The 21 Prettiest Wooden Dollhouses That Make You Want To Live In

Today I am going to show you all the wooden dollhouses that I found extraordinary for lots of different reasons. I’m pretty sure that there are more, but we’ll talk about those another day ;-).

Before I have shown the most expensive and/or biggest dollhouses in the world, that might interest you as well!

Nothing more to say, let’s just dive right into things!

updated 10/08/23

But first the answer to one frequently asked question: what is the best wood for a dollhouse?

I think that good quality plywood, but also thin MDF is totally fine to make wooden dollhouses.

It can depend a bit on the age of the child or person you want to make it for.

When kids start to play with dollhouses, the “chewing-on-everything”-period is often over and for adults, this doesn’t matter anymore 😉

But I would pay attention to finishing with “healthy” materials, because of the emission of substances. I have written a blog post on dollhouse safety for children before, you can check that out!

1. A Wooden Doll house “Tree”

I just love the illustrated children’s books by Jill Barklem, because they tell the adventures of a community of mice living together in the English countryside. Do you know her?

If you love these books as well, you will surely adore this mouse tree dollhouse crafted by Maddie Chambers.

 It is inspired by Crabapple Cottage drawn by Jill Barklem from one of her books called “Spring Story”.

If you would like to know how she made this dollhouse, take a look at her blog here. It has now been sold.

2. A Hobbit Hole: a peculiar wooden dollhouse

Now that we are talking about Maddie Chambers, she made another “dollhouse” that I admire a lot: a handmade hobbit hole/ Bag end from “The Lord Of The Rings”.

Everything for this house is handmade as much as possible (yes, that means the frame, the garden, the furniture, the food, etc.), and she decided to make the roof removable.

She used to play Warhammer and make scenery and paint the little models, so she already knew how to make an A4 type size model hill using Warhammer scenery stuff (foam, static grass, etc.)

Isn’t the result amazing? Take a closer look at her (separate from the other one) blog as well.

3. Brinca Dada’s Bennett Wooden Doll House 

This dollhouse is something completely different than the previous ones because it is a modern dollhouse to play with, but I still like the design and the fact that you can use the elevator.

I don’t think that this brand is still available on the market though. (to high price maybe?) Have a look at the video below:

4. Robert Heard and his famous wooden dollhouse sculptures.

Another “WOW” for me is the wooden dollhouses and sculptures by Robert Heard.

I would very much advise you to follow his Instagram account, where he shows his fantastic unique wooden art sculptures. Have a look for yourself!

They are not delicate at all and one can even play with them! He seems to work on commission.

5. A boot dollhouse!

I know that this dollhouse is not a wooden dollhouse, but anyways, I still wanted to mention it, because it is so cute 😉

“Vintage Jane” crafted this adorable dollhouse boot for her grandson, filled with a little mouse family…

6. A Victorian Dollhouse

This large Victorian dollhouse was made by Deborah Bowden from Torpoint, who spend 4 years working on it from a kit.

The funny story behind this mentions that she put the miniature house on the market through normal estate agents selling the real-life houses :-). It is worth £1500.

7. Miniatures In A Guitar

Fairy Meadow Miniatures, from Australia, created this fantastic guitar filled with miniatures for her daughter. Isn’t that original?

8. Marc Giai- Miniet Dioramas

When I first saw these miniature dioramas, I couldn’t believe the level of creativity that came with them!

These dioramas from Marc Giai are going from the color grey to black, but that doesn’t seem to make these depressing, but quite on the contrary, full of life! (but a little creepy, yes 😉 ).

I will leave it up to you to say what you think of them ;-). His website is: Marc Giai-Miniet Dioramas.

9. The Burrow.

Straight from the Harry Potter series is this miniature building called The Burrow 🙂

It is made by Sally Wallace and this is her website where she explains how this is made!

10. A Huge Italianate Victorian Dollhouse

It is a bit sad that the website looks a bit weird and kind of messed up because I really adore the wooden dollhouses that this person makes. (I can’t even find a name to refer to sorry!).

11. A dollhouse Mansion made with popsicles!

Wow, look at this! One of the many wooden doll houses made by just using popsicle sticks and a glue gun, but what an example, and what a job for which you need endless patience!

The artist’s name is “The Mister Finneth” and he made this fantastic house in about 2 years:

12. Matchstick Buildings!

An even bigger WOW is escaping my mouth right now!

Patrick Acton from Iowa has been making the biggest and most complicated matchstick sculptures in the world!

No, you can’t really call these ‘dollhouses’, but they sure are amazing model buildings, wouldn’t you agree?

He has made them all in his tiny basement workshop and has estimated that he has used over 7,5 million matchsticks so far!

13. The Enchanted Dollhouse.

Were you looking for something else quite unique? Then take a look at this enchanted dollhouse, made from paper mâchée by Laetitia Miéral.

14. The Model From The Movie “UP”.

Have you ever seen the Pixar movie “Up” from Disney? I did and I was profoundly touched by it, what an incredibly beautiful story, and it was so very well made, I would really advise anyone to watch it 😉

That being said, have a look at a replica model of the house in the movie, but as a miniature dollhouse, cute!

There is more information on how it is made on this webpage.

15. Brinca Dada Dollhouses.

If you are more into modern-looking dollhouses and do you want your kid to be able to play with them safely? Then these designer houses from Brinca Dada might get your interest.

I find them really modern, but still, they have this “warm” and interesting look!

16. Madelva Fernandez Cottage.

According to her Facebook page, I think that this artist named Madelva Fernandez sadly seems to have health issues, but have a look at the gorgeous and quite large mini cottage and others that she used to make!

17. The Wooden Dollhouses Of Oksana Solodovnuk

The artist called Oksana Solodovnuk is making wooden dollhouses that are made for kids to play with. They are Eco-friendly, which means that they are using edge-glued boards that are basically repurposed pieces of scrap wood.

They are traditional toys that are made without plastic and run on 100% imagination. Can you see yourself living in them?

This person also has an Etsy store.

18. The Yates Dollhouse

This dollhouse called the Yates dollhouse is one of the oldest in the United States. It is quite large, 4 feet tall and 6 feet wide.

It was built in the 1830s. If you would like to know more about this dollhouse, check out the video below:

19. A Huge Dollhouse For A Little Girl

Imagine having a great-grandfather who is 91 years old, crafting this huge dollhouse for his granddaughter, how about that!

Have a look at this local newspaper for more info!

20. Astelot Dollhouse Castle

Talk about large, expensive, and quite extraordinary: Astelot Dollhouse Castle! This astonishing dollhouse was built by Elaine Diehl in the 1970s, with help from other artists from around the world.

Take a tour around the house with the help of this next video!

21. Something Quite different to finish with!

This dollhouse was built by an architect called Jack Hobhouse.

You could definitely say that his models are quite unique!

This one, for example, has different levels rotating around a central axis like a Rubik’s cube. What do you think?

I wouldn’t think that is boring to look at at all!

There are lots of wooden dollhouse kits on the market for you to assemble as well, check them out!

My Final Conclusion

I hope that you found these wooden dollhouses quite special as well as I did and that it was interesting enough to take a look at?

If you have any more questions or remarks on the topic or any other topics, please just leave a message below.

You could also chat with me on all of my social media pages or on my Facebook group.

I wish you happy crafting!

Kind regards,


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  1. Wow, these dollhouses really take artistry to another level! There are some clever designs and I do see a few favorites that would make great designs for full-sized houses. I love the modern dollhouse and the acoustic guitar kind of reminds me of the guitar-shaped building at the Hard Rock Hotel in Ft Lauderdale Florida.

  2. Wow!  My Daughter and I found this site looking for doll houses.  Some of these houses are unbelievable!  You should have seen the look on my daughter’s face when she saw the doll house made out of a guitar.  She is really into dolls right now and also music and learning how to play guitar.  She wants all of these houses, but the guitar one is her favorite.  She wants me to build her the popcicle doll house, but I am not that handy!  The tutorial on how to build one is awesome.  I am just not very handy!  Any tips from someone who is handy will help me keep that smile on my little girl’s face!  I would love to build one for her. Thanks!

    • Hi there! You are welcome and I hope that you will figure out a way to make your daughter her own dollhouse!

      Kind regards,



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