Best Small Electric Drill For Crafts – The Dremel Is My Go-To For Everything.

Well, it is no secret that I prefer decent quality for my tools and ‘Dremel’ is just one of the best small electric drills for crafts that I have been using since the beginning to craft my dollhouses and miniatures.

I was going to say: German ‘gründlichkeit’ – quality, but it turns out it has Austrian origin after I Googled it 🙂 Dremel Company. (tunnel vision haha)

Today, I will take you on a journey of why I use this best small electric drill for crafts, and most of all miniatures, of course.

Updated 15/11/23

But first, what is a small power drill for crafts used for?

The Dremel Mini Electric Drill is not just a drill; it’s a compact powerhouse designed for a multitude of tasks.

It is very easy to use, at a quite high speed, and it does all kinds of jobs for you:

  • drilling holes
  • sanding
  • cutting
  • engraving
  • milling
  • sharpening
  • grinding
  • cleaning
  • polishing

When you buy a Dremel electric drill (or any mini drill), it comes in a kit with accessories.

Mini Electric Drill

Using a Dremel for miniatures can be done on any kind of material like plastic, wood, metal, etc.

The end of the mini drill has a little collet where you can attach the drills in all sizes. (my Dremel has 6 different sizes of drills, up from 1,2 mm to over 2 mm).

One aspect that sets Dremel apart is its commitment to quality craftsmanship. The mini drill’s build is not just robust but also ergonomic, ensuring a comfortable grip during extended crafting sessions.

Personally, I have used this drill for so many things, like all of my fairy houses, my treehouse, dollhouse twigs furniture, polishing things, drilling holes,and so much more!

fairy house in garden 3

One of my fairy houses, all the side wooden pieces needed to be fit precisely, with the help of my Dremel.

Which accessories come with a small electric drill for crafts?

Other handy accessories that come with the kit for crafting miniatures are the brash brushstainless steel wire brush, and a nylon wire brush, which are used to clean up your crafted pieces of jewelry for example.

Then there are little cutting wheels that actually even cut through metal-like nails.

Also in the basic accessories, there should be sanding drums that go onto little rubber pieces. You can use those also for sanding and cleaning up metal and wood pieces.

My Dremel accessories

There also should be tiny felt bulbs that you can use to polish up your artwork or jewelry or of course, your miniatures if needed.

So basically you can drill, you can cut, you can sand, you can polish and you can cut through any kind of materials, except stone I think that’s not possible. The limits are endless on what you can do with the mini drill and accessories.

So, investing in a Dremel Mini Electric Drill is not just about the drill itself; it’s about unlocking a kit of possibilities. The accompanying accessories, from various drill bit sizes to brash brushes and cutting wheels, enhance the tool’s functionality.

Crafting on materials like plastic, wood, and metal becomes a seamless experience with this comprehensive kit, which they are always expanding, by the way.

In the video below, there is an expanded explanation about all the different bits that you can get from Dremel and what they are used for:

Buying a Dremel for crafting: with a cord or cordless?

Buying a cordless mini drill or one that you just need to plugin into the electricity depends on your personal taste. Myself, I don’t mind the cord at all, because I just plug it into a power strip, and thus reaching my miniatures with the drill isn’t a problem at all.

But here’s an oversight of the advantages or disadvantages of each:

Dremel Mini Electric Drill (Corded)
Dremel Mini Electric Drill (Cordless)
Steady power supply
Freedom of movement
Ideal for continuous use
Limited by battery life
Quiet operation
Potential for reduced power compared to corded
Robust build and ergonomic design
Portable but may lack the same durability

The corded version, with its steady power supply, is my personal favorite for continuous, uninterrupted crafting.

On the other hand, the cordless variant provides the freedom to craft anywhere without being tethered to an outlet. However, it’s crucial to consider potential limitations in battery life for the cordless model.

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The number 1 Best Mini Drill for crafts for me= DREMEL!, a review!


Product Name : Dremel Crafting Drill/Rotary Tool

Mini Electric Drill dremel

Place(s) To Buy: Amazon

Owners: Dremel

Overall Rank:

For me, it is 5 stars, as I have good experience with this rotary tool.

5 star reviews

Warranty: returns and exchanges accepted

Product Overview :

  • Two-Speed Rotary Tool Kit
  • Includes an assortment of accessories
  • Corded-electric
  • 120 Volts
  • set your speed at 15, 000 or 35, 000 RPM with just the flip of a switch
  • a Dremel is perfect for miniatures

The Good And The Bad :

The Good.

  • slim and ergonomic body
  • best powerful rotary tool (in my opinion)
  • it is quiet
  • ideal to craft miniatures AND (light) chores around the house (I’ve seen a lot of people saying that this tool is also great for trimming their dogs’ nails)
  • there seem to be some issues with the lock button
  • some of the cutting wheels are cheap and break easily.


tel :1-800-437-3635

Contact: Dremel countries to contact from.

My Final Opinion :

I have a Dremel with a cord. It is pricey, admitted, but for me it is, I repeat myself I know, the best one on the market. Thé best quality and thé best power.

Check out the prices and more details of the Dremel with cord here.
Check out the prices and more details of the cordless Dremel here.

A few more FAQs on mini craft drills.

A few more questions are answered for you below!

How to fit small drill bits on a drill?

When I haven't used the mini drill for a while and need to change a drill bit, I tend to always get confused again haha!

So I bookmarked this Youtube video below as a reminder for when I'm struggling again:

Which drill is the smallest?

There are so many sizes for miniature drills that I leave this answer up to Wikipedia if you don't mind 😉


Is using 12v drill enough power?

A 12v power drill is more than enough for our crafts, as it is compact, light,  and costs a lot less than the 18vs.

My Final Conclusion

Euhm, sorry, I made it pretty clear which one is the best mini-electric drill, in my opinion, but don’t let that influence your decision 😉

Just know this: sooner or later if you want to craft miniatures yourself (and I don’t mean the kits, etc), you will definitely use a small rotary tool!

Do you have any questions or remarks about this article, let me know in the comments below!

You can also join one of my social media pages below when looking for help or the wonderful work of miniature artists.

And as always: happy crafting!

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  1. Hi there! While the standard for pet groomers was the stylus tool made by well known rotary tool maker, this tool is equal to the task of grinding pet nails. In fact, the LED light is an improvement over the others tools enabling visibility, while the 8V battery supplies more than enough power to trim nails and the quiet motor doesn’t frighten the pet.

  2. well Lizzy you helped me make my purchase of the Dremel 4300 and also got the flex shaft I hear it is pretty awesome I look forward to using it in miniature making thank you for all the comparisons

    • Hey Rosemary!
      I wish you lots of fun with the Dremel 4300 and you will see that you will use this device a lot! I am using it at the moment again for my fourth fairy house 😉
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