How To Make Dollhouse Furniture From Cardboard-Crafting for Dolls Who Demand Eco-Friendly Interiors!

Welcome to the whimsical world of DIY dollhouse furniture, where creativity knows no bounds and sustainability meets miniature style! In this guide, we’re diving headfirst into the crafty realm of ‘How to Make Dollhouse Furniture with Cardboard.’

Whether you’re a devoted dollhouse enthusiast or simply looking for a fun and eco-friendly project, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to transform humble cardboard into tiny treasures that will leave your dolls lounging in style!

But first, why would you make dollhouse furniture from cardboard?

Creating dollhouse furniture from cardboard is an accessible and environmentally friendly DIY option with many advantages, including affordability, customization, and ease of sourcing materials.

However, it may have some limitations in terms of durability and realism compared to other crafting methods. Ultimately, the choice of materials depends on your preferences, skills, and the look you want to achieve for your dollhouse.

And what you think is important in the pros and cons:

Pros of Cardboard Dollhouse FurnitureCons of Cardboard Dollhouse Furniture
Affordability: Cost-effective crafting materialDurability: Not as long-lasting as other materials
Ease of Sourcing: Readily available and accessibleLimited Realism: May not achieve a highly realistic look
Eco-Friendly: Promotes recycling and reduces wasteMoisture Sensitivity: Prone to damage from water exposure
Customization: Versatile for creating custom piecesSkill Required: May require practice for professional results
Lightweight: Ideal for dollhouses, easy to move

Which materials and tools do you need for cardboard dollhouse furniture?

Creating cardboard dollhouse furniture requires a few basic materials and tools to get started. Here’s a list of what you’ll need:


  1. Cardboard: Obtain sturdy cardboard sheets or boxes. You can use old packaging materials or purchase cardboard sheets from a craft store. The thickness of the cardboard will depend on the furniture’s intended use; thicker cardboard is more durable.
  2. Craft Knife or Scissors: A sharp craft knife or scissors will be essential for cutting the cardboard into the desired shapes and sizes.
  3. Ruler and Measuring Tools: Accurate measurements are crucial in crafting miniature furniture, so having a ruler, a straightedge, and measuring tools is essential.
  4. Pencil and Eraser: These will help you mark and sketch your furniture designs on the cardboard before cutting.
  5. Paints and Brushes: Acrylic paints and small brushes are great for adding color and detail to your cardboard furniture.
  6. Glue: A strong, quick-drying adhesive like fast-grab Tacky Glue is essential for assembling the cardboard pieces.
  7. Decorative Materials: Depending on your design, you may want to add decorative elements like fabric, paper, or small embellishments to enhance the appearance of your furniture.


  1. Cutting Mat: Protect your work surface with a cutting mat when using a craft knife.
  2. Bone Folder or Scoring Tool: These tools help create clean and precise folds in the cardboard.
  3. Clamps or Clips: These can hold pieces of cardboard together while the glue dries, ensuring a strong bond.
  4. Sandpaper: For smoothing rough edges or surfaces of the cardboard after cutting.
  5. Paint Palettes: Small paint palettes or containers for mixing and applying paint.

Remember that the specific materials and tools you need can vary depending on the complexity of your cardboard furniture designs and the level of detail you want to achieve.

As you gain experience, you may discover additional items that are useful for your particular projects.

Designing Your Dollhouse Furniture from Cardboard: Tips for Planning and Sketching Your Furniture Designs

Designing cardboard dollhouse furniture is where the magic begins. It’s the stage where you bring your creative vision to life and ensure that your miniature pieces fit seamlessly into your dollhouse’s decor.

Here are some valuable tips for effective planning and sketching of your cardboard furniture designs:

1. Gather Inspiration:

Start by exploring dollhouse furniture designs online, in magazines, or from your friends!

On my website, I have described tons of dollhouse styles, like the Shabby Chic style, modern style, Victorian style, and more and you need to decide on the overall theme or style of your dollhouse furniture

I do think though, that the best style to make dollhouse furniture from cardboard, would be the modern style.



2. Measure Your Dollhouse:

Accurate measurements are crucial. Measure the available space in your dollhouse where the furniture will go. Take note of the dimensions to ensure that your cardboard furniture will fit perfectly.

You can do this with the help of my conversion tool!

Convert any measurement in a known scale into another known scale.

Convert in scale

to in scale

3. Sketch Your Ideas:

Begin with rough sketches of your furniture designs on paper. This is the time to brainstorm and experiment with different shapes, styles, and sizes.

Don’t worry about perfection at this stage; focus on capturing your ideas.

Exactly like I did for the miniature kitchen of my mini treehouse:

4. Consider Functionality:

Think about the functionality of your cardboard furniture. Will it be purely decorative, or should it be functional for your dolls to interact with? Ensure that your designs accommodate the needs of your dollhouse inhabitants.

5. Plan for Structural Support:

Cardboard is sturdy, but it’s essential to plan for structural support. Consider the placement of reinforcement elements like internal braces or additional layers of cardboard to provide stability and prevent sagging.

6. Test Your Designs:

Before cutting into your precious cardboard, create small prototypes or test pieces. This allows you to refine your design and ensure that it works as intended before committing to the final project.

This part will save you lots of frustration, I can assure you! 😉

7. Detailed Sketches:

Once you’re satisfied with your initial sketches and prototypes, create detailed and to-scale drawings of your cardboard furniture. These will serve as your templates during the construction phase.

8. Plan for Decorative Elements:

Think about how you’ll enhance the visual appeal of your furniture. Will you paint it, apply decorative paper, or add small accessories? These details can elevate the overall look of your creations.

By following these tips, you’ll set a strong foundation for your cardboard furniture project.

Effective planning and sketching will save you time and frustration during the construction phase and ensure that your dollhouse furniture looks fantastic.

Step-by-Step Assembly: A Little Walkthrough of the Construction Process

In this section, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step guide to assembling your cardboard furniture, covering everything from cutting and shaping to the final assembly.

So gather your materials and tools as explained above and let’s go!

1. Use your Design Templates:

Lay templates with the detailed sketches you created before onto your cardboard sheets and use them as guides for cutting out the individual pieces of your furniture.

You can also use downloadable miniature furniture printables instead of your own designs, making things a lot easier.

2. Cutting the Cardboard:

Using a craft knife or scissors, carefully cut out the shapes outlined in your templates. Be precise in your cuts to ensure clean edges and accurate dimensions.

3. Shaping, Folding, and assembling of components:

Depending on your design, you may need to shape or fold some of the cardboard pieces. A bone folder or scoring tool can help create clean and precise folds in the cardboard. This step is crucial for achieving the desired form of your furniture.

After that, you can assemble the major components of your furniture, such as the main frame or structure.

Apply a generous amount of glue to the edges that need to be joined and press them together firmly. Use clamps or clips to hold the pieces in place while the glue dries.

4. Adding Reinforcements:

To enhance the durability and stability of your furniture, consider adding internal reinforcements or additional layers of cardboard at critical points, like legs or tabletops. These will provide extra support.

5. Adding Detail and Texture: Techniques for adding realistic textures and finishes.

Adding texture and detail to your cardboard furniture is where you can truly elevate the realism and aesthetic appeal of your miniatures. Here are some techniques to consider:

1. Texture Creation:

Use common household items like sandpaper, a nail file, or a toothbrush to create textures on the cardboard. For example, gently sand the edges to create a weathered or aged appearance.

2. Paint Techniques Or use paper to decorate:

Experiment with various paint techniques to mimic different materials. Dry brushing can create the look of wood grain, while sponging can replicate a stucco texture. Apply multiple coats for depth and realism.

Or you could just glue (wall) paper on the pieces of course!

3. Faux Finishes:

Explore faux finishing techniques like distressing, crackling, or glazing to achieve specific effects. These techniques can give your cardboard furniture a vintage or antique appearance.

4. Details and Accessories:

Add miniature accessories like knobs, handles, or tiny buttons to simulate hardware on drawers or cabinets. These small details can make a significant difference in the overall look.

By following these steps, you can create cardboard dollhouse furniture that not only looks visually appealing but also possesses a tactile and realistic quality.

You can Experiment with different techniques to achieve the desired textures and finishes for your miniature creations.

In the video below, you can see how TooSImpleCrafts made an incredible cardboard room bow with cardboard dollhouse furniture, it was the best that I could find really!

Multiple examples of dollhouse furniture made from cardboard.

Up to the fun part of showing all these glorious examples of cardboard furniture!

1. Bentley House Minis

For a lot of recycled/upcycled related things in the mini world, I tend to refer back to the videos of Bentley House Minis on her popular YouTube channel.

Because she is just so amazing!

In the video below, she shows you how to create a dollhouse desk from cardboard!

And also this gorgeous bedroom furniture!

2. Dollhouse chairs from cardboard.

You can also use this dollhouse chair DIY PDF Pattern by Gwynne Ross, made from cardboard.

3. Beautiful Roccooco dollhouse sofa

I didn’t realize that even a classical style like this vintage Roccocco style would be doable with just cardboard, but apparently, it does!

Check out this sofa kit!

Roccocco sofa dollhouse cardboard kit by MelissasMiniWorld

4. An easy cardboard dollhouse bed.

Looking for an easy DIY cardboard project? This project by MiniatureDIYcrafts52 is such a quick and easy thing to do, check it out!

My Final Conclusion

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post on how to make dollhouse furniture from cardboard, but if you have any more questions, please feel free to leave them below in the comment section.

You can also join (one of) my social media channels below or my cozy Facebook group.

I wish you happy crafting!

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