Small Backyard Shed-My Personal Work

About 7-8 years ago I started making miniatures myself and I made this small backyard shed. So let me show you some of my personal work.

I don’t remember how everything was made honestly, because everything has been locked up against the claws off my 4 cats, just until my ‘big’ house is finished. Meaning: I need to make a shelf or something where I can put it away safely. And probably have a dustcover made from glass, covering it all. ( I am handy, but cutting glass: Nah 🙂 ).

The Frightening Start

To make the backyard shed, I remember I found building plans somewhere on the internet. And then just measured it/drew plans to 1/12th scale.

As it was my first project, nobody believed that I could do it, even more, because the wood had to be cut to very small pieces with my Proxxon circular saw.

Lots of things are made by myself with materials that you can buy in craft shops or even made from trash. But of course some of them I didn’t make myself at all, like the light and the hanging basket with flowers. But I will explain those as I post the pictures!

Without further ado, here are my pictures:  ( please excuse me if the pictures aren’t to clear, it’s not easy to photograph small things, that is like a different profession )

  • An oversight
  • A cheese board, all made by me, including the mouse
  • patio chairs, table, plates, bread, butter, all made by me. The cutlery and teacups were a gift.

  • clogs, they were a gift, but I painted them. The savoy looks blue, but in reality, they are green, must be the camera effect 🙂
  • oops, the pile of wood fell down :-). The basket was a gift. The ax was bought. In the back: the water barrel, bucket, and water tap were made by me.
  • a saw bench, made by me. The saw was bought.

  • a sack of potatoes in the backyard shed, made by me

My small workbench, made by me. It needs a lot more materials on it, will get there in the future 😉


  • How it looks on the inside, next to the shelves I also made myself. All the miniatures on the shelves were bought, except the wrapped newspapers
  • another table to put my pots and flowers on etc. Everything bought or gifts, except the turnips and the table itself. I love working with wood as you can see!
  • also inside: my ‘Newfoundlander’ dog stole a carrot :-). Dogs basket, large broom, and fishnet made by me.

  • Mice, the little rascals, are everywhere making a mess 🙂

  • little doghouse and drinking trough, all made by me

  • the little side table, cake, and cake holder were all made by me. The teapots were a gift from a dollhouse magazine subscription. Would you like to know what is on the market, have a look at my article about that:   Dollhouse magazines.

  • the cake holder was actually made from buttons that otherwise I would have thrown away. Glued together and then sprayed with silver acrylic paint. Would you like some more ideas on how to make miniatures from trash or everyday items? Have a look here.
  • my little herbal spiral and garden hose, it definitely needs more herbs!
  • just a plain and simple (real) branch with a little birds nest, all made by me (or by nature as you prefer 🙂 )
  • honestly, I don’t even know where I got this lawn chair from, all I remember is that I knitted the blanket

  • Some more pictures of the rooftop of my small backyard shed, I’m very proud of this, it was a lengthy job! On the inside, the little beams had to be cut very carefully with my Proxxon saw and the roof shingles took forever to cut!

The downspout is made from a straw! And a close-up of the roof shingles.

  • Water barrel, bucket, and water tap, made by me
  • 🙂 !
  • My compost bin!
  • What do you think these are? 🙂 All made by me.
  • a wheelbarrow, made by me
  • the hanging basket with flowers and the watering can were gifts, crates, and pumpkins made by me
  • chickens, chicken coop, fence, fallen bucket, eggs all made by me

  • Rooster, gate, leaves all made by me

The garden vegetables!

Impossible to get there yourself? 

No, it is NOT, you can do this! I am not proud of everything I made myself, at all. That’s because I prefer working with miniature furniture and building the dollhouse itself because that is my niche! And I tend to give those things more attention than let’s say: the chickens. And it shows!

You can never be good at EVERYTHING in the miniature world. Look for your niche, read magazines, watch Youtube clips, and find out what attracts you most, is my advice. You will get better in time for sure if you have found your personal passion.

And if you don’t want to make anything yourself, that is also fine. I would so like to fill my house with miniatures collections, I would buy everything on the internet if I had the money and space 🙂

Would you like to see more pictures, add me on Facebook, my Facebook group, or soon to come on Youtube.

Let’s just say: happy crafting and/or collecting!

Any questions about these? Feel free to leave a message in the comments!

Best regards,


PS! I have now made a -FRESH FROM THE PRESS- Youtube channel! And posted my first video on it from my backyard shed, please have some thumbs up, thank you!

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  1. Hi Lizzy,  Wow you should be very proud of yourself.  This is artwork if I ever see it.  I am so glad that you have been able to create this website to show people.  I think you have a lot of potential here.  You should set up a store where people can buy your creations for their projects.  I bet you could inspire a lot of people doing this and the best thing it will encourage you to make more creations.  You could do an exhibition in your home town at your local art gallery I’m sure lots of people would be really impressed.  Very creative.  

  2. Thanks for sharing with us such an amazing article. I love your article because of you have enlightened some important thing and you have described about the backyard shed. I just want to say that your work is amazing because you make your backyard Perfect. You take agriculture, you take some domestic animals and you make a place where you can drinking with your family for that reason I really love your backyard and that’s why I would like to follow your system and I will make this kind of backyard in my home.

     I would like to say that again thank you very much for the such and wonderful post and excellent article. I will share your article with my nearest people and friends so that they can get some information from your article and they can follow your process.

  3. This is really an insightful post and i am sure that this article will be of great help to so many people just as it has really being of great help to me. This is a great article on your experience of small backyard shed. i spent some time staring at the beautiful work that you have done and i wish i could do same.

  4. The first i want to do is try to share this great article with some of my friends. The website is really nice. and i have learnt something tangible from this well detailed article on your doll house. i just find it so amazing that you could such beautiful work. the attention to detail is just so awesome.

  5. this is a great and amazing article. i sincerely appreciate your effort creating time to write on such an informative article which has taught me a lot more on Everything you need to know about dollhouses and miniatures. this is an amazing art work and I’ll love to create mine as well. thanks for sharing this amazing article

  6. Very cool! I love all of the photos you provided. It would be really cool to go all out and make like an entire town of dollhouses. Although it would be really tough, it would look very cool! 

    What’s the largest dollhouse you’ve had or put together? Apologies if I missed it earlier, do you make them often? OR sell them anywhere?

    Appreciate all of the information! 

    • Hi Travis!

      That would be a dream indeed, building a whole town ! I haven’t made a very large dollhouse yet , but who knows somewhere in the future I want to build a castle/fortress ! Have you seen the treehouse yet that i have been working on? it’s still not finished though, I am working on the roof as we speak:  treehouse. Not selling them yet, but maybe later , sure !

      happy crafting !

  7. Wow I admired for your creativeness.
    Those miniatures are stress reliever. I can see there is a love of creating those. People who are not creative and passionate about it cannot do this things.

    I did not tried doing this in my whole life but as what I see I love to try this things.

    Excellent article worth sharing to everyone.

  8. Hello, Thank You for this post, I most say I commend your effort and consistency in making the doll house and those miniatures, the pictures are really nice, I have always wanted to but this challenge is time, I have some of the tools already. But due to the Covid 19 pandemic that given everyone a compulsory leave at home, I believe this is the best time to get to work, thank you for sharing this post you just awoken my passion.

  9. Wow I admired for your creativeness.

    Those miniatures are stress reliever. I can see there is a love of creating those. People who are not creative and passionate about it cannot do this things. I did not tried doing this in my whole life but as what I see I love to try this things.

    Are these miniatures also for sale? I think this is a good business.

    Excellent article worth sharing to everyone.

    • Hello, thank you for the nice compliments. I do intend to sell them some day, I will have to make a lot off time though then first to make a series off miniatures 😉 

      Happy crafting !


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