called Sams’ Study was one of the first modern dollhouse kits that I assembled myself.

Besides a few issues (the chair) and the looong work on the books, this kit is quite easy to do for a beginner.

Scale1: 24
Pro’s– Besides the upholstering of the chair, this kit is easy to assemble
– This is a well-known kit on social media, so there is a lot of
help out there if you need it. My place, for example;-)
– the pieces fit together well/quality kit
Contra’s– lots of books lol
– no dust cover
– can take a while to finish
Our Ratings4,5/5
Hours to Makeit took me about 25 hours

5.A tiny Putz Brownstone kit

Maybe not thΓ t easy as these are tiny, tiny, and tiny haha, but on the other hand if you would like to start with something special, this would be a good choice and very unique.

These buildings are approximately

4 1/2″ tall
3 1/4″ from front to back – NOT including the stairs
2 1/2″ wide.

BrandAged With Time
Scalesee above
Pro’s– unique and tiny kits
– very easy to assemble and fast
– you can paint them in any color you like
– handmade craftsmanship
Contra’s– they are less sturdy because they are from cardboard
Our Ratings5/5
Hours to Make5 hours

6. Peaceful time little dollhouse

If you would like a complete dollhouse with 2 floors instead of a boombox to start out with, this dollhouse kit could be something for you.

ScaleThis is more like 1:48, although it says 1:24
Pro’s– sturdy materials
– easy to assemble
– quality kit
Contra’s– No batteries or glue included
– the instructions could be better
– it takes some time to assemble
– you need extra tools
Our Ratings4/5
Hours to Make24

7. Forest Time by Cutebee

Another easy one by Cutebee is “Forest time”.

I tend to find the DIY kits from Cutebee easier than most other big brands, but this one looks very easy to do. Hardly any wirework and lots of wooden pieces to just assemble and done πŸ™‚

Scale1:24 but more like 1:22
Pro’s– I love that this a little house with a roof, that isn’t
always the case
– this is not a big and overwhelming kit, you can take
your time to enjoy the process
– pictures are easy to follow
Contra’s– English translation is a bit of
– the wall lamp is a little bit fiddly to make
Our Ratings4,5/5
Hours to Make14 hours

8. Mini Tree House Engraved

Looking for something unique instead of the big brands? How about this cute little engraved and laser cut miniature tree house?

True that these are a little more expensive, because of the more expensive procedure laser cutting procedure, but that is what makes these DIY kits unique!

Have you seen my fairy garden houses by the way?

BrandHome Delights GB
Scale47cm Tall x 18cm Deep x 37cm Wide

Base Stand: 18cm x 16.5cm

Opening Door Dimensions: 6.5cm Tall x 6cm Wide
Pro’s– Handmade craftmansship
– fits together well because of the laser cut parts
– very easy to assemble
– unique DIY kit
Contra’s– you could keep it blank, which looks nice like that,
but if you want something colorful and “real -looking”,
you need to decorate it, which can be tough for
beginners in the miniature world
Our Ratings4/5
Hours to Makethe undecorated piece should be easily made in
a few hours

9. A dollhouse in a picture frame: Warm Dawn

How about this DIY mini kit in a picture frame?

This doesn’t take a lot of time and neither is it difficult to do.

The brand on Amazon says “Flever” dollhouse kit, but I don’t think that is actually true.

I would rather think it is from Robotime or Cutebee, but this time I’m not quite sure about it, sorry!

Brand“Flever” (probably not)
Scale1: 24
Pro’s– Quick and easily made
– if you don’t have a lot of space in your home,
you can still have miniatures on your wall πŸ˜‰
– very affordable DIY dollhouse kit
Contra’s–  the hanger hole to hang up the frame was larger
then the screw, and thus hard to get screws in.
Our Ratings4,5/5
Hours to Makeabout 8 hours

New Arrivals Building Kits

My Final Conclusion.

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post on the top 9 modern dollhouse kits for beginners!

If you have any more questions about this topic, please feel free to ask them below in the comment section or join me on my social media pages or Facebook group.

I wish you happy crafting!

Kind regards


4 thoughts on “The 9 Best Modern Dollhouse Kits For Beginners”

  1. Ooooh they’re so cute!

    And I didn’t even know such easy one existed. I always admired people who were able to do this (I am worthless with my hands haha)

    You made me want to try it out and I’ll start with the same as you I think : “Cathy’s Flowerhouse”. Did you do a lot of manual things before?

    • Hi Diane!

      Oh yes, I did a lot of crafting before I got into these dollhouse kits, but these can be quite a challenge as well, so I wouldn’t start with Cathy’s flowerhouse,but choose something else from the list haha!

      I wish you happy crafting!


  2. I was one of your visitors that asked about which kit is suitable for beginners for a modern dollhouse, that is why am back as booked marked for easy access. After reading about your frustration with the DIY kit and how you soon fell in love with Cathy Flowerhouse after receiving 2 for Christmas, I think am going to order one today to receive and start as I am brand new to this craft. Please continue to share your experience with the tiny dollhouses and which ones you like, as I will be a repeat visitor. 

    • Hi Jannette!

      I am so happy that you will be a repeat visitor and that I was able to help you out here!

      I wish you lots of happy crafting and if you have any more questions,please feel free to ask!



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