What Are Eco-Friendly Doll Houses And Are There Non-Toxic Dollhouses On The Market – With 9 Examples!

The question of what non-toxic dollhouses, sustainable, and eco-friendly doll houses are (and toys, for that matter), is not something that could be answered in one paragraph.

Get a large cup of coffee to get going, because so much is racing through my mind right now on this topic, that we shall dive straight into things πŸ˜‰

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Updated 10/02/24

What Would I Personally Consider an “EcoDolls House or non-toxic dollhouse?

Now, I haven’t studied environmental studies at a university haha, obviously, so this is just what it is: a personal opinion Γ nd a few years of experience with the topic.

So which points would I consider to be eco-friendly for dollhouses? A few things:

  • I would consider wooden dollhouses to be eco-friendly, as long as they are either reused, upcycled, or designed and handcrafted from scratch by local companies in your country or even your continent on this planet.
  • Following this reasoning, I would consider laser-cut dollhouse kits to be in the same category, as the laser-cutting machines can work in a very precise way (not too much waste) and usually Γ re made by (small) local companies.
  • Remodeling/upcycling old dollhouses or ones that are found in the trash.

    I very often hear stories about people finding old dollhouses beside the roads, ready to be taken to the waste container.

    And they often still create fantastic-looking dollhouses from what other people throw away!
  • Another thing to mention about wooden and lasercut dollhouses (or kits), is that they usually are not painted or the paint used is very scarce and most of all: they are non-toxic and child-friendly.

    Except for the new generations of dollhouse kits, as they tend to use a lot more plastic now, as I have noticed for the Homey Kitchen by Robotime.

  • eco-friendly toys should avoid the following chemicals: Pesticides, VOCs, phthalates, lead or other heavy metals, PVC, Formaldehyde, and bisphenols

Well, I think that’s basically it, let’s show a few examples of sustainable and eco-friendly doll houses!

Let’s show a list of our favorite eco-friendly dollhouses and non-toxic dollhouses.

1. A Dream house made from cardboard and corrugated paper.

This cutest little dream house is made from corrugated paper and cardboard only!

You need to self-assemble it and color it with crayons, paints, or felt-tip pens and stickers.

2. Eco-Toys And Dollhouses from Plantoys

What can I say about this brand other than I LOVE it! It made me realize that I definitely need to write an expanded blog post on this company because there’s a lot to talk about on the eco-friendly part of things.

Because Plantoys is taking the term sustainable toys to a higher level (for many reasons) and I’m planning a separate and expanded review post on them soon!

But for now, I just wanted to mention them in this post.

Update, I have now created a new blog post on Plantoys dollhouses!

3. A “Climate change Pledge-friendly” dollhouse for toddlers.

This little dollhouse for toddlers called “All Seasons” is from the brand called “Hape” and gets mostly 5-star reviews on Amazon, which means that it is a fantastic product for several reasons!

It comes fully furnished and painted, has movable stairs, and is sturdy. Also, it has 6 rooms and a “reversible season change” theme, which I find quite original idea!

4. Masalinka’s non-toxic toys for kids.

Time for some more handmade and unique toys and dollhouses, but still as eco-friendly and non-toxic as always.

Masalinka store has natural, eco-friendly, and non-toxic toys for children and some splendid dollhouses. Click on the link below to take a look!

5. Another wooden dollhouse for toddlers by “Hey! Play!”

I think that there is only 1 little wooden dollhouse in this small store, but it sure looks cute!

(wooden) Miniature furniture accessories and dolls are included in this 2 floor dollhouse.

6. The Fold and Go little dollhouse from Melissa and Doug.

Here’s another brand of wooden dollhouses that I find absolutely adorable.

This dollhouse is even foldable so your kid can take it with you anywhere on vacation or while staying over at a friend’s house.

Not only is it foldable, but it contains 11 pieces of wooden miniature furniture and 2 play figures. Go check it out below!

Check out more details and the price here.

7. The Wooden Dollhouse kits from Allwoodenbiz

This store from Ukraine is still selling (yes!) the most amazing wooden dollhouse kits.

And amazing they are! They are 100% handmade from natural pine wood and the furniture sets are made of four types of wood: ash wood, pine wood, beech wood, and elements of redwood.

These are suitable for Sylvanian-type toys, Barbies, Amigurumi, etc.
Polished and coated with beeswax to protect the wood from moisture and dust.

8. A dollhouse made from 100% recycled plastics!

A special kind of dollhouse, this one! As I have never seen a plastic dollhouse that is made from recycled plastic, have you?

It would be wonderful if every toy or object in this world would be made from recycled materials, but I think I might be daydreaming πŸ˜‰

This dollhouse is from a company called “Green Toys” and has No BPA, phthalates, or PVC and is dishwasher safe.

9. Dollhouse Lasercut files for your laser cutting machine.

These would only apply to people who own a laser cutting machine, of course, but these two dollhouses based on these files, I think are something special indeed!

A little side note:

Is laser cutting more eco-friendly than manufactured? In my opinion, that would be true, as I read that it uses less energy than an air conditioning unit or a fan heater.

While I wrote and researched this a little, this actually brought up the idea of writing a separate blog post on this topic.

Anyway, check out the 2 laser-cut files for these dollhouses below:

My Final Conclusion

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post on sustainable and eco-friendly doll houses.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask them below. Or if you would just like to chat with me, you can do the same;-)

Also, you are more than welcome to join my social media channels or Facebook group of almost 5000 members at the moment.

I wish you happy crafting!

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  1. Thank you so much for your article, as the mother of a 5 year old girl this was very relevant to me! I never realized there were so many eco-friendly doll house options out there. They all look so amazing that it is hard to choose, but I think I like the “Plantoys” versions best, I look forward to reading your expanded article about them!

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      You are very welcome and I hope that you will like the next article on Plantoys aswel!

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