The Complete Book Of Making Miniatures And 5 Top Books On Dollhouse Miniatures- A Review!

Picture this: a cozy reading nook within your real size house, complete with shelves lined with hardcopy books on dollhouse miniatures that explore the art, history, and magic of dollhouses and miniatures. These books, including “The Complete Book Of Making Miniatures”, aren’t just decorations; they’re windows into a world of inspiration, and a way to uncover the stories behind these crafted wonders!

Whether you’re a seasoned collector of dollhouse books, or just starting your miniature adventure, these books will open doors to imagination and craftsmanship that will leave you utterly captivated.

So, let’s turn the page and explore the fascinating realm of hardcover or paperback treasures about dollhouses and miniatures together!

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Are there reasons why one should get books on dollhouse miniatures instead of online tutorials?

A PDF file on dollhouse decorating ideas by RibbonWoodCottage

Well yes, of course, there are several reasons why you should dive into these paperbacks on miniatures and dollhouses, including:

  • More detailed Instructions:

    Books often provide in-depth, step-by-step instructions that cover a wide range of techniques, from basic to advanced.
    This can be invaluable for beginners looking to learn the basics and for experienced miniature crafters seeking to refine their skills.
  • Visual Inspiration:

    If you are like me, I just love to watch all the photographs, offering a visual feast of miniature creations.
    Visual inspiration can spark new ideas and help crafters develop their own unique projects and designs.
  • Expert Insights:

    Authors of these books often have significant expertise and experience in the field, expertise that they might not show on social media.
  • Historical content:

    Some books delve into the history and cultural significance of dollhouses and miniatures. Learning about the history of miniatures and dollhouses can deepen an enthusiast’s appreciation and understanding of the art form.
  • Reference and Resource:

    Books serve as valuable reference materials that can be consulted repeatedly and will never “disappear from your shelves” While online information might get deleted.

Common now Lizzy, talk about the books now haha! Ok, here we go, starting with number 1, a very popular one!

1. The Complete Book Of Making Miniatures

Is this book old? Well, yes it is, it is from 1975 with the first edition, but still relevant!

I have some old miniature-making books myself, some of them were even a present from family or friends and were quite expensive because hardly used and vintage and rare, but I just looooove to go through the pages and look at all the projects I still want to do!

There can be a lifetime of miniature projects in one (old) book haha!


The authors of this book are  Thelma R. Newman (Author), Virginia Merrill (Collaborator)

4 stars

Some more info:

This book caters to both beginners and experienced miniaturists, providing guidance for creating dollhouses.

It covers design concepts, crafting foundational structures, incorporating lighting, and exploring innovative materials like acrylic, foam, plastic, fabrics, glass, ceramics, and metal.

With a total of 700 photographs, including 23 in vibrant full color, this book offers a visual journey through the art of dollhouse making.

The good and the bad :

As with every book or product on the market, there can be some clear reasons to buy or not buy something, so here we go!

The Good.

  • Well, it isn’t called “The Complete Book Of Making Miniatures” for a reason, and that is that it really is complete :-).
  • The DIY plans and patterns are pretty straightforward
  • Plenty of ideas on miniature crafting that can last you a very long time
  • Gives you a comprehensive list of tools and materials that you need to start out with
  • this book is very affordable seeing how expanded it is

The Bad.

  • as it is a book from the seventies, the pictures can appear a bit outdated
  • again, as it is vintage, you must be careful about the condition of it
  • Things like polymer clay weren’t invented yet in the 70s, so don’t expect to find miniature projects with that kind of material.

Overall, although it is an older book on miniatures, The Complete Book Of Making Miniatures is a fine and affordable reference book for starters and more advanced crafters.

Check out the current price and More details on this book here.

2. The World of Miniatures: From Simple Cabins to Ornate Palaces

This book on dollhouses is a tad newer than the previous one (it is from 2018),and focuses on how to build all kinds of dollhouse constructions and some miniature projects like how to upholster a mini chair.

More details further on!


 Sarah Walkley

4 stars and a half

Some more info:

Challenge your perception of dollhouses as mere period homes in this captivating compendium written by Sarah Walkley.

Explore diverse miniature constructions crafted by enthusiasts, ranging from cozy cottages and contemporary loft apartments to serene churches, rustic garden sheds, iconic lighthouses, and quaint windmills.

Unveiling a dozen chapters, each section is filled with indispensable tips for emulating distinct architectural styles.

Learn the art of laying wooden floors, manipulating molding to craft opulent country estates, illuminating a lighthouse, and so much more!

Get some inspiration for newcomers and cater to experienced model-makers toward greater heights, this book is a delightful treasure.

The good and the bad :

The Good.

  • There is lots of expanded information and lots of ideas,and a few how-to’s.
  • there is a lot of information on several dollhouse styles, I love that! From cottages to churches and more!
  • Has a collection of very talented professional miniaturists in the dollhouse world!
  • also contains tutorials on wiring, dollhouse lighting, upholstering, etc.

The Bad.

  • the pictures aren’t professional ones

I believe that this book is more like my own blog, what I mean is: lots and lots of information, but if you are looking for WOW pictures, it is not (always) the place to be ;-). (problems with copyrights?)

Check out the price and more details for this hardcover book here.

3. A Beginners’ Guide to the Dolls’ House Hobby: Revised and Expanded Edition

Published in 2005, this book on dollhouses mostly explains how to create a dollhouse from a kit, and it is a bit on the higher-end site.


 Jean Nisbett 

4 stars and a half

Some more info:

Get ready to dive into the updated edition of Jean Nisbett’s classic book—it’s like a friendly guide that covers all the dollhouse basics with a fresh twist.

Packed with stunning pictures and easy-to-follow tips, this book is a lifesaver for beginners, helping you dodge those time-wasting blunders that can hit your wallet hard.

Nisbett walks you through picking and building house kits, dealing with historical structures, decking out interiors, creating adorable little shops, and even designing a dollhouse that can handle some serious playtime.

She spills the beans on tools, and materials, giving things that perfect finish, adding decorative touches, landscaping, and revamping old treasures.

Oh, and there are nifty checklists to keep you on track and organized, so you’re all set for a smooth ride through your dollhouse adventure.

This book has 160 pages

The good and the bad :

The Good.

  • a very useful book for ideas and inspiration
  • great and colored pictures
  • fantastic book for beginners
  • it contains interesting tips not found elsewhere, for example: how to find appropriate dolls houses kits for different age groups.

The Bad.

  • A bit on the pricey side
  • Not enough detailed information for advanced people on how to build a dollhouse from scratch.

Check out more details on this book and the current price here.

4. Making Miniatures With A Cricut Maker

Now this is interesting! How to use a Cricut Maker to create miniatures, is something that I have wondered about for a long time, and lots of people seem to use it just for that.

The next book is perfect to learn all about it and I love it, let’s dive a little deeper!


 Lisa Sones-Peck

4 stars and a half

Some more info:

This book on using a Cricut machine for dollhouse miniatures was published in 2020 (revised version), so it is pretty recent, and it has 103 pages. It is also available on Kindle!

So, you’ve got yourself a Cricut Maker machine or you’re eyeing one up, and you’re all about crafting some awesome Dollhouse Miniatures?

Well, guess what? This book has you starting from the ground up—unpacking that machine, getting the software set up (no tech wizardry required), and even guiding you through your very first design and cut.

Now, what about the tools, mats, and materials you need for the miniature-making with a Cricut?

Don’t sweat it, this book got you covered with top picks and handy cheat sheets for those moments when you’re elbow-deep in creativity.

This book spills all the secrets to create an Herb Planter, a Toy Box, and a Book Shelf with Drawer, all using your Cricut Maker.

And here’s the cool part: this book got a makeover too! It is tweaked to match the latest Cricut software updates, so it’s all up to date.

If you’ve got the original book, no worries—these projects haven’t changed, so you’re not missing out.

The good and the bad :

The Good.

  • It is fantastic that this book is totally catered to miniaturists
  • Filled with basic information on how to start making miniatures with the Cricut Maker
  • Clear and easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions

The Bad.

  • It could do with more product image examples/it reads like a long blog post (well yeah, sorry if I do the same haha!)
  • More DIY projects and SVG files would be appreciated

This book is very informative for beginners, I just wish there will be a volume 2 for more DIY projects 😉

Check out more details and the price of this book here.

5. The Big Book of a Miniature House

This book is a bit of the “crème de la crème” in the dollhouse world because it is very well illustrated with professionally made pictures and it is just gorgeous to see the WOW effects, page per page.


 Christine-Léa Frisoni

4 stars and a half

Some more info:

“The Big Book of a Miniature House” is like your ultimate guide to crafting a stunning French country dollhouse from the ground up.

Imagine a front that’s like a glimpse into history and an open back that’s your gateway to vintage elegance.

And wait, it’s not just the house – it’s everything and then some! Get ready to dive into creating French-style furniture like miniature chairs, folding screens, fancy light sconces, and those adorable little dressing tables.

Oh, and don’t forget about adding those little dollhouse accessories like flowers, fireplaces, window treatments, and yes, even the kitchen sink!

This book contains practical tips on tools, techniques, and materials, and a bunch of step-by-step guides.

There are over 400 drawings and 200 photos to make sure you’re always on the right track. From the basic construction and electrification to crafting the hallway, kitchen, stairwell, bathroom, living room, bedroom, and even a nursery, everything you need for a miniature French country home!

The good and the bad :

The Good.

  • easy-to-follow instructions and super easy to understand
  • this book is full of breathtaking pictures
  • with the help of this book, you can build a French dollhouse all the way from scratch
  • the 200 pages contain a great bunch of projects to keep you busy for a long time!

The Bad.

  • this book is totally focussed on a French dollhouse and some Shabby Chic, so be aware of that
  • measurements are in cms, so if you are from the US, beware that these are not in inches 😉

Check out more details and the price of this book on a French Dollhouse here.

That’s it for now, this blog post will be expanded in time for more complete book reviews for making miniatures!

By the way, have you seen the tutorials and books on dollhouse miniatures by Jullie Warren yet?

My Final Conclusion

I hope that you found what you were looking for in this blog post on books on miniatures and dollhouses.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to leave them down below in the comment section or just would like to chat with me, that is fine as well, of course 😉

You can also join (one of) my social media channels or my cozy Facebook group,

I wish you happy crafting!

Kind regards,


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  1. Hi Lizzy, 

    I’m really intrigued by your article about making miniatures and your reviews of these dollhouse miniature books! I’m quite new to this topic, but I’ve always been fascinated by the intricate world of dollhouse miniatures. I appreciate how you’ve outlined the benefits of choosing books over online tutorials, like more detailed instructions, visual inspiration, expert insights, historical context, and the fact that books serve as lasting references.

    Also, I noticed you mentioned the use of materials like acrylic, foam, and plastics—do these materials hold up well in the long run for creating miniatures? 

    Thank you for sharing all this valuable information and reviews!

    • Hi Skamalka

      Thank you for your positive comment!

      About your question, thanks for asking by the way, I wouldn’t worry about the durability of plastics and foam, even children play with plastic dollhouses, right? 😉

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  2. Hi Lizzy

    Your article beautifully captures the multifaceted benefits of turning to books for guidance and inspiration in the world of miniature crafting. As someone passionate about this art form, I can attest to the immense value that books bring to the table. They provide step-by-step instructions, expert insights, and a plethora of visual inspiration, catering to crafters at all levels.

    Books offer a treasure trove of knowledge, from fundamental techniques to advanced skills, becoming trusted companions on our creative journeys. The emphasis on visual inspiration is particularly resonant, as vibrant photographs fuel our imagination and push the boundaries of creativity.

    Expert insights shared by authors, often honed through years of experience, offer a depth of knowledge that might not be readily available elsewhere. The inclusion of historical context adds a layer of appreciation to the craft. Lastly, books serve as reliable references and resources, ensuring that valuable information is always at our fingertips. Thank you for highlighting the enduring value of books in the world of miniature crafting!

    Thanks, Sean

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