Get Some Miniature Fairy Garden Ideas – Through My Personal Work

In this article, I am going to try and explain where I got my ideas from or how I made certain things in my garden, so that maybe I can inspire you to get some miniature fairy garden ideas yourself.

Because maybe, you have some plastic stuff lying around in your garage or backyard shed, that you were thinking of throwing away, but you can perfectly use it to create something for your fairy garden. You would be surprised at what you can do with items that you would otherwise throw away in the garbage bin!

As in my other article, bye the way, about how to make miniature treasures from trash or everyday items, where I showed you how to upcycle trash to miniatures.

Where did I get the most ideas from?

That would definitely be Pinterest! Nothing better than seeing pictures of miniatures for your fairy garden and thinking: I can do this as good as the next person! Lots of these are so easy to put together!

Mind you though: don’t make the mistake that I made, and think that you don’t need a waterproof glue or sealer when you put your objects outside, it will be hard to ‘renovate’ your miniatures over and over each year. Like I had to do with my mini-doors. (I will show you what I mean in the pictures below).

I can literally spend hours and hours on Pinterest saying to myself: ‘ I got to make this, and this’, and ‘ohw wow, this is a fantastic idea’, and then end up doing none of them or very few. Do you recognize that feeling? πŸ™‚

If only there were more hours in a day, right?


My personal work.

First of all: it is NOT finished yet, there’s so much more I want to make and so many more miniature garden plants I want to add as well. Look at all the space I have left. On the left:

And on the right:

On the left side, I left it empty, no big size plants there, and on the right side I want to make another pathway with big rocks (pffoe heavy, I sometimes pick some up with the car, after I went for a walk and saw some suitable ones lying somewhere. That is if I can reach them with the car ;-).

And then at the end of that pathway, I would like to make something similar to this house on this picture that I found on Facebook. Looks ‘doable’, no? Well, the door is going to be a challenge haha.

So this article will be updated every time I add something. I just want a complete village, in the end, wish me luck haha!

Β The start.


What has this broken plastic bucket got to do with anything? Well, everything!  I had one leftover, that I never used, cut it in half, and covered it all over with flat stones (glued to the plastic bucket with silicone glue that can take different weather conditions).

Attached a pretty branch to it and there you go: one fairy house almost done.

It just needed the doors. So they were made, painted brownish and green, but after a year or 2, it seemed that I didn’t seal them well enough as they fell apart and got a bit ugly.

I made new doors, this time in green with a red border (much better no?) and sealed them in three layers with Mod Podge.

The doors and windows are made from balsa wood, painted green and red with acrylic paint and then covered three times with Mod Podge.

The flowers in front were a gift. The table and chairs in front are made from rocks glued together and put on top of each other. Bedrock anyone? πŸ™‚

Guess what the ‘bowls ‘ are on the table? You can find them in nature;-)

Let’s go on to the well. I made 2 because I realized that the first one I made, wouldn’t hold outside, as I glued the stones with a glue gun. I will keep it to put it in the garden off my treehouse later. The second one is glued with silicone, so that should last a long time

As you can see, these are made in a different way. The first one is where I used the lid of a plastic jar and glued flat rocks on both sides of that. And then grouted it everywhere.


The second one is just where I piled the stones on top of each other. Either way looks fine to me. What do you think, do you prefer one over the other?

The bottom of the washing line is made from wood, ‘sprinkled’ with little stones. The rest obviously is just 2 sticks and a piece of rope. You can buy the little clothespins online or sometimes in craft shops. The basket is made from rope that is hardened with glue.

For the river, put a piece of root cloth on the ground first. Then you can just fill it up with a mix of see-threw glass beads.

( Would you like to know how to make a miniature stream/waterfall/fountain etc, then have a look at this article. )

And, the rocking chair. It is getting kind of old as well πŸ˜‰


Update on 31.05.2021: the newest addition in my fairy garden is a second fairy house. Three more to go! πŸ™‚

my fairy garden

I now have 2 video’s of my fairy garden, the first one was the start of it all:

The second one needs some more explanation as well (date 06/14/2021).

As you can see in the previous picture, I added a little fairy house (you can see it in detail at the end of the video).

In this video, I have added some more miniature plants and last, but not least, a little ‘acorn’ guy on his ‘vehicle’ (a pinecone).

This last one was a huge struggle to make, I underestimated it a lot! Because the contact surfaces, to glue the natural materials together, are so small, I couldn’t use Mod Podge, but I had to use super glue.

And it was damn hard to not get sticky fingers haha!

You can see at the beginning of the video how the little ‘acorn’ guy was made and about halfway the end result of my expanded fairy garden outside!

Final Conclusion.

I have mentioned a few miniature fairy garden ideas before in this article, but maybe this will get you something extra to think about and to craft.

Do you have any other miniature fairy garden ideas? Please let me know in the comments below! Or join my newest Facebook group and share your work or come and chat!

I wish you happy crafting!

Kind regards,


PS. In the meantime, I have added this fairy house, made from a laser-cut dollhouse kit from Etsy! When it has expanded some more, I will add a new video πŸ˜‰

3 thoughts on “Get Some Miniature Fairy Garden Ideas – Through My Personal Work”

  1. What an interesting way to brighten up an area in your garden. I only have one problem, lifting all those rocks around. The end results are exceptional and I showed them to my daughter who loved them. I know what she will be wanting to build in our garden. Probably not only a house, but a whole village or town.

    • Auwh, I feel sorry for your back Castle haha ! And I am pretty sure that your daughter will want a piece of the garden for herself, good luck with helping her make her dreams come true ! πŸ˜‰ 

      Happy crafting !


  2. Your work looks great! as well as the work of those you shared in this article! I really love when people are able to create something that is concrete, which can make your house really comfortable. And especially when these objects boost creativoty and are made of objects we don’t use anymore! It was a pleasure to discover your article and the great images your shared!


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