40 Ingenious Ideas On Using Household Items To Create Miniatures!

Sometimes, you shouldn’t be worried too much about having the ‘right materials’ to create miniatures, as almost any common household item has the potential to be incorporated into a miniature scene.

Whether it’s a fabric scrap or a piece of jewelry no longer in use, you can turn it into something magical.

Transforming Household Articles into Charming Miniatures: 40 ideas for you!

We will go from room to room in our homes and see which items we can use for our minis, let’s get straight to it!

Kitchen and Food Items.

So many things that you have around your kitchen that you could use for those dollhouse accessories!

  1. Bottle Caps:

    Bottle caps are used a lot in the mini world for plates, pans, pot lids, and even easy flower-hanging baskets!
    Check out how I made my own!

  • 3. Spices and Seeds:

    Here’s where you can put your imagination to work, like having walnuts from coriander seed ūüôā
miniature nuts

  • 4. Straws:

    You would be surprised about what you can make with (colorful) plastic straws. I think plastic ones are forbidden worldwide now, but you might still have them!

    I have created a mini chair with straws and a simple bed with straws on my YouTube channel:

  • 6. Pasta:

    With hollow spaghetti sticks, you can create things like poles, curtain rods, etc..


  • 9. Toothpicks:

    Now, if you have lots of patience, there are wonderful mini-things that you can create with toothpicks, from dollhouse furniture to even complete cities.

    Take a look at this amazing artist!

  • 10. Bottle Corks:

    Cork is also a very versatile product to create all kinds of minis like stools, drums, or barrels.

  • 11. Popsicle sticks

    Did you ever hear about using popsicle sticks to create dollhouses or miniatures?
    I certainly have ànd I created several things so far, this large popsicle house being one of them!

  • 12. Plastic Cutlery:

    Plastic cutlery can be used as parts of something bigger (so structural support), a large miniature pan or plate (plastic spoons), or even the backend of a dollhouse chair.
    In the video below, I have used a wooden ice cream spoon, but why not do the same with a plastic one?

  • 13. Coffee Stir Sticks:

    Coffee stir sticks are being used for things like wooden planks, fence posts, flooring, etc.

Bathroom and Grooming Supplies

  • 14. Q-tips:

    Q tips can be used to create little paintbrushes: Use the sticks as handles and trim the cotton ends to form bristles.
    Or how about a toothbrush: Paint the stick to resemble a toothbrush handle and trim the cotton end to look like bristles.
    Also consider furniture legs and swabs, etc

  • 15. Toothpaste Caps:

    Have you noticed all the things that people make of toothpaste caps? How about:
    Pots and Pans: Paint them to resemble pots or pans.
    Table Bases: Attach a flat piece on top for a miniature table.
    Planters: Fill with tiny fake plants or flowers.
    Trash Cans: Use as miniature trash cans with a tiny piece of paper as trash. (might be more suitable for a scale of 1:24 )
    You could even make a coffee maker!

  • 16. Cotton Balls:

    Well, I think this speaks for itself, with cotton balls you can create mini pillows, fake snow, or fluffy decor items ūüôā

  • 17. Nail Polish:

    Nail polish can be used for glossy finishes, I used it to ‘paint’ the bottom of plastic bottles and these are now artsy fruit bowls.

  • 18. Shampoo Bottle Caps:

    Again, these caps can be used as well for small bowls, planters, and more. (as for number 15)

  • 19. Cotton Swabs:

    Why not create tiny torches or use cotton swabs to create texture?

  • 20. Bath Poufs:

    I have plenty of ideas to use bath poufs for dollhouse decorations:

    Rugs or Carpets: Cut small sections and flatten them to use as textured rugs.
    Curtains or Drapes: Use pieces for sheer, decorative curtains.
    Pillows or Cushions: Stuff small fabric squares with pouf material for fluffy cushions.
    Bed Canopy: Drape pieces over a miniature bed frame for a whimsical canopy.

  • 21. Contact Lens Cases:

    Contact lens cases have the ideal shape to create miniature dishes.

  • 22. Toothbrush Bristles:

    Think about using these bristles for:

    Brooms and Brushes: Cut and bundle bristles to create tiny brooms or brushes
    Detailing for Models: Use bristles for fine detailing on various miniature models, like antennas on tiny insects or whiskers for animals.
    Paintbrushes: Trim bristles to desired lengths and attach them to toothpick handles to create tiny artist brushes.
    Mop Heads: Bundle and glue bristles together to form realistic mop heads.

    In the video below, the artist is using synthetic bristles, but you could collect the bristles from old toothbrushes and make them brownish by dipping them in tea and letting them dry. What do you think?

  • 23. Deodorant Caps:

    From deodorant caps, you can make small bowls and cups and take a look at this coffee maker!

  • 24. Sponges.

    From sponges, you can create a miniature sofa. By cutting it to size and dressing it up with some scrap fabric, a bit of sewing or even fabric glue, you can create a cute miniature couch.

    Admittedly, you can discuss if I should have placed this tip in the kitchen department haha! Anyway, this is how you do it:

  • 25. Paper Clips:

    Paper clips can be used to create racks like you sometimes need to do for certain DIY dollhouse kits. I remember the difficult part of Millers Garden, for example.
    Those are pretty hard to do though, not for heart patients hahaha!
    Of course, you can also use paper clips for metal hooks and such.
rolife wire rack

  • 26. Erasers:

    Erasers can be cut into tiny bricks or into shapes like loaves of bread, cakes, or cheese blocks.
  • 27. Thumb Tacks:

    These can become little wheels!

Clothing and Fabric

  • 28. Fabric Scraps:

    I have a drawer in my craft cupboard full of fabric scraps and they have been handy to create curtains, bedding, or upholstery. Even old ties can get you pretty and glossy designs.
    Ribbons, socks, scraps of lace, anything you can think of can be handy someday!

  • 29. Buttons:

    We probably have a big jar full of old buttons that we could use ‘someday’, but never ever used hahaha.
    With buttons, you can create small wheels, clocks, lids for pots, or even make a tiny chair, that you can decorate however you want. Or not, check out my video! ūüôā

    • 30. Thread Spools:

      Thread spools can be used for tiny tables or stools.

      • 31. Shoe Laces:

        They can be used to create ropes, and belts, use them as curtain rods, or weave or braid them to create textured rugs or carpets.

        • 32. Beads from Old Jewelry:

          With parts of jewelry, you may create things like doorknobs or even tiny perfume bottles.

          • 33. Old Gloves:

            Wonder what to do with old gloves? Use the fingers of the gloves as tiny hats!

            Miscellaneous Items

            We finish up with lots of different household items that can help you easily create the most pretty miniatures.

            • 34. Egg Cartons:

              Egg cartons can be used for a number of things, like dollhouses stone walls and floors, planters, and furniture.

              • 35. Plastic Packaging:

                Clear plastic sheets/pieces from plastic boxes and such, can be used for windows, glasses, and so on.

                I have used those several times myself, like for the windows of my treehouse.
              my treehouse 15

              • 36. Twigs and Stones:

                Willow twigs can be used in a number of ways, and I have used them several times as well.
                With willow twigs, I created fairy garden chairs and a fairy garden bed, and even part of my kitchen sink for my treehouse. The possibilities are endless!
                The same goes for stones and pebbles, you can decorate walls, and roofs and make pathways.

                How To Make Fairy Garden Furniture

                  • 38. Old Cell Phones:

                    Small parts from technology print plates you can reuse like in the example below.

                    • 39. Bottle Brushes:

                      You can reuse old bottle brushes to make tiny trees and bushes!

                        • 40. Matchboxes:

                          These little cardboard boxes are just the right size for a dresser or nightstand in a miniature setting. With some paint, stickers and small beads for knobs, and creative stacking, you can easily bring a matchbox dresser to life.

                          Check out one of my videos again!

                        My Final Conclusion

                        I hope that all these ideas on how to use household items to create miniatures, will keep you busy with creating tiny things for years to come ūüėČ

                        If you ever lack ideas, please bookmark this blog post so you can come back to it!

                        If you have any questions about this topic or other things, please leave a comment below in the comment section or join me on my social media channels below.

                        I wish you happy crafting!

                        Kind regards


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                        1. Hello Lizzy, all I can say is WOW!!!! This is super cool all of the things that you make with everyday household items. We have 12 grandchildren and they love our dollhouse that we bought about 20 years ago from a woman who made them by hand. We have been looking to update a lot of the things in it but want to make it realistic, we don’t want to buy a bunch of plastic furniture that the barbie houses have. This is going to be our go to website to use your ideas and build new furnishings and furniture with our grandkids! Can I ask what type of glue you use when adding the paper pieces to the kitchen stuff, like the foil boxes? Thanks again for sharing your ideas they are truly fantastic!

                        2. oh, Lizzy, this article made my heart sing and saved my bacon. It is the rainy season where I live, and tropical rainfall is something else, especially when accompanied by a hurricane. Yesterday I found myself looking after four girls ages under 10. I had read this article in the morning.

                          Long story short, we raided the hotel kitchen and found plastic straws and bottle caps. We made some beautiful sofas, planters, and flower cases. it kept the kids absorbed for ages, a big thank you.

                          • Hey Catherine!
                            Your comment made me laugh, it is so good to know that people appreciate my ideas for rainy days and even started to collect things, so much fun!
                            I wish you happy crafting for the whole family!
                            All the best,


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