Shabby Chic Decorating Ideas For Your Dollhouse And Shabby Chic Miniatures

While I thought that I had every dollhouse style and their corresponding miniatures covered, I still discover other styles regularly. So last week, I came across some fantastic shabby chic decorating ideas for your dollhouse and miniatures and a new blog post idea was born!

First, I looked into the “big world” for shabby chic decorating ideas, and going from there, I tried to look for examples in the miniature world to see if any professional miniaturists specialized in these, and what do you know: they did!

And while I was looking into these, I might as well give a little bit of explanation on what this style is exactly, so let’s dive into things!

But First: What Is The Shabby Chic Style?

The shabby chic style is a bit similar to the country home’s living style.

It resembles a style where you could buy everything from a flea market and patch it up, but it’s not quite the same.

Although antique and vintage furniture can be found in these interiors.

A real-size Shabby Chic pink dresser by Vintage Highstreet.

The literal meaning of shabby is: worn out, and bald.

Therefore, the furniture of this interior is often weathered, used, or peeling off.

All the furniture which has a nostalgic or romantic look would fit perfectly in this type of interior.

Another characteristic of the Shabby Chic style is the large pieces of furniture made from robust materials, such as solid (stained or scaffolding) wood.

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Is Shabby Chic Vintage?

Shabby Chic doesn’t necessarily mean vintage or antique, but rather like a version of the vintage look which is just a bit more romantic and feminine.

You could sum up this style in 3 words: classic, feminine, and vintage.

Because of the feminine side, you will see many white, and antique shapes and materials, a lot include floral patterns in this style.

Shabby chic has a lot of French and English influences, think of round shapes with Baroque ornaments from French and English patterns and prints, especially the romantic floral print.

This style is very suitable to combine with a rural cottage or a French or Bohemian interior.

Check out other dollhouse styles from other articles of mine, like the Victorian style or Tudor style, or Georgian style!

What kind of furniture is used in the Shabby Chic style?

In this style, you can definitely see a lot of white and wooden furniture, and large sofas and chairs.

Vintage and antique finds are mixed with more modern furniture and everything doesn’t need to be “perfectly” decorated, because it is this “messy” appearance that makes it the shabby chic style.

So if you are looking for shabby chic decorating ideas, choose pieces with a cozy appearance that you want to just sit in and sink into and look for something that has that used look.

Furniture, tables, and cabinets with chipped edges, paint peeling off and untreated wood are welcome in this style!

You can even mix things up, like choosing a curved and elegant chair and combining it with an industrial-looking wooden table with metal legs or even wheels. Why not?

How to create your own shabby Chic Style home decor?

1. Choose the right color pallet.

This style mainly uses light colors, like beige, taupe, white, pastel pink and blue, violet, and other “powdery” shades.

But still black also is been used regularly, but more for accessories or to accentuate something. It is a perfect way to contrast a large piece and goes well with the antique look and the white base.

The color palette of the Shabby Chic style is very similar to the colors of Scandinavian interiors, which use lots of light colors and are mostly soft.

2. Some More Shabby Chic decorating ideas.

The Shabby Chic style works around accessories and decoration.

Start out with a light base and go from there by adding fine cushions, chairs, and blankets, for example with different floral patterns.

You can also choose silver dishes, “old” vases, candlesticks and chandeliers, a worn-out and old greenhouse, a vintage mirror, or even wrought iron furniture such as a bed or an elegant chair.

This latter would also look fantastic in an old farmhouse with dark, wooden beams.

Other accessories you can ad:

  • nostalgic lampshades
  • retro furniture
  • velvet cushions
  • floral wallpaper
  • furniture with a used look

3. You can create your own little Shabby Chic-style piece of furniture!

This is actually quite easy to do, just follow these three steps:

  • Paint your piece of furniture :
    Paint the piece of (mini) furniture in a soft pastel color or paint it white.
  • Use sandpaper:
    Take a piece of sandpaper to remove some of the color from small surfaces and especially edges, which will give your piece a used or vintage look.

  • Find matching handles:
    Start looking for matching handles and doorknobs, this will finish the shabby chic look.

What do Shabby Chic clothes look like?

In the clothing world, Shabby Chic stands for a vintage look, with many different layers of clothing and a classic look.

You can recognize this style by the coats, the stripes, and the colors, while the matching boots and shoes also have a distinct vintage style.

Time for our Shabby Chic Dollhouses and Miniatures!

If you had to scroll too long to come to this part, I’m sorry, lol! Let’s show off some Shabby Chic miniature artists and shabby chic decorating ideas, shall we?

Shabby Chic dollhouses.

  • 1. A modern shabby chic dollhouse with a porch:

This wonderful handcrafted dollhouse, created by “Minicrafts by Aga”, has a Swedish/Shabby Chic style, and has the typical soft light colors and old look of this style.

Check it out here

  • 2. A Romantic Shabby Chic Dollhouse

This cute little house is very romantic and elegant. Shabby chic in white, pink and grey colors with a cottage theme and a wraparound porch, a spacious first floor plus a cozy loft under the roof.

Shabby chic dollhouse by Tiny Snowdrops

Check it out here

  • 3. A tiny shabby chic dollhouse.

Here’s a little video that I loved to watch on how to create this breathtaking Shabby Chic dollhouse! By Miss Diorama

Shabby Chic Dollhouse furniture

  • 1. Pretty dollhouse furniture by Around the block Mini’s

Not only does “Around the block Mini’s” create fantastic shabby chic furniture, but also a lot of shabby chic accessories are in her store! Just check out the pictures and link below for more!

Check it out here

  • 2: A Shabby Chic dollhouse bench

Check out this shabby chic miniature bench filled with cushions by Besties BoutiqueChic! Isn’t the black rose a peculiar touch?

Everything is made by hand.

Check it out here

  • 3: Miniature Garden White Table.

A very decorative 1:12 scale white shabby chic table for your little provincial farmhouse.

Check it out here

Shabby Chic dollhouse accessories.

  • 1: A Miniature Shabby Chic chandelier.

This miniature fancy shabby chandelier is very chic and has cute little roses, how lovely! By Diamond Miniatures.

Check it out here

  • 2: Shabby Chic and vintage sheets and pillowcases linen with a triple row of delicate lace.

This pretty shabby chic white bed has a head and footboard with a floral carved motif and the sheet and pillowcases are made from vintage linen with a triple row of delicate lace.

Between the sheet and comforter is a white woven fringed blanket. The fluffy comforter and pillow shams have a sky-blue cotton fabric with pink roses.

Created by ECH miniatures.

Check it out here

That’s it for now folks! 😉

My Final Conclusion

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post on Shabby Chic decorating ideas, but if you have any more questions, please feel free to ask them below in the comment section.

You can also join my social media channels or fantastic Facebook group where people share their work as well.

I wish you happy crafting!

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  1. When I heard shabby, I was scared! But now it turned out to be nice and chic! It’s funny that people put a lot of time and effort on dollhouses. I’ve never done this with mine! But I guess that it’s a matter of collection and taste. Personally, this is the choice of furniture I would use in my home decor, because I love French neoclassical style – except that I don’t like pink!

    • Hi Angel!

      Haha, don’t be scared lol ! I am glad though that you like this style, except for the pink haha. 

      But pink doesn’t need to be included, you could just keep it white, with some black accents or ‘earthy’ colors 😉

      Good luck with decorating!

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  2. I was enchanted by reading this blog post about delightful shabby chic decorating ideas for dollhouses and miniatures. Every detail of this exquisite style was so mesmerizing—its characteristics , personal experiences, and examples all captivating my imagination with the possibilities of what I could do to my own dollhouse! Shabby chic is a truly romantic and bewitching way to bring life to a tiny world, and I’m already inspired by the marvellous ideas from this post to craft a charming look!

    • Hi Andia!

      Thank you very much for your wonderful comment and I wish you happy crafting!

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  3. Wow! I appreciate that you provided a comprehensive overview of the Shabby Chic decorating. I didn’t know that even this type of decorating exist. Now I have a lot of information about this, Good for me. My little daughter love the dol-house style and I will share your post with her.


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