How To Make A Fairy For Your Fairy Garden In 8 Different Ways!

How to make a fairy for your fairy garden, might be another question that you have asked yourself when creating your mini garden?

I am not done talking yet about everything that has to do with fairy gardens, as you can see in my former blog posts.

Especially my loooong post on how to make fairy garden furniture took me some time to figure out and write, but I’m happy to do that for you!

Today, we are adding a topic: how to create a fairy, from different kinds of materials.

Updated 07/12/23

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But first: What Do You Need To Make Fairies DIY?

Materials needed to make fairies.

  • For the fairies: all kinds of polymer clay (Translucent color, flesh-colored, black, teal, or any other color for her dress and hair)
  • translucent polymer clay to create the gorgeous wings on the fairies
  • pen and paper
  • scissors
  • clear embossing ink to create fairy wings (see further below in this article for this method)
  • an embossing pen
  • a metal wire
  • a cutter or crafting knife
  • embroidery scissors
  • sculpting tools

How To Create A Fairy-Step By Step.

So this part is harder for me to explain, as I never crafted a fairy myself or even figurines.

Although I am planning on making my own figurines somewhere in the future, it probably will be too hard for me to do and I will just end up buying some haha!

Anyway, I have looked, and looked, and found some information on how to create a fairy and even beautiful fairy wings, so let’s go!

Method 1: Create clear fairy wings with paper, aluminum, and embossing ink.

See-through fairy wings

The following tutorial is made by Celidonia Studio, and here is her blog.

A little walkthrough:

  • start by drawing the wings:
  • cut them into squares like this to have better support:

  • We will recycle an aluminum pan as support, and cut out two pieces of aluminum for this.

  • Take a soft pad (a mouse pad, for example, is fine too), and add your piece of aluminum and paper wing on top of it.

  • Use an embossing pen that is ideal for embossing, indenting, die-cutting, cutting wedding cards, tracing, gilding, transferring, etc. And start embossing the fairy wings.

An embossed wing
  • Turn the aluminum piece around and create gaps in the wings.

  • use clear embossing ink to fill up the gaps.

Fill up the wings with clear embossing ink.

  • You can create light shades by adding glitter embossing powder or glitter argent color.
    In this project, glitter argent color is used.

Mix it up carefully with a toothpick:

  • shape a metal wire and place it on the upper wing. Do this with the other wing as well and let them dry for a night.

  • When dry, use a cutter to remove the wings

The result, almost there

  • remove excess ink by using embroidery scissors and add more transparent color plus darker glitter color on the upper wing to give it some more shades.

  • Let the fairy wings dry again for a night. There you go: done!

Method 2: How To Create Halloween Fairy Wings?

From the same creator as the previous tutorial, there is this YouTube video on how to craft these wonderful Halloween fairy wings.

I am not going to explain everything again step by step because I am sure that you can follow the instructions in the video?

If not, please ask below if something doesn’t seem clear to you and I could help you out.

For these, you need more metal wire, more crafting glue, scissors, incense (to burn the wings), transparent nylon thread, nail polish, glitter, hairspray, duct tape, and an organdy ribbon.

(I am not quite sure what organdy means, but I assume it is a sheer and see-through piece of fabric)

Just follow the instructions of this fantastic video!

Method 3: How To Create A Fairy Sculpture With Clay?

In the next video tutorial, a fairy pixie sculpture is made by Denis Zabzi with clay, and it is breathtaking!

What you need from materials is a thick metal wire, air dry clay, clay modeling tools, brushes, and acrylic paint.

Method 4: How To Create A Forest Fairy With Natural Materials?

I have no idea if I can use the pictures from this website, so I’d rather not include those here, but you should really check it out.

Fairies can be made from all kinds of natural materials as well, like feathers, leaves, pinecones, fabric, faux flower petals, shells, stones, acorns, wool felting, and wooden beads,..

And you could even paint rock pets (be sure to use a waterproof sealant) and build seashell creatures to live in your fairy garden.

Unfortunately, most materials for homemade fairies aren’t water and sun-proof and they won’t last long outside.

If you feel sad to see your fairies wilting in the rain, then you may want to purchase a few durable fairies for your garden (and move your DIY fairy gardens and fairies indoors).

Method 5: Another Tutorial On How To Create A Fairy With Metal Wire

The next video tutorial is from MakingFairies and it talks about making the base from a metal wire, but then it is first wrapped with aluminum foil and painter’s tape (or so it seems) before it is further created with sculptor’s clay.

I can’t see a follow-up video though for the rest of the tutorial.

Method 6: How To Create A Fairy Doll With Floral Wire or Pipe Cleaner?

This video tutorial on a fairy is different from the rest, as there is no use of clay, but:

  • The Body: 8-inch floral wire, gauge 20 0r 22.
  • Arms: 4 inches. A wood bead 20mm, cotton embroidery threads.
  • Dress: tulle
  • Hair: yarn
  • Crafting tools: hot glue gun, pliers, scissors, ruler…

This crafter also has an Etsy store here.

Method 7 The Cutest Berry Baby Fairy Sculpted From Polymer Clay.

How about this cutest baby fairy ever? This is astonishing! Another video tutorial, this time from Celidonia Studio!

Go check it out and learn how to sculpt this from polymer clay!

Method 8: An Easy Way to Make Clay Fairies: For Kids And Beginners

And last tutorial that I found, but surely not the least: this video below on how to craft clay fairies for beginners, and kids can do these as well!

So what you need is air-drying clay and two hands 😉

In this, the video maker is showing you a step-by-step, easy way to make clay fairies.

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My Final Conclusion

I hope that you enjoyed these tutorials on how to create a fairy for your fairy garden.

If you have any more questions about this topic or any other topic or would just like to chat with me, then please leave a comment below or join me on any of my social media channels or my Facebook group which has over 3000 members now!

I wish you happy crafting!

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  1. Wow This is an amazing post. This post has taught you how to make many beautiful things. I really don’t understand how to make these things. But my sister is very good at these things. She always makes things like this. I think this post and the videos you have attached will be very important for her. I will definitely send this to her. Keep posting like this.

    • Hi Pasindu

      I hope that your sister will enjoy these tutorials and that she will make beautiful fairies!

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  2. This is a very detailed tutorial on how to make fairy wings, but it does seem to be taking a very long time. The vidoes are very helpful if one does want to create your own fairy dolls. But with all the crafting materials and special tools that are required, I was wondering if you have an indication as to the cost of making these. 

    It is as you say, you might just end up buying fairies, rather than making it yourself, unless you have a lot of time and are doing it as a holiday project with kids. Thanks for sharing all the videos and ideas.

    • Helo Line!

      Thank you for the compliments. About your question: I think that crafting these fairies doesn’t require too many costs, you just need a few basic crafting materials and clay.

      True though, that these take a lot of time (except for the beginner’s video, have you seen that one?), but nice art takes some time, no? 😉

      I wish you happy crafting!

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