11 Top Tips For Halloween Dollhouse Makeovers – How to Turn Dollhouses Into DIY Mini Haunted Mansions And Gardens!

Are you ready to embark on a spooktacular journey into the world of Halloween dollhouse makeovers and Halloween miniature gardens?

We’ve got a thrilling treat in store for you in this blog post, as we dive headfirst into the eerie and enchanting realm of transforming ordinary dollhouses and their respective gardens into miniature haunted mansions and haunted surroundings.

Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or just looking for some wickedly creative inspiration, join us as we explore the magic of crafting doll-sized Halloween havens that are bound to leave you spellbound!

Why would you want to do a Halloween dollhouse makeover?

Why do people dive into the delightful world of Halloween dollhouse makeovers?

Well, for starters, it’s a devilishly fun way to get into the spooky spirit of the season.

Crafting these miniature macabre scenes allows enthusiasts to showcase their creativity and attention to detail, creating an atmosphere that captures the essence of Halloween.

Whether it’s for personal enjoyment or to amaze friends and family, Halloween dollhouse makeovers can also stimulate your skills in the miniature world!

Let’s head over to some tips tricks and insights for your Halloween dollhouse makeover!

Super creepy Clown dollhouse diorama by Mimzimoon.

11 Tips on creating a dollhouse Halloween makeover or what to do with the miniature garden

I had to brainstorm and do quite some research to get you tons of ideas on a dollhouse Halloween exterior makeover and ideas for a miniature spooky garden, but here we go!

1. Transform the exterior walls of the dollhouse and/or redesign it.

  • Create a crooked design

    If possible (hard to do with a plastic dollhouse), make your dollhouse look like it is on the edge of destruction πŸ™‚

    Have a crooked roofline, uneven shutters, broken windows, a tree branch straight through the roof, a broken fence, etc.

    Paint peeling off from the walls can be nice as well.

  • Distress the dollhouse exterior walls.

    Distress your dollhouse exterior walls to make them look aged, weathered, dark, and creepy. Usually, very dark colors like black or grey are used to achieve this.

    Use techniques like dry brushing or distressing to create a worn, haunted look.
    How to do all this, I would like to refer you to this magnificent example on Youtube!

2. Create creepy and old miniature Halloween trees.

Creating a spooky miniature tree is something else, it really requires skills and insights about the shape of a real tree, transforming it into something amazing for your Halloween dollhouse makeover.

Who can do this better and explain to you how to do this than this chap on YouTube called “Abandoned” Miniatures? If you find someone better, let me know, but I think you can search for a long time haha!

3. Create fake fog around your Halloween dollhouse.

I have never would have thought about this idea for a Halloween miniature diorama, but again, I was binge-watching miniature tutorials on YouTube, to find this idea that I wanted to share with you guys.

What you need to create fake fog is a tealight, hot glue, some fake dirt, strong wires, black paint spray, a skewer stick and some bear stuffing (fiber fill)

The video below is great, but it is aimed at Warhammer tabletop games, so what I would do to adjust to a Halloween dollhouse, is just the fiber fill, and not the cotton which looks too heavy for me, and adjust “the fog” a bit more horizontally instead of this small tower-effect.

And, spread out the fiber fill a lot more right above the ground (Do you know what I am getting at?), plus not use all the bright colors for your Halloween effect.

My idea of adapting this idea for Warhammer isn’t found elsewhere, so there’s a thing that I need to try out myself! hmmm haha!

You could just use a fog machine as well, but that is only temporary and I don’t like that.

4. Have a Miniature Pumpkin Patch:

Design a tiny pumpkin patch with an assortment of miniature pumpkins, scarecrows, and a tiny wagon filled with gourds.

You will need (adjustable to your own wishes, these are just some ideas):

  • Miniature Pumpkins (You can find these at craft stores or make your own using polymer clay),
  • Miniature scarecrows: small figurines or DIY scarecrows made from craft supplies,
  • a Miniature Wagon or Cart to display the pumpkins,
  • Tiny Hay Bales: You can craft these using real or faux hay,
  • Craft Moss to add texture and realism to the scene,
  • small rocks or pebbles to create a path or define the edges of the pumpkin patch,
  • Craft glue: To secure elements in place, and acrylic paints for detailing and weathering

You could also add a warm, orange glow with tiny LED jack-o’-lanterns.

Miniature jack-o-lantern by WyrdWorldMiniatures

Miniature wagons and miniature carts by 3DEGoss

5. Create a Haunted Miniature Greenhouse

Transform a miniature greenhouse into a haunted botanical garden with overgrown vines, carnivorous plants, and ghostly apparitions.

What you could use or need, as to your own personal wishes:

  • Miniature Plants: Artificial miniature plants or tiny, preserved plant cuttings (moss, ferns, or vines).
  • Ghostly Figures: Miniature ghost figurines or tiny Halloween-themed figurines to inhabit the greenhouse.
  • Small Lanterns or LED Lights: For eerie, dim lighting effects.
  • Cobwebs and Faux Spiders: To create a spooky atmosphere.
  • Tiny Bottles and Potion Jars: For a creepy botanical collection.
  • Miniature Garden Tools: Tiny shovels, rakes, and gardening gloves for a realistic touch.
  • Craft Glue: For assembly and securing elements.
  • Acrylic Paints and Brushes: To add details and weathering effects.

This greenhouse by Miss Mini Life, for example, looks fantastic!

6. Create a Witches’ Herb Garden:

Create a witches’ herb garden with miniature cauldrons, spell books, and an assortment of eerie herbs like mandrake root and eye of newt.

Materials You Might need, again as you wish:

  • Miniature Planter or Garden Bed: Choose a small container or craft one from wood, clay, or resin. You can also use a small section of your dollhouse’s garden.
  • Miniature Herb Plants: Select tiny artificial plants resembling herbs like sage, rosemary, thyme, and lavender.
  • Miniature Cauldrons or Potions Bottles: To add a witchy touch to your garden.
  • Small Crystal Ball: For divination and mysticism.
  • Miniature Broomstick: A tiny witch’s broom adds character.
  • Tiny Witch Figurine: A miniature witch figurine to oversee the garden.
  • Craft Moss: To create a realistic ground cover.
  • Miniature Garden Tools: Tiny shovels, rakes, and spades.
  • Craft Glue: For assembly and securing elements.
  • Acrylic Paints and Brushes: For adding details and weathering effects.

A Miniature Witch by TheLittleHedgerow

7. Create a Zombie Apocalypse Scene:

Craft a post-apocalyptic miniature scene with tiny zombies, abandoned vehicles, and a crumbling cityscape backdrop.

What comes to mind to use for this apocalyptic scenery is :

  • Miniature Zombies: Purchase or craft miniature zombie figurines, or even customize existing miniature figurines to look like zombies.
  • Miniature Buildings or Structures: Small buildings or structures that represent a post-apocalyptic world. These can be made from cardboard, foam board, or other materials.
  • Miniature Vehicles: Tiny abandoned cars, trucks, and bicycles can add to the scene’s realism.
  • Scenic Materials: Items like model train scenery materials, like dirt, sand, rocks, and small branches or twigs.
  • Craft Glue: For assembly and securing elements.
  • Acrylic Paints and Brushes: To add details, weathering, and distress to structures and figures.
  • Miniature Weapons and Supplies: Tiny weapons, backpacks, and supplies for survivors.
  • Miniature Barriers: Tiny barricades or fences to protect against the zombies.

Feel free to add things to your own fantasy πŸ˜‰

8. Create a Spooky Cemetery:

Design a miniature graveyard with tiny tombstones, wrought iron fences, and eerie mist rising from the ground.

Materials You’ll probably need are:

  • Miniature Tombstones: You can buy pre-made miniature tombstones or create your own from cardboard, foam board, or clay.
  • Small Gravestone Accessories: Miniature skulls, bones, and spiders for added creepiness.
  • Craft Moss: To simulate grass and a sense of age.
  • Tiny Fencing or Gates: To enclose the cemetery area.
  • Craft Glue and Hot Glue Gun: For assembly and securing elements.
  • Acrylic Paints and Brushes: To add details and weathering effects to tombstones and accessories.
  • Miniature Lanterns or LED Lights: For eerie illumination.
  • Small, Distressed Flowers or Wreaths: For a touch of somber decoration.
  • Crafting Tools: Scissors, a craft knife, and a cutting mat if you’re making tombstones.

Miniature Halloween gravestones by MiniWorldsofTheNorth

9. Have a Ghostly Tea Party:

Set up a whimsical yet spooky tea party scene with miniature ghost figurines, tiny tea cups, and a haunted tea set.

How about adding these things:

  • Miniature Tea Set: Tiny teacups, teapots, saucers, and utensils for the table setting.
  • Ghost Figurines: Miniature ghost figurines or translucent figurines to represent the spectral guests.
  • Miniature Table and Chairs: Small furniture pieces suitable for a tea party setting.
  • White or Sheer Fabric: To create ghostly tablecloths and drapes.
  • Craft Glue and Hot Glue Gun: For assembly and securing elements.
  • Acrylic Paints and Brushes: To add details to the figurines and table setting.
  • Miniature Tea Accessories: Tiny plates of miniature pastries, cakes, and sandwiches.
  • Miniature Candles or LED Lights: For eerie illumination.

You can again let your imagination run wild and create a fun and creative spooky world!

By the way, have you seen my YouTube video yet, where I create a miniature teapot set? You can just use darker-colored clay πŸ˜‰

10. Have a Witch’s Broom Parking:

How about something funny?! πŸ™‚

Creating a “Witch’s Broom Parking” scene for your dollhouse’s Halloween exterior is a clever and whimsical idea that adds a touch of humor and magic to your miniature display.

This scene imagines a designated parking area for witches’ brooms, complete with broomsticks, spooky signs, and even a mischievous cat or two.

11. Create a Creepy Doll Playground:

Craft a playground filled with eerie, broken dolls, overgrown with dark vines, and surrounded by a spooky forest.

This scene imagines an abandoned playground where vintage and eerie dolls come to life, giving a spooky twist to traditional childhood innocence.

Add some creepy miniature dolls ( old-fashioned or vintage dolls with a worn appearance would be great), and create a miniature dark playground with tiny swings, slides, and other playground fixtures.

Use craft glue, acrylic paint, and brushes to assemble everything and add details

Optionally, you can also add some small distressed miniature toys, to add to the creepy ambiance or some craft moss and small twigs to create an overgrown and abandoned look.

My Final Conclusion

I hope that you enjoyed all these 11 tips on how to do a Halloween dollhouse makeover and how to create a spooky garden!

If you have any more questions or even suggestions to add to these, feel free to leave a comment down below in the comment section or join me on (one of) my social media channels below!

I wish you happy crafting!

Kind regards,


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  1. This is some awesome stuff! My daughter got me interested in customizing doll houses and it’s really fun! I never even thought about doing halloween decorations! I really like the idea of creating tombstones. We are going to create one for a murder that might or might not have taken place in the dollhouse. It’s an inside joke! She will love it!

    Also, had an idea to do a scarecrow (like a creepy one) or some ghost too. What do you think?

  2. I absolutely adore these tips and your tea set is gorgeous! I admit some of Halloween is scary to me (ie zombies, scary clowns, etc) but I like the fantasy part more. So we wont be trying those scary ones. lol. Otherwise these are some awesome tips!


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