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Did you ever wonder what is out there in the ‘small’ world about dollhouses and miniatures, what YOUR ‘niche’ could be? Because there is so much going on in the little world! Well, A good start would be browsing into dollhouse miniature magazines, so I did some research for you.

Dollhouse Miniature Magazines

I have a subscription to ‘Dollshouse The Netherlands’ for years now and I am very happy about it. I have projects on my ‘to-do’ -list, for now, that could last me a lifetime of crafting.

But of course, those dollhouse miniature magazines are in Dutch, so obviously that wouldn’t be suitable for you to read 🙂


Worldwide dollhouse miniature magazines and their prices, selected by country.

I made a list of dollhouse magazines around the world, the ones I could research anyway.

Let’s start with the English-written magazines, as this website is in English and that probably is what you are looking for the most.

The content mostly is about (mini)projects, content/open house of professional miniaturists, news about exhibitions and museums, etc.

United Kingdom :

A. Dollshouse World :


I used to have a subscription to this dollhouse miniature magazine years ago. As the shipping doesn’t cost too much to Belgium, it is the first one I had if I remember correctly.

And for sure: the United Kingdom is obsessed with dollhouses and miniatures, which is a good thing off course! They have different kinds of formulae.

Going from 5.99£ per month, to 77,99£ per month for a bundle ( The TV dollhouse classrooms seems like fun, have u tried them? Let me know if you ever do ! ), to annual subscriptions. See screenshot.

I remember that they talked a lot about Victorian houses, which I find adorable. I doubt if I could actually make those, but who knows!

dollhouse world

You can get your American subscription for Dollhouse World in Dollars threw HERE!

B. Dollhouse miniatures :


It seems they have 2 different offices, 1 in the UK and 1 in the US. So regarding shipping costs, it wouldn’t really matter where you live, you can have it cheaper in both countries I presume.

Prices vary according to the country you live in, as you can see in the next screenshot. I really should look into the dollhouse TV thing myself, it looks like fun! ( might write a review about it later in the future !)

dollhouse miniatures
dollhouse Miniatures magazine

You can get this also on the Kindle version HERE.

C. Dolls House & Miniature Scene

I have tried to find it and buy 1 of these magazines, but I do not think it still exists? Could anyone confirm, please?


American Miniaturist


I have come to the realization that all these three websites have the same ‘TV’ -channel: dolls house TV. So be careful to not subscribe three times to the same channel, that would be a total waste of money. (do they work together?)

Wow, America, do you only have 1 dollhouse miniature magazine available in your country? I did not realize that! I really can’t find any other than this one, it’s a pitty 🙁

American miniaturist
American miniaturist magazine

So HERES what I’ve been looking for, you can try out 1 piece only, to see if you like it before you subscribe for several months or a year!

Belgium : (my own country, so I couldn’t miss out on this one sorry)

Minivirus :

I used to have a subscription for this, but they seem to be out of business. Frankly: I don’t mind. I paid 8,50 for 1 magazine and it really wasn’t worth it. I can’t seem to find any other Belgian dollhouse miniature magazines, but if you do, please let me know because an organization for dollhouses and miniatures in Belgium is very rare! As I would love to go more to exhibitions and such, but as far as I know, there are none here in my country!

The Netherlands :

A. Dollshouse Nederland :


This one is my absolute favorite. I have a subscription since the beginning of their existence and as I said before: it is full of projects that are waiting for me to get done. I will not be able to craft them ever in my lifetime.

It has all kinds of levels off projects: from beginners to more complicated things. Has any niche you would like: projects in wood, knitting, polymer clay, etc. But also has extensive reports about professional miniaturists worldwide. I loooove it! 1 number costs 6,75€ and a yearly subscription 78€, where you get 1 magazine each month.

Dollhouse Nederland

B. Poppenhuizen & miniaturen :


I honestly have absolutely no idea if this is a good dollhouse miniature magazine, as I have never read it before. But looking at their Facebook page, it looks absolutely glossy and cool. Soon I will test one out for sure and I will definitely place a review here. Looking forward to it! 1 magazine seems to cost 6,75 € and a yearly subscription of 31,95 €, where you receive the magazine 6 times per year.


Other ways to get ideas.

– YouTube channels: just look for terms like ‘dollhouses’ or ‘miniatures’ or ‘fairy gardens’ for example. Mine is EverythingVerySmall.

– Facebook pages (my own page is: Facebook ) and my Facebook group is Dollhouses and Miniatures.

– Twitter, mine is: (I also hope to get it more developed soon )

– Etsy

– last, but surely not least: Pinterest (I’m addicted !) :

Have a look at who I follow, there are some wonderful projects on there, especially ‘fairy gardens’, which is my new passion! Mostly in summer and spring though. Other than that I also follow other crafting people, I just like crafting in general.

Final Conclusion

There are several ways to get ideas for projects, but I’m pretty old-fashioned and I just love my collection of dollhouse miniature magazines through the years. I love the way they are installed on my bookshelf and how I can stroll through them now and then.

If you think that I forgot a dollhouse magazine and want me to ad it, please let me know!

Do you have any questions about this topic, feel free to ask in a comment below or join my Facebook group.

I wish you happy crafting!

Best regards,


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