The 11 Best Miniature Store Kits – An Oversight

Today I will be giving you oversight on 11 miniature store kits or DIY miniature shop kits, depending on how you call them ๐Ÿ˜‰

But, as I already wrote about flower shops before, this blog post will not include those anymore, that would be a bit too much flower-power time haha.

Also, I will cover just regular stores, things like bars, restaurants, and little coffee shops will be for later on in the future.

Are you ready to go shopping? Then let’s dive straight into these miniature store kits!

A Quick Overview If You Are In A Hurry! (more details below)

NameStars On 5Where To Buy/price.
Book Store 1 Cutebee****Check out prices here.
Miniature Dollhouse Kits 47Book Store 2 Sam’s Study****Check out prices here.
Japanese Grocery Store****Check out prices here.
Honey Ice Cream Shop****Check out prices here.
Japanese Takoyaki Shop ****Check out prices here.
A chocolatier****Check out prices here
A Pet Shop***Check out prices here
Nancy’s Bake Shop****Check out prices here
Lisa’s Tailor Shop*****Check out prices here
Carl’s Fruit Shop****Check out prices here
“Miss Dessert” Shop****Check out prices here

Miniature Store Kit Number 1: Book Store 1

I just recently saw this book store kit from Cutebee and I like the looks of it.

Also, it looks less “cluttered” than the book store from Robotime. I might even give it a try someday!

Below are some more details.

Brand nameCutebee
Pro’s– the instructions seem quite easy (if you
get them in English)
– parts are already painted (you can give
them another color if you like)
– this kit comes with tweezers, a ruler, and a screwdriver.
– It looks like the wiring wasn’t too hard for this kit!
Contra’s– doesn’t always come with a solid dust cover,
although some people get a cheap and thinner plastic
display case.
So check with the seller if they send one or not
– No glue is included, I would advise using Aleene’s
(fast grab) tacky glue

Our rating4/5
Hours To Make20 to 30 hours

Miniature Store Kit Number 2: Sams’ Study

What can I say? If you ever dived into the world of miniature kits, then “Sams’ Study” from Robotime clearly shows up, sooner or later. No?

This book store kit was the third one that I assembled and that’s when I started hacking these kits.

Have a look at my video below, and if you like, please subscribe to my Youtube channel for more future projects, thanks!

Brand nameRobotime/Rolife
Pro’s– Beautiful design!
– Non-toxic and durable materials like wood and paper
– It is fantastic if you like plenty of books!
– Materials like glue and batteries were included
– clear manual and the kit as a whole is not so hard
Contra’s– no dust cover for these kits
– The wiring/lights can be hard
– the fabric for the chair is not easy to work with
Lots of people (myself included) use fabric that
stretches for this little chair
Our rating4/5
Hours To MakeAbout 30 hours, depending on how much you change

Miniature Store Kit Number 3: Japanese Grocery Store.

It’s hard to tell from which brand this Japanese dollhouse kit is. Amazon says “Flever”, but that is just the name of a wholesaler, in my opinion.

Then I thought: maybe it is from “Billy“? But this one seems more affordable, so if someone knows this, don’t hesitate to let me know!

Anyway, I did find a Youtube video thought with a complete walkthrough and it’s cute!

Brand nameUnknown
Pro’s– Nice design/cute kit
– Following the instructions seems easy just
by looking at the pictures
– free return
Contra’s– You need your own glue, I would use Aleene’s
fast grab Tacky glue
– sometimes a piece is missing, so make sure
that everything is in the box
– manual usually not in English
Our rating4/5
Hours To MakeSeeing the video, I would think about 12 hours

Miniature Store Kit Number 4: Honey Ice Cream Shop

Another cute dollhouse kit from Robotime, didn’t notice this one before until I started looking for ice cream stores!

So, it doesn’t seem very popular, or just not as known? Some people don’t like this kit because too many parts need to be painted.

It’s a matter of perception I guess, as I prefer to choose my own colors ๐Ÿ˜‰

Brand nameRobotime/Rolife
Pro’s– If you like that cold and sweet stuff, this
kit is your thing haha!
– As it’s Robotime, it should include a clear
and English manual
– small kit, looks easy for beginners
– depending on the country, this kit could
contain glue and batteries ( I always get those)
– durable materials like wood and paper
Contra’s– Some parts are not painted
– paper parts from Robotime can get unwieldy
– the included paint is very thin, it might be
better to get your own acrylic paint
– no dust cover
Our rating4/5
Hours To Make20-24 hours

Miniature Store Kit Number 5: Japanese Style Takoyaki Shop

Our second Japanese-style dollhouse store kit with plenty of Japanese food, and I’m sure there is a lot to follow, as I noticed while researching haha

This one is unique because it contains Takoyaki balls. (I had to look that up as well lol)

Brand nameIt says WYD on Amazon, not sure
if that actually is a brand ( I would
think not )
Pro’s– Dust cover included
– music box included
– no need to sand the wooden pieces
or paint extra, all already done
Contra’s– No glue or batteries included
– one review mentions missing pieces
Our rating4/5
Hours To MakeAbout 20-25 hours

Miniature Store Kit Number 6: A Chocolatier

I have bought this one myself as well, I just haven’t gotten round to making it yet (sooo much to do haha!)

I’m from the country with the best chocolate in the world (yes yes, Belgium ๐Ÿ™‚ ), and I couldn’t miss out on a chocolate store, now could I?

Anyway, I think that overall this miniature chocolate store looks cute, although I will certainly hack a few things along the way..

Brand nameCutebee
Pro’s– Easy instructions
– perfect for beginners
– should include a dust cover
– everything is pre-painted
Contra’s– There seem to be missing pieces
sometimes, yet again
– not always an English manual, but
you can ask the seller for one
– no batteries included
Our rating4/5
Hours To MakeAbout 12-14 hours

Miniature Store Kit Number 7: Pet Shop Store.

One of the few kits that have a few pets in it! And I love it, because when I was looking for little cats on this scale to kitbash Simons’ Coffee, they were pretty hard to find.

It’s a shame though that I have only found this kit on Amazon, so let’s hope it doesn’t sell out all to quick!

Brand nameMiniature Joy
Pro’s– Good instructions
– Nice colorful design
– free returns
Contra’s– no batteries included
– the framework doesn’t fill well so
you need to adjust it
– missing parts (again), ask the seller
to replace any missing parts
– the wires of the lights are too short
Our rating3/5
Hours To MakeAbout 12-14 hours

Sadly I couldn’t find this one on AliExpress

Miniature Store Kit Number 8: Nancy’s Bake Shop

Bake it till you make it! These pastries and bread look super delicious, don’t you agree?

People give this baker’s shop pretty good reviews and I also think it looks good!

Brand nameRobotime/Rolife
Pro’s– Clear instructions and English manual
– Sturdy and durable materials
– lovely design as usual from Robotime
– glue and batteries mostly included
Contra’s– More painting to do than usual
for the Robotime kits
– the lights are hard to fix
– not for beginners, experience needed
– no dust cover
Our rating4/5
Hours To MakeAbout 20-24 hours

Miniature store kit number 9: Lisa’s Tailor shop.

This is yet another miniature kit from Robotime that I would like to achieve sooner or later in the future, who will send me some extra time haha!

It looks like it would be able to do in a short time and is quite unique, because of the tailor theme, and I always wanted a theme that has to do with sewing, why not create it into something like sewing for your dolls?

But then on a small scale of course;-)

Take a look at this little video of the making of this kit:

Brand nameRobotime/Rolife
Pro’s– Very good quality kit
– Instructions are very clear and simple
– perfect beginners kit
– these kits usually have batteries and glue
included, make sure to check with the seller!
Contra’s– just beware to look for a good seller
the kit itself is great!
– no dust cover included
Our rating5/5
Hours To MakeAbout 20-24 hours

Miniature Store Kit Number 10: Carl’s Fruit Shop

We can’t miss out on fruit and veggies for our kitchen or restaurant, now can we?

Lots of people on Facebook groups and such have purchased and assembled this one, so there are plenty of reviews. Let’s dive right into things!

Brand nameRobotime/Rolife
Pro’s– A miniature kit with lots of fruit
and veggies
– Detailed instructions with clear pictures
– this fruit store has a lot of focus on painting
Contra’s– Can take a bit longer to assemble
– no dust cover
Our rating4/5
Hours To MakeAbout 50 hours

Miniature Store Kit Number 11: Miss Dessert Shop

When I was doing the research for this blog post, I must admit that I had never seen this dessert shop before, but it was a cute surprise ๐Ÿ™‚

So, I also looked to see if there was some more information in the form of a video and I found one!

Brand nameRobotime/Rolife
Pro’s– A kit that can be done quick and easy
– clear instructions and English manual
– good quality paper and wooden pieces
– great kit for beginners
Contra’s– batteries not included in this one
– no dust cover
Our rating4/5
Hours To MakeAbout 8 hours only

This kit is not found on AliExpress.

All the different brands of DIY dollhouse kits

Would you like to see oversight of the best brands of miniature kits online? Go check them out here!

My Final Conclusion.

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post on all of the miniature store kits available online, and I am sure that it will be expanded in time!

If you have any extra miniature stores to add, please leave a message below in the comment section or join me on one of my social media pages or Facebook group.

I wish you happy crafting!

Kind regards,


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  1. Many thanks for this valuable and detailed post related to Miniature store kits. My sister is very interested in these. Her birthday is coming up next week. I feel like gifting her one of these. I think this pet shop store should be given to her. She is also very fond of animals so this is fitting. Thank you very much for this review. Keep posting valuable posts like this. I definitely share this.

    • Hello there!

      I hope that your little sister will have a lot of fun with the pet shop store and I wish you both happy crafting!

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  2. Hi Lizzy,

    I have been through your blog on miniature stuff earlier. I know Iyar passing f making these cute lovey assembly.

    This post is about the stores selling the parts and to assemble  the mini products.

    I am not sure if you have a made a doll house with Fall decorations. We are waiting for the fall which will come in a few weeks. 
    The review is quite detailed of what you need, what you have in the store kit and the clarity of instruction and is it in English.

    You have the time you have to spend to build this little and amazing cart. I have found the crafts in Pinterest, etsy. It really can be a great business if some one has passion to make it happen.

    • Hello Anusuya!

      I haven’t made a dollhouse with fall decorations yet, but in time my treehouse will contain that theme ๐Ÿ˜‰ . It’s just that I haven’t got much time for this project lately sadly ..

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