Who Creates Tasty Miniature Dollhouse Food And More? – Tyleen Barker Does!

Lately, I have been contacting lots of great miniature artists from all over the world, hoping that they would want to share their stories for my blog. One of the enthusiastic responses that I got was from Tyleen Barker from “The PetitePlum Gifts“, who not only creates delicious-looking miniature dollhouse food but lots of other things as well.

By the way: I really appreciate it a lot if you want to help this small blogger out, thank you!

Let’s just dive straight into Tyleens’ work and bio, shall we?

Click here if you can’t wait to see Tyleen Barker’s work!

But first: Who is Tyleen Barker from The Petite Plum Gifts?

Tyleen Barker is from Kamloops, Canada, and is selling miniatures, and other things as well, and she is on Etsy since 2017.

A little bit of her story in her own words:

” Tyleen has always loved tiny things, even as a child she collected little minis.

She didn’t start making anything miniature until 3 years ago when her little girls began playing with dollhouses and when she saw the happiness in their little eyes as they played and how they loved the tiny accessories.

Completely self-taught, she began making little items for their dolls.

She posted a picture to Facebook of some little items she had made and she received such amazing feedback and requests started coming in.

Before she knew it, she got swept away into this miniature world and she hasn’t looked back!

She is loving this amazing community and supportive like-minded people ??.”

Tyleen’s Influencers:

Again in her words:

“The main influences on my mini obsession are definitely my daughters as they absolutely love little things.

I grew up with a mother that loved all things mini, I was even told bedtime stories as a child about fairies.

My mother is an amazing author and creative mind. Hearing stories about fae and their little world gave miniatures a magical feel”

How did she learn how to create miniatures?

She learned to make minis through a lot of experimenting and trial by error, practice, and watching videos done by some amazing miniaturists.

The materials she uses to create largely depend on what she is making.

She uses anything she can find to create the desired look from organic materials (nature, rocks, leaves, etc. to polymer clay, resin, photopolymer, acrylic, fabrics, beads, and scrap odds and ends)

From Delicious Miniature Dollhouse Food To Miniature Animals And More, she has it all!

Everything you see here or in her store is handmade with care and all miniatures can be customized into charms or even fridge magnets!

It is not easy to answer the question of which miniatures Tyleen is selling, because where do I start haha?!

So I will give it a try and answer this in different sections:

1. Miniature dollhouse food.

Personally, these are my favorite miniatures from her store, everything looks so “tasty” and breathtaking, even better than real-size food haha!

Let the pictures speak for themselves!

2. Miniature animals.

In Tyleens’ store, there are small little miniature animals that look incredibly lifelike!

Take a look at the black kitten, hedgehog, turtle, frog, chameleon, birds and more!

They seem to be all on a scale of 1:12.

3. Miniature Decor

There are over 45 miniature decoration pieces, so it is kind of impossible to sum everything up here.

But I can definitely say that they are very much worth checking out! Just take a look at the little Croc shoes, for example, aren’t they cute?

4. Jewelry with miniatures

These are miniatures attached to jewelry, in the form of a necklace or keychain.

How about a little whine bottle, a cute little seahorse ( great for collectors!), a little candy charm and more, around your neck? 😉

I would wear those for sure, why not, miniatures are my passion haha! Would you?

5. Holiday-themed minis.

Darn, I’m probably too late (again) to write about Easter miniatures? lol!

Anyway, Tyleen has some new miniatures out in the Easter theme and my gosh, these are amazing!

There are also other holiday miniatures available, like Christmas miniatures, Halloween, and Valentine’s.

6. Miniature plants and trees.

What can I say without repeating myself? These miniature plants and pots are quite unique and lovely as well!

And the miniature bird baths are amazing, I love them!

You just need to be quick if you want them, sometimes there’s only one available 😉

7. Vintage Miniatures

And last, but not least, Tyleen is selling a lot of brass and vintage miniatures.

I have no words left to say how wonderful these are, in my opinion 🙂

These are vintage/antique pieces only and can be quite rare.

Besides miniatures, she also sells other things, but you can find out and have a look at her store, right? 🙂

Where To Admire Tyleen Barker’s work?

You can find more information on her social media channels and Etsy store:

A few customer reviews and a star-review.

5 star reviews

  • Tyleens’ store gets a full 5-star review on Etsy 🙂 Which means that the average review rating is 4,8 or higher.
  • Her store has a history of smooth shipping, quick replies, and great reviews
  • I can mainly only see five-star reviews from customers
  • this store accepts returns, but exchanges don’t seem possible

Now let’s show some recent reviews from customers, the names are blurred for privacy!

My Final Conclusion

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post on the wonderful miniature dollhouse food and other miniatures from Tyleen Barker.

If you have any more questions, you can ask them below in the comment section, but I’m sure that you can also ask them with Tyleen herself, as she answers questions on Etsy quite quickly 😉

You are also free to join my social media channels below or my Facebook group which is getting larger every day, welcome!

I wish you happy collecting/crafting!

Kind regards


PS There are plenty of other miniature artists on my website, you can check out Kammys Creations, for example! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Who Creates Tasty Miniature Dollhouse Food And More? – Tyleen Barker Does!”

  1. Wow! What an inspiring story. I was particularly touched by the fact that she got into the world of miniatures to meet the needs of her daughters. I can only imagine how much pleasure those creations brought to her children. Many mums are simply superwomen and Tyleen Barker is one of them. 

    Another inspirational thing about her story is the fact that she was self-taught yet you wouldn’t know that from the quality of her work as we can see from the items in the pictures, I can only imagine how much hard work, passion, and skill goes into creating each item. I truly enjoyed reading this story.

    • Hi Oluseyi!

      She truly is an amazing artist, isn’t she? I love her skills and it is indeed very inspirational how she learned it all herself, I know that I can’t do this (yet), haha!

      Thank you for your positive comment!

      Kind regards,


  2. Terrific article Lizzy, this really resonated with me as my own line of work is somewhat in miniature as I refurbish and repair old cigarette lighters. My YouTube video set has often reminded me of dioramas I recall from schoolwork as a child.

    Tyleen seems like a creative force and I am glad she has found an outlet for her unique take on what you call “delicious looking miniature food.”

    I commend her for making such fun and flourishing miniatures and the motivation she states is all I needed to hear. I too am keen to be involved in any enterprise that is appealing to the young folks in my life.

    • Hi Joseph!

      Thank you for the positive note and refurbishing old cigarette lighters sounds like a fun thing as well!

      I wish you happy crafting!

      Kind regards,



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