An Expanded Cutebee Dollhouse Review – And Some Insights.

In previous articles, I have talked a lot already about dollhouse kits, from Rolife to Hongda and Hoomeda. Today, however, I am going to dive a little deeper into the DIY dollhouse kits from Cutebee, with this Cutebee dollhouse review.

Let’s just go straight on and see what I can find as I am writing this article and see if I can find any reviews on this brand.

updated 24/07/23

Who produces Cutebee dollhouse kits?

The dollhouse kits from Cutebee are made by a company called ‘Shenzhen Qianhai Shiyou International’, located in China. All kits are shipped worldwide.

All products are seen on their website here. ( I wouldn’t buy anything straight from their website though, I’m surprised how much more expensive they are on their own site, compared to AliExpress for example).

They sell several products, a small list:

  • Blythe dolls. (dolls with big heads basically haha)
  • accessories for the Blythe dolls (clothes, shoes, etc..)
  • STEM toys, meaning: educational toys for children
  • and of course, our dollhouse kits, in all kinds of sizes and shapes

The most astonishing one, in my opinion, is their gorgeous greenhouse in the next video:

Which types of dollhouse kits are available from Cutebee?

Cutebee has a very large variation in their dollhouse kits, from one room-houses and very large houses:

… to the tiniest little cans, snow globes, and miniature rotating music boxes:

As far as I can see, the architectural style is partly Chinese for the large houses, but there are also modern-looking houses or houses with a theme.

Like a chocolatier, a greenhouse, or a bookstore, for example. (by the way, I have never seen that particular bookstore done by anyone in Facebook groups, might be a good idea to check it out myself one time 😉 ).

The dimensions available are in the screenshot below:

Let’s see, what else is there to mention..

Right: The materials. These are made from: wood, paper, fabric, and pieces of plastic or resin can occur.

The content from the Cutebee dollhouse kits.


So, what is included or not included in the boxes of the dollhouse kits? A list:

  • includes all the pieces to make the house like you are seeing in the pictures, meaning the wood, fabric, Resin, plastic pieces, and more.
  • an English manual (if an error is made and the manual is in Chinese then it is easy to use the Google translate app.
  • not included (on the contrary to the kits from Rolife): tools ( tweezers or a crafting knife for example), dust cover, glue, and batteries.
  • TIP 1: You can use the same glue that is used for the kits from Robotime, which you can buy on Amazon.


  • Tip 2: I recently discovered this ‘Fingertip Craft knife‘ from Fiskars, and it is amazingly handy, I can assure you!

A Cutebee dollhouse review in detail.

  • Places to buy: AliExpress or Amazon ( you can compare prices between the 2 )
  • Price: Variable prices, of course.
    One-room houses are only about $15,00 and the ‘larger’ houses go from $34,00 for the one in the first picture below to $82,86 for the second one in the pictures below.
  • Overall rank: I am, personally, not giving these kits a ‘perfect’-rating, but not bad either. (Explanation further on)
  • Pros and cons:

The Good.

  • Mostly cheaper than dollhouse/miniature kits from Etsy for example
  • There are plenty of Youtube videos or Facebook groups on the internet to help you out if you have any questions or issues with a particular kit
  • there are Chinese-looking houses that you probably won’t find elsewhere/ a few unique designs
  • A qualified and established company that seems to sell good quality and descent products


The Bad.

  • not handmade like the dollhouse kits from Etsy 😉
  • mass-production/not unique
  • no personal help for crafting a kit, while on Etsy you could mostly get guidance from the seller
  • personal taste: I prefer the designs of Rolife


  • Warranty: On AliExpress: free return in 15 days without a reason, 90-days buyer protection.
    On Amazon: please contact the seller.
  • Beware of: shipping from China can take a long time, don’t panic if it doesn’t arrive quickly!
  • Age: these are best bought for ages over 8+ and guided by parents.
  • My final opinion on dollhouse kits from Cutebee: I would definitely try out some of these dollhouse kits, even though they are ‘made in China’! 😉
  • A few reviews from other people:


My own Cutebee project

Have you seen the one that I worked on and there are more waiting for me to be done?

I have explained every step expanded for this “chocolatier” coffee shop from Cutebee and I loved it, check it out!

And also I filmed it to place on my Youtube channel below:

You can customize any dollhouse kit.

On my Facebook group or specific groups for dollhouse kits, you can often see people who changed their kits completely. This is called ‘kit-bashing‘ and it can be a lot of fun! Lots of times it looks way better than the original kit, in my opinion.

You can paint walls, furniture, etc in another color, leave items out or add other ones, change the fabric of the sofa’s/chairs (or even paint those as well), and so much more. There are basically no rules whatsoever, the choice is yours completely! If you prefer to stick to the original version, that is fine as well!

Myself, when I made my first two kits from Rolife, I stuck to the original plans and colors (except for a little side-table in Miller’s garden, because the original one with wires I just-could-not-do ;-). Have a look at the pictures on the blog post to see what I mean ).

cutebee chocolatier review 1
My Chocolatier has slightly different colors than the original.

Now, the next kit, I am sure going to change the color of the walls and the color of the furniture, because I am a little bit tired of all the white for the walls and the orange for the furniture of the kits from Rolife aka Robotime.

A lady in a Facebook group showed her before and after pictures, have a look.

Before, meaning the original picture from Cutebee on their sales page:

And after: customized with paint, upholstery trims, outdoor trellis, etc. What a difference, no?!


I mean, even if you like pink, all the pink on the original one was a bit too much, no? This looks so much better, again, in my opinion 😉

Some more FAQs on Cutebee kits .

Where to get Cutebee dollhouse instructions pdf?

Normally, every dollhouse kit these days has a manual with instructions included. If not, you can always check out Facebook groups that talk about these DIY kits in general or contact Cutebee themselves or you might even be lucky and find one on my website, because I will always upload a manual as well if I make my own Cutebee kits!

Which glue to use for Cutebee dollhouse kits?

Cutebee kits never seem to include glue, so the glue that I always use the most is called "Grab fast Tacky glue", and it is among the craft materials that I use for these types of kits!

what size does a Cutebee dollhouse kit have?

The scale of these kits can vary among the kits themselves, but mostly on a scale of 1:24 to 1:18. And everything in between.


Final conclusion.

I hope that you appreciated this blog post about the dollhouse kits from Cutebee and the review I made for it.

If you have any questions about this article or if you would like to share something, then please leave a comment below or share your thoughts on my newest Facebook group.

I wish you happy crafting!

Best regards,


12 thoughts on “An Expanded Cutebee Dollhouse Review – And Some Insights.”

  1. Oh my gosh, these are so adorable. I grew with with Sylvania (not sure if you are familiar with the brand or not but basically it is a doll house that is very popular in Japan). However, if I can just do it myself this is another level, I love all the DIY. I would love to make the snow globe and music box! Thank you so much for sharing your review on Cutebee. I will check it out on your link. 

    • Hi Nuttanee,

      I haven’t heard about Sylvania before no, so I looked it up and they look cute!

      If you have any questions when making the snow globe or music box, feel free to ask 😉

      happy crafting!


  2. My first reaction was: great! some gift ideas for my best friend little girl. Then I say what? A DIY dollhouse kit? What a great idea. It’s amazing how all inspiration seems to fade out in my brain when it time to by a gift for a 5 years girl. I don’t want to buy something that is too common. This dollhouse kit seems very special. It’s something that I can do : it’s more personal and she will still remember it when she will be 15. Awesome.

  3. First of, I have to just say how cute is this! My girlfriend is into a lot of these cute dollhouse kits and I recently bought her a one room house dollhouse kit, and she decorated it up and customised it with lots of Disney characters! I will be sharing this article and website to her as this is her hobby! I am very interested towards the Chinese themed dollhouses, as you are right on the aspect of it being quite rare to be found in other makers or creators. 

    This is definitely going to my consideration for giving this to her for a Chinese New Year gift as it is approaching real fast! I do have a question, as I see that my she is a beginner too, she sometimes struggle in putting the items in place as her fingers will accidentally move other miniature contents in the ‘room’. Should I get her a clipper? (the metal thing that i see in the video which people use to place the miniature items in the houses).

    Thank you so much for your recommendation of dollhouses! You helped me narrow down my search for Chinese new year gifts for her! Great article and keep it up!

    • Hello! Thank you for all the compliments, these are great for sure and have unique houses!

      About your question, your girlfriend could use a tweezer, I wrote about them in this article. That will make it a lot easier to not move the other pieces in the room by accident!

      Happy crafting for your girlfriend!

      Best regards,


  4. One difference between Cutebee and Rolife . The Cutebee kits I have purchased come with the dust cover and the music box where the RoLife ones (Miller’s Garden and Sam’s Study) didn’t. None of the kits included glue or tools.

    I found these kits too late and the one I want the most is the Container House one from Hoomeda (the one with 6 containers).

    My two favorite miniaturists on YouTube are The Square to Spare and HMS2. They helped me gain the confidence to try making some of my own miniatures.

    • Oh yes indeed, I have also found the ones from Hoomeda only later:

      Saying that none of these include glue or a tweezer, for example, is a bit strange though, as it is always included in mine (the ones from Rolife I mean). Maybe it depends on the country send to? Anyway, if no glue is there, AliExpress has the same glue used in the Rolife kits, to use or add to when empty, as mentioned in the article.

      Thanks for letting me know about your favorite artists:-)
      Happy crafting!

  5. I’m so glad I found your blog! I’ve really been wanting to get into building some miniature dollhouses, but as I’ve done nothing like it before I was kind of at sea on where to start! I’m pretty in love with the CuteBee Garden Cafe, but I kept finding more and more listings for it and wasn’t sure if it was better to pay a seller on Etsy a bit more than just buying the cheap option on Amazon. After reading this, I’m pretty set that I’ll be buying the Amazon listing as a reward for myself hitting a milestone coming up at work! I also kept finding conflicting information about what tools I would need to purchase separately, I’m glad you put that pretty succinctly here!

    • Thank you so much and I hope you will have fun with the start of the miniature kits! If you have any questions,feel free to ask.
      Myself, I am making ‘Simons Coffee’ right now, from Robotime. But with my own ‘twist’.
      I wish you happy crafting!

  6. I love these DIY cutebee doll house I brought two from amazon my only problem is I wish there was english
    Instructions book that came with them
    Thank you

    • That is indeed a problem with the kits from Cutebee. Have you tried the Google translate app or looking for Youtube videos with English instructions? These can be very helpful 😉 . I do hope that in the near future they will have English manuals as Rolife has.
      You are welcome!


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