The Top 19 Best DIY Dollhouse Plans – A List

A custom-made dollhouse is an ideal toy to teach your (grand)children to use their creativity. However, to make a wooden dollhouse yourself, you need DIY dollhouse plans.

In the blog post of today, I am trying to give you 19 of those building plans, so that you can start creating a solid and pretty dollhouse:-).

Beware that lots of these DIY plans are free, but there are also some very affordable plans on Etsy!

But First: Where To Start And Some More Info.

I have written a few articles before on how to make a dollhouse, but repeating a few things won’t hurt ;-).

So, although dollhouse plans can be bought at craft and hobby stores (online), you can also draw your own building plans that are fully to your own taste.

  • If you would prefer to make the building plan yourself, you would need really need to put all the details on paper beforehand, indicate the exact dimensions for each part, and also think about the dimensions for windows, doors, and stairs!

    You really need to include all of these in your building plan.

  • Another thing to think about is: which scale do you want your dollhouse to be in?

    Choosing the scale of the dollhouse can be influenced, for example, by the space you have in your home for the dollhouse.

    If you choose to want a dollhouse on a scale of 1:24, for example, this can be because the miniatures of Playmobil have about the same scale. So if your kids already have Playmobil, having a dollhouse for those toys would be quite fun for them 😉

    To get an impression, measure the spaces in your house and convert them to 1:24 or 1:12 scale to determine which scale you are going to use.

Where To Get DIY Dollhouse Plans?

Here we get to the core of this blog post: where can I find DIY Dollhouse plans, if I don’t want to draw them myself?

The answer to this question isn’t that easy, but I figured it out for you:

#1. A Very Affordable Dollhouse.

For this dollhouse, you only need a few cardboard boxes and a few other materials, which will make it quite cheap!

The building plans and more instructions are available in a pdf file on the page.


#2. 3 Different Vintage Type Dollhouse Plans

Have a look at these amazing plans for either a Victorian, Colonial, or Georgian style dollhouse.

#3: A three-level dollhouse made from plywood.

On this website called a Beautiful Mess,  Katie Shelton wrote a fantastic article on how she built this pretty dollhouse with 3 levels high. And she is explaining step by step how she made it.

@Katie Shelton

#4: Another cardboard and boxes dollhouse.

This cardboard and boxes dollhouse is ideal to put your kids’ Barbies in. The plans are downloadable in the article.


#5: A Modern Dollhouse

We would not want to skip a modern dollhouse, right? Well, here are the plans for a very creative one.

#6: A dollhouse made from crates!

No real DIY building plans were needed to build this dollhouse, but still, I thought it was a good idea to show this one :-). Have a look at the blog post on this website.

@Debbie Westbrooks

#7: A Lasercutting dollhouse plan.

Lasercut wooden dollhouses are always very beautiful, in my opinion. If you are still looking for a good laser cutting machine, then you can have a look at my reviews on the most used machines.

If you want to download the building plans for this dollhouse in the picture below, DecorlabDesign has them.

#8: Remodeling A Dream Dollhouse.

You can of course remodel an older dollhouse and make it look as good as new! The plans are downloadable on this website and you can also read more instructions there.


#9: A DIY Wooden Dollhouse/bookshelf.

You can make this house to use as a bookshelf, but of course, you can just use it as a dollhouse, it can go both ways!

Get your downloadable plans for this project here.

#10: A Collapsable And Vintage A-Frame Dollhouse

The cool thing about this collapsable dollhouse is the fact that the two roof parts can be folded out creating a lot of room to play in.

Check out the downloadable pdf instructions here on this website.

#11: A Barbie Dreamhouse.

You can get your 11 inch Wooden Dollhouse Plans in HD here for this vintage Barby dollhouse.

#12: A Large Pink Dollhouse Bookcase.

Something very “girly”: a tall pink dollhouse, that you could use as a storage space as well.

Check out the downloadable PDF file and instructions here.


#13: An Easy To Make DIY Dollhouse For Girls

This dollhouse for girls has 5 rooms and a balcony.

The digital downloadable file is available here and the finished dollhouse measures 32-7/8” inches tall, 30-3/8” inches wide, and 10-7/8” inches deep.

#14: Another Wooden Dollhouse For Barbies.

In the video below, you can see how “MagicManu” created a dollhouse for barbies. It is in French, but you can download the PDF file here.

#15: A Little Fantasy Dollhouse

I just love this little playful dollhouse with round edges, how about you?

You can get the downloadable DIY dollhouse plans on Etsy here.

#16: A flat-pack dollhouse.

This dollhouse is quite unique. Once the pieces are cut, they are easily assembled, without needing a single screw or glue.

Then they also can come apart so you can store them flat.

It is a two-story structure that has 8 rooms. Download the PDF file for the building plan here.


#17. Another Modern Dollhouse DIY Bookshelf Project.

This modern dollhouse bookshelf measures : 42”x34”x10”. You can find these downloadable plans here on Etsy.

#18: A Large Lighted Dollhouse.

This very pretty and big dollhouse made from plywood has also lighting included in the DIY plans. You can find the plans here on this website.

@Ivan Krewa

#19: A 1/6 Scale Dollhouse For Barbies.

And finally, we have plans for this lovely 1:6 scale dollhouse, right here on Etsy.

What To Do Next When You Finished The Basics.

I can help you with that by adding all of the blog posts from my website where I have talked about all there is to do on a dollhouse, but that would be way too much haha.

Here’s a small list though of further steps to take:

==> There is so much more, please just use the “search” button on my website, thanks!

My Final Conclusion.

I hope that you have found a suitable dollhouse building plan for your needs by reading this blog post, and thus I could help you out 😉

If you have any more questions about this topic or have any other things to chat about, please feel free to leave a comment below, join me on my social media channels, or on my fantastic Facebook-group, where people are helped out with questions or showing their work. Welcome!

I wish you happy crafting!

Kind regards


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  1. Hi Lizzy! This was such a fun article to read, and I appreciate you taking the time to summarize these amazing options for DIY dollhouse plans. One of my close friends is about to have a baby girl, and I know that this will be of great interest to her. I am also wondering if I should keep it a secret and gift her a dollhouse myself! These are super helpful suggestions that will inform which one I purchase in the near future.

    • Hi Erica,

      I wish your close friend either a lot of fun with building her own dollhouse for her girl, or either a nice brand new dollhouse, why not? Have fun!

      Kind regards,


  2. I am impressed with how affordable these DIY dollhouses are. During this pandemic,  I have had more free time. So, I got into these DIY dollhouses. I appreciate you created this list of DIY building plans, because there were some here that I had not heard of. I will give each one a try. Thank you so much for these insights!


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