How To Make DIY Miniature Dollhouse Furniture – Insights And Tutorials.

Today, in the series of tutorials on my website, I will be talking a lot about DIY miniature dollhouse furniture. How to make them yourself, the advantages and disadvantages of each method (like cardboard or wood), and more. From beginners, to a little more advanced.

Let’s dive straight into things!

updated 19/11/23

Make Your Own DIY Miniature Dollhouse Furniture.

Here, we will discuss lots of different methods to create dollhouse furniture, let’s go!

1. It can be done quite cheaply and easily with Jenga!

If you look around for dollhouses (have you been “down that rabbit hole” lately?), you can see that most of the time there are only a few pieces of miniature furniture included.

There never seems to be enough furniture included and buying furniture separately can get quite pricey! But there are several ways to make them yourself and the next explanation is one of them.

Jenga game

To keep the price lower, you can find anything you need right at a store like Hobby-Lobby or Action in Europe. What you need:

  • a stacking game called Jenga
  • Craft felt
  • glue

For about 10 bucks only, you can make your own original miniature dollhouse furniture. (mind you, this is only suitable for Barbie-size houses or maybe a little bit smaller!)

Let’s for example make a chair.

Glue three of the Jenga blocks together to create a seat. Beware of not gluing too much glue on the blocks, because it will show.

Let it dry thoroughly before continuing with the next steps. You will need two of these to finish the chair.

Miniature dollhouse furniture

Now it’s time to glue the legs to the chair. Use 4 blocks that you simply attach to the seat and let it dry well as well!

miniature dollhouse furniture

Attach the backrest to the seat and there you go, you have a chair where Barbie dolls and some smaller ones can sit on! It is not that difficult, in this case anyway;-)

How about a little miniature furniture table with Jenga blocks?

Making a little table is quite easy as well! Just attach three blocks to each other three times (step 1). Let it dry thoroughly before you attach all of them together!

miniature table DIY

Cover the mini furniture with felt.

So, these pieces of furniture or made rather quickly. It would be a very easy way to add some to your kids’ Barbie dollhouse.

They are quite cute as they are, but it still would look better to add some upholstery, no?

You can do this quite easily as well by just gluing felt to them and there you go! What do you think?

The advantages of this method: cheap and easy!

The disadvantage of this method: the choice in different scales is limited.

2. Make DIY dollhouse furniture by using cardboard or even paper!

I remember when I was 15 years old, I made a complete dollhouse on the kitchen table, just using cardboard and paper. Just following plans that I read in a book that I got from a family member ( I don’t even remember who I got this book from, but thanks again! 😉 ).

Probably, it didn’t look like a great ‘piece of art’, but as long as you are happy with it and it keeps you busy, who cares, right?

The only thing I do remember is that it had a black and white kitchen floor (tiles) and a few pieces of kitchen furniture. And then, it probably “disappeared” after the holidays lol.

But that’s ok, I am more into the actual process of crafting than the result just standing there collecting dust haha. Enough about me already 😉

There are several ways to learn how to make miniature furniture by using cardboard or paper.

The First Way.

There are a bunch of videos on Youtube, showing you how to make gorgeous miniature furniture. I will show you 2 of them that I like.

Video number 1: Bentley House Minis has several videos on making all kinds of stuff in miniature size and I think the result is quite amazing!

Unfortunately, I see that her Etsy shop is down since the beginning of 2019, but you can still order the patterns for the furniture on her website.

I can’t even describe in words how fantastic these look, just using cardboard! Everything you need to know to make these DIY-style, you can find in her videos. Definitely, something to bookmark for me, and I have subscribed to her channel!

The second video that I like is from “Fun-easy-crafts“, who made a DIY Miniature House with a Car Garage, Modern Living Room, Pink Bedroom, and More, mostly made with cardboard. Have a look at how cute this is!

Basically, you just need to do whatever she is doing, while of course, you can adapt the cardboard furniture to your own size and/or colors if you’re not fond of the bright pink.

Sadly though, I haven’t seen her giving any information about the measurements of everything, so you would need to figure that out yourself somehow.

I have a little UPDATE on crafting paper miniature furniture on 05/28/2022.

Because, in the meantime, I have dived into the world of origami miniature furniture and created a few videos myself, check them out, please!

  • Video 1: how to craft a miniature fridge with paper!
  • Video 2: how to create a paper miniature table and miniature chairs:

The advantages of this method: video instructions are free.

The disadvantages of this method: you must be willing to work from scratch and there is no help if you have any questions or struggles.

The second way.

The next method for making cardboard miniature dollhouse furniture could be by using printable digital downloads and printing those on card stock.

So, I must correct myself, because these aren’t actually made from cardboard, of course, but from paper or card stock (the latter would be better and sturdier).

I have found tons of digital downloads on Etsy for dollhouse furniture, all of them to print on card stock (and then just fold and glue them together), including:

The Advantages of this method are: cheap to download and can be done with your children!

The disadvantages of this method: not so sturdy and less “lifelike”.

The third way.

Of course, if you don’t want to do all this yourself, or you don’t like the paper miniatures, you can still order miniature dollhouse furniture kits that are made from cardboard.

And then you would just need to assemble them and finish them the way you want, meaning, covering them with fabric, painting them or decorating them in any other way. Just let your fantasy run wild!

I found a few on Etsy (yeah, again lol):

There is probably a lot more to find on Etsy or other places, good look with your search!

The advantages of this method: no need to cut out the kits, easy to assemble. And you can still decorate them just the way you like them.

The disadvantages of this method: I think they are hard to find on different scales, I could be wrong!

3. How to Make miniature furniture from wood.

The First way.

Pretty straightforward: buy miniature furniture kits in wood! They exist in all kinds of sizes and styles, you would just need to look around on Etsy/eBay, etc. Another small list for you:

The advantage of this method: is easy to assemble and most prices are very affordable. Also, you don’t need any crafting materials as I mentioned in this blog post, besides fabric or paint and glue.

The disadvantage of this method: you can’t have the furniture exactly the way you want it.

The second way.

Would be with the help of Youtube videos again, but the problem is that there are not a lot of them that I can find.

I think to make wooden furniture DIY, using dollhouse magazines or dollhouse TV would be better ( there are a lot of projects for these in there).

But, here we go, I can show you this :-):

Video number 1: make a DIY miniature farmhouse table.

Video number 2: making a bookshelf in miniature size.

The advantage of this method: You can create original pieces, even more, if you know how to draw and use blueprints.

The disadvantage of this method: trust me, if you want to make life easier on yourself while working with wood, get a mini table saw ;-). Also, you really do need a lot of crafting materials to be able to do this.

4. How to Make miniature furniture from other materials like waste, matchboxes, etc?

If you have the ‘eye’ of a miniaturist, you might ‘see’ a miniature piece in plenty of things.

  • The other day, I got a takeaway pizza, and these days they seem to use a piece of plastic to separate the slices. So, what do you think I can make with these? Little mini-tables of course! 😉
miniature tables
  • Another way to make good use of waste is by using matchboxes! Glue them together as shown in the pictures below and treat them with paint and a file, to give them an ‘antique’-look!
mini dresser made from matchboxes

By the way: have you seen my 2 Youtube videos on creating miniature furniture with matchboxes?

  • In the first one, I crafted a miniature matchbox organizer DIY by using 3 matchboxes. If you “like” it, please hit the “like” button, thanks!

In the second video, I created a miniature desk and miniature chair on a scale of 1:12, also using three matchboxes, enjoy!

And in the next one: haven’t we all done this as a kid? 🙂 Make a miniature drawer with matchboxes.

miniature furniture made with popsickle sticks

I actually made something similar and the video below is of my making! Please subscribe to my Youtube channel and “like” my video, if you do like it! Thanks!

And here’s another video of mine of crafting miniatures with popsicle sticks, this time it is a miniature bench with stuffed cushions:

Another way to craft a miniature chair with a little table by using popsicle sticks is in the next video of mine:

  • You can even create dollhouse furniture by using matchsticks, yes unburned!

3D printing miniatures

More online miniature furniture tutorials and 6 reviews right here 🙂

Some more FAQs on how to create diy dollhouse furniture

Here are some more questions answered for you;-)

How to DIY dollhouse furniture from recycled materials?

As mentioned above, I have tons of Youtube videos now on how to create dollhouse furniture with everyday items or recycled materials, including popsicle sticks, paper craft, matchsticks, and more. Go check it out!

My Youtube channel

Where can I find free printable dollhouse furniture patterns?

Well, lucky for you I have written a complete walkthrough on where to find printable dollhouse furniture patterns before 😉 There you go!

My Final Conclusion.

I hope to have helped you out with this blog post on how to make miniature dollhouse furniture DIY.

However, if you don’t feel like making mini furniture yourself, or you need your furniture to match your Victorian-style dollhouse (and others), you can go look for fantastic artists who make them completely for you!

In the next article, I will tell you all about those artists that I like and I am going to review them.

I wish you happy crafting and if you have any questions, or observations, or just would like to chat, then please leave a comment below or join me on my Facebook group!

Best regards,


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  1. This is a great how-to article on creative ways to build dollhouses. Using Jenga blocks is a genius idea. I love to find things to do with my granddaughter and building dollhouses with her, using your suggestions and ideas will be a wonderful way to spend time with her. I am not the handiest person, so your suggestions and how-to instructions made it easy for me to understand how to get started; and how to progress. Furthermore, I really liked the fact it went over the pros and cons of using Jenga blocks or cardboard. And the fact you had videos, left nothing to chance, I could see exactly how to build the dollhouse, whether with Jenga or cardboard. It’s nice to spend quality time with her, and this is the type of activity that will build not only dollhouses, but great memories we can cherish forever.

    • Hi there!,

      Thank you very much for your positive feedback and I hope you will make some fantastic memories with your granddaughter!

      happy crafting!

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  2. Hi Lizzy!

    Oh Wow! This is actually a really clever idea. If you are on a budget and don’t want to pay for extra furniture for a doll house, then you can make one! And it is soooo easy to do and you can paint it to make it look stylish. I really like this idea of using Jenga. I’m really impressed. I can’t wait to show your article to my sister!


    • Thank you for your comment and I’m happy that you found a way to create something pretty when on a budget! 

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  3. i’m very new at this, any sugustions or ideas would be nice. made house out of cardboard with mag. collage covering. all im needing is the little things and furniture.

    • Hi Natalie!
      I hope the suggestions on how to create miniature furniture in this post are enough for you?
      If not, you can always check out my Youtube channel as well! (there are already plenty of examples of paper craft miniatures, or miniatures made from everyday items, like popsicle sticks, etc)
      Good luck!
      Kind regards,

  4. Hey there Lizzy, i’m new into the world of miniatures. I am planning using 1:12 scale and my mind is having a difficult time converting everything into decimals. i understand 12 inches is 12 feet and 1/2 inch is 6 inches. My problem is this, I’m a avid woodworker that does everything to scale so i’m trying to convert like 2×4 and 3/4 x (what ever depth is) and ect. For the past 2 days i haven’t really found anything that is helping to getting over this bump in the road. Only ruler i have found is one that has 1/16, 1/8 as the lowest numbers, any ideas where I can get ones that has 1/32 or 1/72, 1/96. Or i’m just really really overthinking the whole process. Please help, Thanks

    • Hi Joe!
      I understand this problem so hard! This is exactly why I developped the scale convertor on my homepage, have you tried it? (the purple thingy)
      All scales and ft/in/cms/mms is available to convert into anything else. Worldwide scales and different metrics. I wish I had the time to create an actual app for a phone, but maybe this already excists?
      I hope this will help you figur things out easily!
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