Free Printable Miniature Books In PDF Files – 7 Top Places To Look For Them!

While you are looking for free printable miniature books online, you will probably notice a ton of those on Pinterest, but are there actually other places to find them?

That’s what we are about to find out today in this new blog post!

Update 20/01/24

For which dollhouse miniatures are printables in PDF files mostly used?

Let’s first take a look at which kind of miniatures dollhouse printables are used, as they can be used for a large variety of things:

1. Miniature books printables.

Printables for miniature books are used extensively to create dollhouse libraries and bookshelves.
There are templates for book covers, spines, and even interior pages that can be downloaded and printed.
When I assembled Sam’s Study, there were even ‘several books in a row’, which filled up a shelve.

As you can see in the video below (can you see which ones I mean 🙂 ?):

2. Miniature printable foods

Another very popular choice for which printables are often used is for miniature food. Although miniature food made from polymer clay looks the most realistic, printables are quite often used for miniature canned goods, beverages and packages like cornflakes, and more.
They just need to be cut out, folded and assembled.

I often send these as gifts in my newsletters.

3. Miniature printable accessories.

Printable miniature accessories also are available, to create things like mini picture frames, paper rugs, lamps, and more.

Or how about tiny board games, boxes, vases, and kitchen utensils..?

These also just need to be cut out, folded, and assembled.

Talking about papercraft for lamps, did you know that I have also created a papercraft miniature lamp on my YouTube channel?

But that’s another topic sorry, sometimes I just mention random stuff lol

4. Miniature wallpaper and miniature decoration.

Now, miniature wallpaper most of the time comes from online printables, but sometimes they also appear in a dollhouse magazine that I have subscribed to.

Besides wallpaper, prints to decorate miniature furniture with is also handy, so you don’t need to paint them in a specific way, like a wooden balsa wood table that needs to have “wooden grooves” and thus the look of real natural wood.

Or tiles in your miniature bathroom, etc..

These as well can be printed, cut out, and glued to your walls, floors, furniture, etc..

miniature wallpaper

5. Printable Labels for miniature packaging

Those miniature cereal boxes or cans or soda bottles, of course, need a little label as well, and you can find those to print.

Also think about miniature cleaning supplies, jars, toiletry bottles, and other household goods, basically anything that needs a label.

6. Printable dollhouse magazines.

Besides miniature books, printables are also used to create dollhouse magazines, newspapers, pamphlets, and anything else that you can read on paper.

7. Printable miniature artwork and posters.

Your dollhouse walls need some miniature artwork or posters for your mini teenagers!

How about replicas of famous paintings, vintage advertisements, or custom-made miniature art?

Miniature artwork by 3StarStudioArts

More places to find free printable miniature books in PDF files

I didn’t think at first that there was more than heading to Pinterest to find free printable miniature books, but after doing some research and checking out communities, I found a few more possibilities, let’s check them out!

1. Online miniature communities

I used the search term “miniature forums” on Google and tons of communities and forums came up.

While not every one of them is about art miniatures and dollhouse miniatures, some are about Warhammer miniatures, for example, I did find a few nice ones where you could find your free miniature printable books! (I might see you inside of these one day?)

Please do let me know in the comment section below if you have found a link to go to for printable miniature books!

2. General crafting websites.

You might get lucky and find printable miniature books or other printables on expanded craft websites like :

  • The Spruce Crafts: a very well-known website that caters to crafters worldwide
  • Red Ted Art : A little bit confusing this page on printables, but you might find what you are looking for.

While these types of websites cater to crafters in general, they can have a dedicated section for miniature enthusiasts looking for printables!

3. Dollhouse blogs and websites!

Well yes, obviously haha!

Many bloggers and DIY enthusiasts share their printable miniature book templates on their websites or blogs. Explore the crafting and DIY community for free printable miniature books.

A few blogs that I could find are:

4. Online Miniature Book Tutorials on Youtube or elsewhere.

YouTube channels that provide tutorials on creating miniature books may offer free printable templates as part of their instructional content. Look for these tutorials and check if they provide any downloadable printables.

This tutorial on how to make miniature books also contains some templates, although not free.

Sadly, in my own miniature book tutorial below, I did not keep the template sorry.

5. Social media: Facebook groups.

There are tons of social media Facebook groups dedicated to miniatures and dollhouses. These groups often share free printable resources, including miniature book templates, with their members.

You can find them in the ‘files” sections of these groups and personally, if I don’t forget, I upload those kinds of files as well in my cozy Facebook group.

6. Pinterest

When Googling the term “Printable miniature books”, the search results hand you tons of Pinterest results to choose from, beware that you might get lost because there are so many haha!

One of the Pinterest accounts is the one below which has plenty of miniature books:

7. Subscribe to my newsletter 😉

Subscribing to my newsletter gets you weekly updates on new blog posts on my website or new Youtube videos, but also printable gifts, including regularly printable miniature books.

Subscribe to my newsletter here.

Remember to always respect copyright and licensing restrictions when using printable resources, like being aware that you can’t resell printables that are available for free.

How to print dollhouse printables?

I have written an expanded tutorial before on how to print dollhouse printables, but let’s have a short resume:

  • Start by searching for your favorite template online, as explained above, or if you have experience in graphic design, why not design your own using specific software?
  • Download the printable template and adjust the size if necessary.
  • Fill your printer with suitable paper, such as lightweight cardstock or high-quality paper.
  • Adjust the printer settings to get the best quality and colors
  • Print the template and once printed cut out each printable neatly along the lines.
  • Fold it according to the instructions or miniature book lines and glue any pages together to get the actual mini book.
  • Use a heavy object or a binder clip to keep the miniature book pressed while the glue dries.
  • Add any additional details or personalize your mini book as you wish, and done!

My Final Conclusion

I hope that I could inform you of all the top places where you can find free printable miniature books, but if you have another question, please feel free to leave a comment down below in the comment section.

You could also join (one of) my social media channels below or my cozy Facebook group.

I wish you happy crafting!

Kind regards,


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4 thoughts on “Free Printable Miniature Books In PDF Files – 7 Top Places To Look For Them!”

  1. This is a very interesting article Lizzy discussing printable miniatures and the seven top places to look for them. I am just fascinated by these tiny little jewels that you have used to fill the bookshelves of your dollhouses.

    Miniature canned goods seem like the ideal element to have a printable solution and possibly even food items in general because these kind of items are typically going to have printed labels when found in the store in the full-size varieties.

    After reading this article, I’m starting to think that just about every element of a miniature dollhouse could be printable in one way or another.

    • Hi Joseph!

      Thank you for the compliments and yes, there is a lot of miniatures that could be printable and foldable to create a miniature, especially if you know something about paper craft, the possibilities are endless, you just need to know how to do them 😉

      Kind regards,


  2. Fascinating!

    The world of downloadable printables  has no limitations!  And to get into the extreme smallness like this…it’s just…wow.  I’ve designed a ton of repeating patterns, like for wallpaper.  And while I was reading this I was wondering if there would be a way I could offer them in tiny scale for dollhouses.  But I quickly realized it would be a whole other aspect of marketing that I really don’t have the time or energy to get into right now.  

    But, then again, maybe it wouldn’t be that bad…

    What do you think?  Should I try to sell my patterns as printable doll house wallpaper?  Or maybe find somebody to team up with?


    • Hi Anna!

      Interesting that you have designed our own patterns, that looks like a fantastic hobby as well!

      Yes of course, why not try and sell yours on Etsy, for example? You actually have nothing to lose with printables, just gains;-)

      I wish you happy crafting!

      Kind regards,



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