Hauntingly Creative: 11 Spooktacular DIY Halloween Miniatures You Need to Try

Summer’s winding down, and with fairy gardens taking a backseat, it’s time to shift gears! Let’s focus on Halloween dollhouse decorations and explore some DIY Halloween miniature craft ideas.

Halloween, alongside Christmas and Valentine’s Day, is a prime time for miniature crafting. The creativity unleashed during this season is incredible – the most amazing and imaginative miniature Halloween projects come to life! Haunted houses, witches and wizards, spooky potions, magical books – anything goes, and that’s what makes it so much fun!

So, it was time for me to dive into this topic again with 11 miniature craft ideas for Halloween, let’s start with number 1!

Updated 14.05.24

1. How To Create A Halloween Miniature Witch Hat

You can easily create your own little Miniature witch hat, you only need scissors, crafting glue, and a thin black paper carton.

  • cut out a circle from the black paper and cut it in half

  • fold this in half into a cone and glue the ends of the cone together with crafting glue. Clamp it with a clothespeg until it’s dry and sticks well

  • cut out a bigger circle from the black paper, place the little cone that you just made on this circle, and draw a line around the cone on the bigger circle.
  • Make a hole in the middle of the circle with the scissors and cut out little triangles towards the circle that you have drawn with the cone.
  • Then you can glue the cone easily to the circle below.

Of course, you can use other materials to make a little witches hat, like in the example below, which is made from metal, resin, and fabric.

This is made by LittleSnowDropShop

2. How To Create A Halloween miniature pumpkin.

To make miniature pumpkins, you need orange Fimoclay and a crafting knife.


  • roll a ball with the orange clay

  • draw enough straight lines from the top to the bottom with a crafting knife or sculpting tools

  • create a little stalk with green clay and attach it on top

  • you can add some vines, made with polymer clay as well, or just use flower tape as I did. I made these in the picture below for my backyard shed.

Some people really create fantastic little miniature pumpkins like this seller on Etsy called Miniatureneccesities.

3. How To Create Bloody Halloween Miniature Knives

With the help of the Youtube video below, you can create little miniature knives from clay, and then just paint red dots and stains on them to make them look like they just stabbed something 🙂

The “bloody” miniature knives below are created by BeautyFSJack

4. How To Create A Miniature Halloween Broom?

This is quite easy to create as well.

Just get a small twig, like this one:

Use a cutter or crafting knife to get a good size and use some sandpaper to file the broom.

Cut out a bunch of pieces of rope and attach them to the twig, just like I did with my miniature broom in my backyard shed.

3LittleBirdsStudioCo on Etsy also sells mini witches brooms 🙂

5. How To Create little Halloween Botles?

To make DIY miniature Halloween bottles, I would gladly refer you to the video below, because the little bottles created here are magnificent, have a look!

Amazing little Halloween miniature bottles are made by several crafters like these below created by Mooncraftminiatures.

6. How To Make A Small Spider?

In my small backyard shed, which is currently not available for new pictures (covered against a cheeky cat lol), I have added a few little spiders and a cobweb.

It has been a while since I made these, but I remember using a metal wire to create the cobweb and covering it with silver acryl paint spray.

So sorry for the bad picture, but you can see a better video here.

Then the little spiders were made from metal wire as well, just covered with black acryl paint and the “head” was a bead.

That being said, the next tutorial video on creating cute little spiders looks sooo much better haha, Enjoy!

7. How To Create Little Scary Candles?

What you need to create miniature candles is polymer clay in a transparent “color” and other colors, orange in this case.

  • Roll up the clay to a ball and then to a cylinder shape. Cut it in half and roll it again to a thinner cylinder shape.

  • Create a long string from another ball of clay and cut off a piece.

  • Repeat the process and attach all strings to the candle so that you get a “dripping candle”.

  • Roll up another piece of polymer clay to a string, but a grey one this time. This will be the candle wick.

    Paint the candles black to obtain Halloween miniature candles. You could add red paint to create “blood”.

As usual, there are other people creating lots of breathtaking miniature Halloween candles, like this fantastic chandelier from BelachixDollWorld!

8. How To Create A Miniature Gost?

How to craft a little mini ghost is a question with an easy answer in the video below 🙂

And of course, again, there are fantastic artists out there, that create pretty little ghosts from materials like porcelain clay!

Take a look at the seller called StingingBeePottery.

9. How To Craft A Halloween Cake?

Take another look at this wonderful Halloween cake DIY made on YouTube 😉

This is just one of the many ways to create a mini Halloween cake, but it would take me too far to post all the methods, I hope you understand 😉

Etsy has plenty of amazing sellers creating these gorgeous cakes, like Weewondersworkshop in the picture below.

10. How To Craft A Miniature Claudron For Witches

To brew your witches portions of all kinds of spooky beverages, you would of course need a cauldron: a little pot to stir things up.

I will explain a little about how to create this from Fimo clay.

  • Cut out a piece of flat black polymer clay (you can roll it with a pasta machine or a rolling pin)

  • Roll a ball from aluminum paper and make a mold of a cauldron by adding the clay around this ball

  • Add a strip of black polymer clay on top to form the upper edge of the cauldron.

  • Cut out two rings of black polymer clay and remove the aluminum ball before adding the two rings.

  • add the little feet as well

  • Fill up the cauldron with white polymer clay

  • And then finally add glow-in-the-dark clay. That’s it!

Again, there are wonderful sellers out there selling the most beautiful miniature Halloween cauldrons.

Take a look at the seller named MomosMiniscrafts.

11. Finishing Touches For Your Halloween Miniature scenes: Where To Find Other Halloween mini’s?

To get some more details for your little Halloween scene, all of these things are not really enough, are they? 🙂

This is where Etsy comes to the rescue again to get you a happy Halloween scene, let’s look further!

  • Miniature Halloween skeletons and zombies.

I have found the funniest and most lively small zombies and skeletons, let’s take a look at some of them!

Miniature zombie figurines from LivingLittleStudio.

Little and cute Halloween skeletons from Annes MP

  • Can’t miss out on tarot cards either on Halloween, can you? 🙂

Made by TheBoutiqueBizarre

My Final Conclusion

I hope that you found this blog post on miniature craft ideas for Halloween enjoyable and if you have anything else to add, please leave a comment below in the comment section.

Of course, you could also join me on one of my social media pages or on my Facebook group.

I wish you happy crafting!

Kind regards,


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  1. Wow, what a great website!

    First, a comment. It was brave of you to use the bold pink and purple background. 
    BUT… It works really well and your site looks cheerful and I found it to be inviting.

    All along the way, your videos were great and you added very good links too.

    I like to craft. I came away with the certainty that if I followed the instructions you gave, I could easily make every one of those miniatures.

    You are, of course, timely and this will be a very popular website.

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    • Hi Corinne!

      Wow, all these compliments make me blush haha, thanks very much!

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  2. Man this really brings me back to the days I use to make tons of personal art projects just for fun as a kid from putty dough, cardboard, paper and pretty much anything else I can find then eventually took it to architecture in college and found myself doing the same thing creating miniature buildings and structures. 

    I must say, throughout my experience I eventually saw the struggles other people can have with arts and crafts but your visual and written descriptions make these projects doable for someone with even no experience…very simple yet adorably captivating 🙂 

    • hello Malachi!

      Thank you very much for your compliments and I wish you happy crafting!

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