How To Build A DIY Dollhouse Room Box- A Step-By-Step Guide

Welcome to this guide on how to build a DIY dollhouse room box! You would prefer to start a little bit smaller than a straight-up building of a big dollhouse or do a makeover on a large dollhouse? Why not try out a room box first? Let’s dive into the wonderful journey of crafting your very own dollhouse room box.

Updated 20/01/24

Jessica Dance has also built her own particular and special room box, filled with dollhouse furniture, check out her tutorial!

What are the advantages of a DIY dollhouse room box versus a large dollhouse?

Having or creating a room box can have a lot of advantages over a large dollhouse, here’s a list of positive things that I can think of:

  • Well, dollhouse room boxes, are typically smaller in size, making them more space-efficient in case you don’t have a lot of room in your house or apartment, while still being able to express your creativity!

  • Room boxes are flexible: you can have several boxes with all kinds of different themes, so no need to focus on just one dollhouse style or time period for just one house, as you can have several types all at once.

    Also, you can focus on just one bathroom, kitchen, cozy living room, etc, without having to decorate each room in a dollhouse.

  • A room box can be more cost-effective, saving you time and money on materials and decorations.

  • Room boxes allow you to try out different techniques and materials, and designs, without spending excessive time on a large dollhouse.

  • And last but not least, dollhouse room boxes allow you to tell a unique story and display each box 😉

How to design and plan the layout of a DIY dollhouse room box?

To plan and design a dollhouse room box, I will guide you through a list of tips and hints that can start you on your way. All of this is my personal view on things, starting with a few decisions that you need to make:

1. A closed room box or do you want to add windows?

You might want to take it easier on yourself and start out with just a plain and simple design that doesn’t contain windows or stairs. Just like in the picture below.

Plain room box without windows by @MyLillVillage

The advantage of this is that it is really sturdy.

On the other hand, creating a room box with windows, doors, or even stairs, makes it look more “real” and adds a little bit of style.

Room box with windows by @MiniaturesByVio

The disadvantage of this is that you need to learn how to make those windows as well first.

2. Determine the scale of your dollhouse room box.

Before you create a room box to place your miniature diorama in, you need to of course decide about the scale you want for your setup, this can for example depend on the available miniatures that you already have.

The room box needs to fit according to the measurements of the interior diorama or miniatures.

3. Determine the theme or purpose of your room box.

Would you like to create a modern room box, as shown in this DIY miniature tutorial by Jessika Dance?

Or rather something in vintage style? Having a clear vision of your future project will guide you on your way from the start.

4. How to build a dollhouse room box: draw a first sketch.

Sketch a rough layout of the room box and draw the walls, windows, doors, and any other architectural features you want to include.

Sketch out how and where you are going to place furniture, fixtures, and decorations. This will help you visualize the space and plan accordingly.

How to draw a DIY building plan for a dollhouse is explained in this blog post. It doesn’t need to be detailed at all, just make sure to be correct with your scales!

5. Find DIY plans for your dollhouse room box.

If you really can’t figure out how to draw your own DIY dollhouse room box-building plans, you can get lucky and find several resources online.

On platforms like Pinterest, YouTube, and miniature hobby websites, you can follow instructions that include measurements of the room box, as seen in the video below, where “Miniature Creator” shows you everything with the help of a ruler.

I haven’t found actual sketches for DIY plans, but why not look for real-size home plans and scale it to a 1:12 scale plan or any other scale?

Remember to just use my scale converter:

Convert any measurement in a known scale into another known scale.

Convert in scale

to in scale

You can also explore miniature magazines, books, talk to professional miniature artists, etc..

How to build a dollhouse room box: tools, equipment and materials?

Basic and beginner’s tools.

If you are a beginner in the dollhouse world, I would start with affordable tools that you can find in any hardware store (especially for a room box, but not for a dollhouse), like:

  • A regular handsaw

  • Multifunctional Trunking Shears for Angular Cutting. A Very handy tool to cut out wood and plastic in several degrees ( 45 To 135 Degrees )
  • A crafting knife. One of the most used tools for my crafting room!
  • All sizes and types of scissors

  • a metal ruler and a triangle ruler

  • sandpaper

  • painters tape

  • all types of glue.

    Now, about all the types of glue, I have also written a very in-depth article on this, check all the glues for crafting miniatures that you need or that I use most here.
    Of course, if we are just talking about the base of a regular room box, fast-gluing wood glue is perfect enough!

    These tools especially apply if you are going to use materials like cardboard or soft wood like balsawood.

Some More advanced tools

However, if you are using hardwood and dense materials and planning on keeping creating room boxes or dollhouses, I really would recommend the following power tools:

  • a craft table saw. I have written several reviews on small table saws that I use extensively to create miniatures (and also around the household, my husband uses it regularly as well haha)
mini proxxon tablesaw
My table saw
  • A Hercules Mini Benchtop Cut-Off Miter Saw for Hobby Crafts. I have recently discovered this handy-looking mini saw and thus haven’t reviewed it yet, but hope to be able to do so soon!
  • a mini-drill. Another powered tool that I use quite often to create any dollhouse or miniatures-related thing is the mini-Dremel. Of course, there are other brands of mini-drills as well and I have reviewed them.
Mini Electric Drill

Types of wood

To create a dollhouse, all types of wood are used, but there are some more common types:

The type of wood you choose for your dollhouse room box will depend on your preference, budget, and availability. Common options include:

  • Plywood: Affordable and readily available, it’s a versatile choice for constructing the frame.

  • MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard): Denser and smoother than plywood, often used for cleaner finishes.

  • Basswood: A lightweight and easy-to-work-with option that offers a natural finish.

  • Baltic Birch: Known for its strength and durability, it’s a good choice for sturdier frame construction.

  • Hardwoods (such as oak or walnut): If you prefer a more high-end finish, hardwoods can provide a beautiful look, but they may be more expensive.

What construction techniques are used to build the dollhouse room box?

Let’s start with the most fun “technique”:

  • Upcycle things to use as room boxes.

    No fuss, no sorrows, (hardly any) power tools, just use containers as a “room box” haha!

    All you basically need to do is ask someone to keep an object that you can work with as a kind of container for your miniatures, like an old suitcase, and there you go!
  • Why not use cardboard to create a dollhouse room box?

One of my favorite miniature Youtubers, Queen city Minis, has created a series on how she made a cardboard room box, including miniatures on a 1:12 scale.

Make sure to check it out and subscribe to her channel!

  • And of course, just use wood for your dollhouse room box.

Again, for this construction technique to build a dollhouse room box, I invite you to watch yet another YouTube video from a professional crafter called Robert Off!

Tons of ideas to find online on how to make a miniature DIY room box!

Up to the fun part, get inspiration from others online, let’s just dive right into it!

  • Make miniautures with Josje!

    Josje is giving you a tour around her kitchen room box while she is working on the interior, what a lovely result!

  • Miniland.

Victoria Miniland from Canada has the most fantastic vintage and handcrafted miniatures and dollhouse accessories.

Their room box is called The Empress Room box and it shows richness and elegance of the highest standard.

There are 3 different finishes to choose from: white with gold trim and walnut floor, Walnut with gold trim..

  • A room box made with a cardboard tutorial

“Fairy Oases” creates the basic structure of a miniature room box using cardboard and talks you through everything.

  • Melissa’s Miniwereld.

Melissa is from the Netherlands and she creates these stores room boxes in art deco style and Art Nouveau style.

  • My Miniature room box

Well, the name speaks for itself: “My miniature room box” creates simple but stunning little room boxes!

Hungry for more information and examples? You can always check out this wonderful artist book on Amazon called Rosa R Moran, who just loves creating these little room boxes 😉

My Final Conclusion

I hope that you liked this blog post on how to build a dollhouse room box.

If you have any more questions or would just like to chat with me, please feel free to leave a comment down below in the comment section or join me on (one of ) my social media channels or my cozy Facebook group!

I wish you happy crafting!

Kind regards,


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    The pictures were also incredibly helpful in visualizing what the finished product would look like. 

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