A DIY Miniature Greenhouse Kit – 12 Reviews!

Have you seen a DIY miniature greenhouse kit somewhere online on Pinterest or a Facebook group, etc? Or what about those cute flower shops? And do you think that these are absolutely adorable?

Well, you might have come to the right place to go on the hunt for one!

But before you read on: you need to be crazy enough to love making little miniature plants though! ;-).

Because let’s face it, these kits have plenty of mini flowers, plants, and pots to make!

If you are ready for a challenge, then let’s dive straight into these little greenhouses and small flower shops by looking at my 12 reviews!

A Quick Overview If You Are In A Hurry (more details below this table)

NameStars On 5Where To Buy/price.
robotime miniature greenhouseCathy’s Flowerhouse****Check out prices here.
green house cutebee kitThe Rose Tea Garden****Check out prices here.
emilys flower shopEmily’s Flower Shop****Check out prices here.
spring encounters flowers 1Spring Encounter Flowers****Check out prices here.
garden cafe 2Garden CafeNo ReviewNo Longer Available Sorry
robotime Miller's gardenMiller’s Garden****Check out prices here
Letter Garden 2 layers shop****Check out prices here
Starry Sky Flower House****Check out prices here
White Cutebee Greenhouse***Check out prices here
aliexpress greenhouse 1Jenny’s GreenhouseNo ReviewCheck out prices here
robotime garden entranceGarden Entrance***1/2Check out prices here
flower garden kitMini Flower House****1/2Check out prices here.

My 11 Favorit DIY Miniature Greenhouse Kits: the details!

1. Cathy’s Flowerhouse From Robotime/Rolife.

Well, this is going to be an easy one, as I made this greenhouse kit myself haha!

As I said before, this really wasn’t an easy one and it had its problems for sure! But I still give it a nice score, because it is beautiful!

Brand nameRobotime/Rolife
Pro’s– Beautiful design!
– Non-toxic materials like wood and paper
– It is fantastic if you like plenty of plants/flowers/greenhouse!
Contra’s– The plastic covering the greenhouse
is hard to fit!
– The floor can be warped, you can try
to fix it with wet towels
– Wiring/lights can be hard
Our rating4/5
Hours To MakeAbout 20-25 hours

2. A Blue DIY Miniature Greenhouse Kit From Cutebee

This one I haven’t made myself yet (so many kits, so little time!), but I love the design and colors of this one and many people have made this, so this review is quite correct.

By the way, this miniature kit is from the brand called Cutebee!

Brand nameCutebee
Scale1:24 (Cutebee is a little bit smaller than Robotime)
Pro’s– Again a pretty design (in my opinion)
– Includes a music box
– should also include a dust cover, but be sure to check
with the seller first to be sure!
– It is fantastic if you like plenty of plants/flowers/greenhouse!
– the wiring looks “easier” 😉
– the parts are already painted
Contra’s– I have seen many people complain about the roof
not fitting as well as it should be!
Beware to get the manual in English, if it is in Chinese,
you could use the Google translate app.
– batteries and glue are not included
Our rating4/5
Hours To MakeAbout 30 hours

3. Emily’s Flower Shop

This one is on my wishlist for sure. The review below is based on reviews on social media and the problems that people have encountered with this dollhouse kit.

I find this one a very original and creative flower shop!

Brand nameRobotime aka Rolife
Pro’s– The materials are quite sturdy
– There are 40+ plants and flowers in this kit!
– an original design
Contra’s– The manual can be complicated
– Beware to ask the seller if paint and glue are included
– Wiring/lights can be hard
– the back walls have only the batteries and wiring, so
you could make a pretty wall yourself maybe?
– can get tedious with all the plants!
Our rating4/5
Hours To MakeAbout 35 hours

4. Spring Encounter Flowers by Robotime

There are almost no reviews whatsoever on this miniature kit, so I’m sorry, but it doesn’t seem all too popular 🙁

Maybe, that’s just a thought of mine, this is because it doesn’t look “complicated” enough or it is not packed with items like these kits usually are?

But on the other hand, that’s a reason why someone would like to buy this one because it would be assembled much quicker than others ànd your teenager or even kid could join in on this!

And I can think of other advantages (see table below)

Brand nameRobotime/Rolife
Pro’s– Assembling time is to a minimum/smaller kit
– This can be done together with your teen or even child
(in my opinion)/family project
– Very affordable DIY greenhouse kit
– durable materials like wood and paper
Contra’s– no batteries included
– if you prefer a larger kit with more items, I would
refer you back to the miniature kits from above
Our rating4/5
Hours To MakeAbout 12 hours

5. Garden Café


A breathtaking, but quite expensive DIY greenhouse miniature kit!

I don’t know why exactly this one is expensive compared to the others, they must have a reason. Limited edition? I honestly have no clue..

It does look gorgeous though, you be the judge!

Brand nameRobotime/Rolife ( I think, it is not mentioned anywhere!)
Pro’s– Already painted
– lovely design
– the plants came premade! No more cutting out to do!
The leaves are precut and the flowers premade!
Contra’s– Is quite expensive compared to other similar miniature kits
– it has lots of lights ( can be an advantage or disadvantage, it
would depend on your opinion ). 6 lights and 8 fairy lights!
Our ratingno reviews available sorry
Hours To MakeAbout 8-12 hours (I personally think this would take longer!)

6. Miller’s garden!

Why the exclamation mark in my title? Well, because I made this one myself and I loved it.

Apart from the wirework, this one was also quite easy to do, in my opinion. And I just love the design, I made it with a minimum of frustration lol!

This is also the only miniature kit that I recorded on video from beginning to end, more than 2 hours of recording!

If you like what I did here and if you would like to see more of this kind of video, then please “like” the video and subscribe to my channel, thank you!

(that motivates me to do this more often)

Brand nameRobotime/Rolife
Pro’s– apart from the wirework, this is pretty easy
to assemble
– lovely design
– durable materials like wood and paper
Contra’s– the walls need to be painted
– the wirework is hard
– batteries not included (in my box they did)
– the lights can be a challenge, but nothing I can’t handle
Our rating4/5
Hours To MakeI really spend about 40 hours I think

7. 2-Layer Gardening House Rooftop Model.

This is another greenhouse kit that I haven’t seen a lot, and it took me forever to find out which brand this was and what it was called!

It is actually from Cutebee and it is called ‘letter garden’, and the fact that it has 2 stores, I think is amazing!

Look at the amazing video and little walkthrough that I found!

Brand nameCutebee
Scale1:24 (Cutebee can be a bit smaller than Rolife)
Pro’s– Quite affordable
– I love the design of the rooftop greenhouse,
combined with the flower shop, that’s unique!
– Lots of details
– plants and flowers already premade
Contra’s– no batteries or glue included
– the manual of Cutebee can be quite unclear
and beware that it is not in Chinese
– the flowers seem to be made from plastic?
Our rating4/5
Hours To MakeI’m not sure, but I would think around 20
hours would be enough time.

8. Starry Sky Flower House

Do you want to watch the stars in a dome, while being surrounded by plants? Then this miniature version is perfect for your little people 😉

This kit is a small one indeed and I think it can be made fairly quickly!

Brand nameRobotime/Rolife (I think!)
Pro’s– Easy assemble instructions in English
– lovely design
– durable materials like wood and paper
– a small project that doesn’t require much time
– an affordable kit
Contra’s– I think this one is fairly new, so not much
information is available on it
– I haven’t found extra pictures or video, so, please
click on the Amazon link below for more pictures!
Our rating4/5
Hours To MakeAbout 12 hours.

9. Cutebee White Greenhouse

A cute, white greenhouse from Cutebee! I don’t have much information about this one, but I did want to show you!

Brand nameCutebee
Pro’s– I love the white design
– the wood pieces are pre-painted
– easy instructions
– beware that it is a large project this one
Contra’s– There seem to be missing pieces sometimes!
– no glue or batteries included
Our rating3/5 because of the missing pieces!
Hours To MakeAbout 40 hours

10. Jenny’s Greenhouse.

This greenhouse kit was pointed out to me by someone on Facebook (thanks!), after writing this blog post.

So I decided to add it, so this is number 10, instead of the original 9 😉

As I can’t find it on Amazon and only on AliExpress, it is hard to review it though, but I càn give you some details and thoughts, as I think that it is from Robotime and I am familiar with that brand!

As you can see, picture number 1 and picture number 2 look different, but it is from the same kit and I think a builder just changed a few things:

  • left out the front door
  • not painted the frame black or on the contrary left the frame brown (not sure)
  • didn’t use the plastic covers

Furthermore, seeing the details: the little bags, the flowers, etc, I definitely think that this is Robotime. Not sure why I can’t find it on Amazon though. Anyway:

Brand nameRobotime/Rolife (I think! Correct me if I’m wrong)
Pro’s– Looks affordable
– as it is from Robotime, this is usually sturdy
– Robotime usually also uses durable materials
like wood and paper (of course the greenhouse
has plastic “windows”)
– an English manual should be included
Contra’s– not enough information available/not sure
if people like this greenhouse kit
– batteries not included
Our ratingI can’t really rate this one/not enough info
Hours To MakeMy best “guess” is about 30 hours

11. Garden Entrance

This one is a little “garden entrance”, I think the smallest miniature kit so far, but plenty of flowers and plants for sure!

Brand nameRobotime/Rolife
Pro’s– A small kit if you don’t have much space
– English manual
– I have always thought that the kits from
Robotime have a clear manual
– I always had batteries and glue included,
but your kit might miss out on both, depending
where you live!
Contra’s– You need to be experienced in flower making/
not an easy kit
– Some parts seem to be missing in this box
– not for beginners
Our rating3,5/5
Hours To MakeMy best “guess” is about 25 hours

12. A Mini Flower House

This greenhouse kit/flower house I found by accident on Etsy, when I wasn’t even looking for it.

It is a small greenhouse with no overabundance of miniatures inside.

flower garden kit
Brand nameThe DIY craft
Pro’s– A small kit if you don’t have much space
– English manual
– LED lights with a battery box switch included
– free shipping
– difficulty level seems low
Contra’s– Glue and batteries are not included
– although this is called a flower house, there
is not an abundance of flowers or plants in it
Our rating4,5/5
Hours To MakeOne day, so about 24 hours

New Arrivals Building Kits

A sidenote.

I have found another greenhouse kit from Robotime (well, at the least I think it is from Robotime), but I have to say: it looks a lot like the other greenhouses from Robotime in the list above.

So you could say that this one could be number 10 on my list, but have a look at number 1 and look at number 8. (Cathy’s Flowerhouse and the Stary Garden dome).

They are basically just shaped slightly different with a different cover in plastic, but contain the same items, in some more than others. Can you see what I mean?

This is the one I mean:

You can find it on Amazon

Compare this to the 2 other similar ones (or click on the links above for more details):

Do you see what I mean? These contain the same pieces of furniture, they just have a different “shell”!

Oh well, I just thought I’d mention it on the side 😉

All the different brands of DIY dollhouse kits

Would you like to see oversight of the best brands of miniature kits online? Go check them out here!

This post contains affiliate links, no extra charges for you!

My Final Conclusion.

I hope that you enjoyed my blog post on finding a DIY miniature greenhouse kit, I sure did discover some “new” ones!

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask them below in the comment section or join me on one of my social media pages below, or my large Facebook group.

I wish you happy crafting!

Kind regards,


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  1. Thank you very much for this valuable detailed review about A DIY Miniature Greenhouse Kits. These are really beautiful. My sister likes this kind of thing a lot. Her birthday is coming up next week. I thought of gifting her one of these. I hope to get  A Blue DIY Miniature Greenhouse Kit From Cutebee. It is very beautiful. Keep posting like this.

    • Hello Pasindu

      I hope that your sister will love this kit from Cutebee and please keep me posted!

      Happy crafting!

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  2. Unbelievably excellent work! I admire your passion, knowledge, and love to add details to bring the piece together. It truly is admirable.

    I am sure I can never do them with that kind of detail and precision. Many of them look cheap compared to the labor that is being put in to build them.

    They can be for any family having toddlers and older for elevating their creativity.

    They should be in the schools and daycare centers and the opportunity should be available for kids to try out.

    Thank you, for your passion, creativity, and perseverence to complete the perfect piece. I don’t have words really to appreciate you enough. All the best wishes on your journey.

    • Hello Anusuya

      Thank you for your kind words,but I need to make clear that these miniature kits are really not made for toddlers at all;-) 

      I will write further blog posts in the future thought about miniature toys that would be more suitable for kids 🙂

      I wish you happy crafting!

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