A Rokr 3D Wooden Puzzle – A Miniature Piano Review

I have always built and reviewed DIY dollhouse kits or book nooks, but for once (or twice, who knows?), we will dive into the world of Rokr 3D wooden puzzles.

These 3D puzzles are not just ordinary puzzles, but stunning and real functioning pieces of art, but I might be biased haha.

With a little (actually BIG help from family members, thanks! 🙂 ), the next review on a 3D miniature puzzle, including a lovely music box, was assembled and reviewed along the way, let’s go straight ahead!

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But first, what exactly is a Rokr 3D wooden puzzle all about?

Rokr is a brand under the Robotime umbrella, specializing in wooden puzzles that function mechanically, so you might consider it something more suitable for boys, but we’re not here to put a gender on it haha.

Contrary to Robotime’s cozy DIY dollhouse kits, Rokr brings an “industrial” vibe to the table, but at the same time, these models are designed to challenge the mind, making them suitable for puzzle enthusiasts looking for something extra.

Check out this DIY 3D puzzle on Robotime

Check out this DIY 3D puzzle on Amazon.

Each piece is meticulously crafted from laser-cut wood, ensuring an eco-friendly and durable construction. The precision of the laser-cut pieces assures a snug fit, creating a smooth assembly process.

In my opinion, there’s something special about the tactile sensation of wood pieces coming together to form a complex machine!

These puzzles are not confined to any single age group but can be a delightful challenge for teens (+14!), and adults.

the mini piano is “supported” by books 🙂

Unpacking the miniature 3D puzzle from Rokr, what is included?

So, unpacking the 3D puzzle, you can see in the pictures and video below what is included in the package, which is:

  • 3D laser-cut wooden panels which you can just ‘click’ out and assemble without glue, so it is an actual puzzle
  • screwdrivers and sandpaper and a little file
  • plastic rulers and screws
  • an enchanting working music box
  • an English manual

You need to provide beeswax or candle wax yourself.

Stay tuned for the full review where I’ll delve into more personal insights.

Bringing It All Together: A review on the Rokr Piano Puzzle Experience

So, simply said: you need to fit the wooden pieces together (like a puzzle) to form the piano structure.

As you progress, the complexity increases as you work to integrate the mechanical parts that give this puzzle its charm. A short review:

  • Quality: Good quality, nothing to complain about.

  • the pieces are easy to remove from the mold and the sandpaper and little file ensure that you can easily file off the excess edges

  • It’s a good thing that there are spare pieces included, this can be necessary!

  • The difficulty level is rather hard, the minimum age of 14+ is the minimum age limit for sure. For children under this age, this DIY kit is too difficult.

  • The music box is great and the piano keys actually move up & down with the sound.

  • The manual is very clear and includes a few tips and tricks (like: handle with care, fragile piece..)

Were there any issues?

Yes, at a certain point, my niece had installed a piece incorrectly somewhere so that a piece of gear did not end up in the right place. She admitted that it took her half an hour to dissemble them again gently.

A few parts assembled

Hours to make:

About 6 and a half hours (without the issue this would have been 6 hours)


The result is really beautiful!!! The details of the wood are very beautiful and bring the whole to life.

My niece also liked the extra touches like the bouquet of flowers, the little cat hiding under the piano, and the fact that the cover over the piano keys can be opened and closed.

check out the little cat!

A few more observations:

The manual mentioned that it is best to grease all gears with wax, but for lots of countries, this is not included in the box. It also states that beeswax or simple candle wax can be used.

So my niece used candle wax and really paid a lot of attention to the process of greasing and assembling it. But ran into a problem first with not running gears, so that was disappointing at first.

She finally managed to get it to work but had to assemble it all over again at some point, because when slightly pushing the lever a little bit, the gears shifted places. So make sure to really follow everything step by step closely!

Check out this DIY 3D puzzle on Robotime

Check out this DIY 3D puzzle on Amazon.

My Final Conclusion

 I hope that you found this review of a Rokr 3D wooden puzzle, the miniature piano by Robotime, interesting and that I could answer all of your questions!

If you still have any questions or would like to share your opinion, please leave it down below in the comment section!

I wish you happy crafting!

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5 thoughts on “A Rokr 3D Wooden Puzzle – A Miniature Piano Review”

  1. Hi Lizzy,

    I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how much I enjoyed your latest post on this wooden piano 3D puzzle.
    Your love for these puzzles really comes through, and you explained everything in such detail. It’s obvious that you put a lot of time and effort into your reviews.

    Keep it up!

  2. Wow Lizzy, this is an amazing puzzle! It’s beautiful, and the fact that you can get your family involved is a plus. The 3D aspect is a fun way to do puzzles. I love how the piano is resting on books – lovely touch! And yes, I saw the cat 😀
    I’m sure it’s intricate work, and I’m sure little pieces get lost along the way so it’s a good job extra pieces are included.
    Great post, thank you!

  3. Hi Lizzy! This was beautiful review and I especially loved the video with the piano playing its tunes.
    I have seen these types of wooden puzzles and found them intriguing. The puzzles of train engines is especially eye-catching for me. I’ve been afraid to purchase them as I didn’t know if I would just become frustrated with it. I have a model ship (plastic) that I purchased years ago. It was a complicated 3 ft replica of the U.S.S. Constitution. I had assembled all the plastic parts, along with the masts and yardarms. Then came the rigging, which called for gluing very small plastic eyebolts to run the rigging through. My eyes just didn’t work for this, so I have an unfinished ship sitting on the top of my desk.
    So with these wooden models, would it require special glasses to complete the small parts? Are the parts difficult to handle?
    Happy model making!
    – Scott

    • Hello Scott!
      I can imagine the troubles you went through when gluing those very small plastic eyebolts! My gosh, I am working on a scale model dollhouse-in-a-dollhouse at the moment and my eyes are really suffering as well at the moment haha!
      I tend to use my magnifying lamp if it gets to bad, have you tried one of those?
      Yes, the small parts can be difficult to handle if you are not used to it, but the advantage of these modern 3D puzzles, however, is that you don’t need glue anymore, so this is much easier then before!
      For these, you can just ‘click’ them together!
      Happy model making Scott and thanks for the questions!


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