About Me.

Hello everyone, welcome to my site. Dollhouses and miniatures have been a passion for me since my youth. I am 49 now, but still ‘playing’ with them.

welcome to Lizzy's blog

My Story.

When I was about 15 or 16 years old, I remember getting a present from a family member: a book that was describing how to make a dollhouse with paper and cardboard. I also remember that I took the whole kitchen table to craft the house and that I made it impossible to eat at it! 🙂

Ever since then I have always purchased miniatures and tiny things, but it wasn’t since about 10 years ago that I started making them myself. I even made a separate space in my new house to be able to work on them.

I started out by following instructions from dollhouses magazines/online tutorials and purchasing the right materials, which you definitely need to be able to craft a lot of miniatures. The right glue, a good table saw, clay, etc. And the room for it!

me and my golden retriever
This is me, and my dog! 🙂

In the beginning, I was never able to get the measurements right, nor the shapes, but you learn, you start over and learn again. And again 🙂

My first ‘house’ was a backyard shed, with a beautiful wooden ceiling, that I can open from above to see what’s underneath. For now, it’s covered in a box and blanket though, because I have 4 cats and still need to find a closed space so that it’s safe against those little paws.

Currently, I am working on a more ‘chaotic’ treehouse, where I will either buy some trolls for OR will try to make them myself, but that is going to be a challenge, as I never crafted figurines before.

Also, I have made 3 fairy houses now DIY, and they seem pretty popular :-).

In between large projects, I also learned how to “makeover” miniature kits, and I am getting better at it, even if I say so myself :-).

The goal of this site is trying to help u build dollhouses and miniatures (let’s do this together!) and find the right equipment for your needs. Also to find ideas for future projects, which I myself am always interested in as well.

Practice makes perfect, and I want to help u out wherever I can!

All the best and I wish you happy crafting!


Do you have any questions? Mail me: contact@everythingverysmall.com

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  1. Hello

    I have a question about the cathy’s flower house. I am trying to put together the frame 1 and the tabs to hold it together are not staying together. How do fix it?

    • Hello,
      The frame was assembled by my partner and I’m sorry but I don’t remember how it was done, I only know it was difficult haha! If you could get an extra pair of hands that would be better!
      Kind regards,


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