Those Pretty Greenleaf Dollhouse Kits – What Are They All About?

I have this strange relationship with Greenleafs dollhouses, on one hand I think they are gorgeous and well-designed, on the other hand, I have some small issues with them.

As I kept seeing lots of people showing pictures of them on about every social media miniature channel out there, I needed to write a review and blog post on these Greenleaf dollhouse kits, so let’s get straight to it!

What Is This Product And Brand From Greenleaf Dollhouse?

First of all, because there seems to be some confusion about this: NO, Greenleaf has not gone out on business, they are just refining the designs of their dollhouse line 😉

So that they can continue to re-release them with the same quality and reliability that people worldwide are used to.

The mission of Greenleaf seems to keep on producing affordable, yet detailed and realistic dollhouse kits.

All the products are made in the USA and manufactured in upstate New York. It is claimed that this company is the oldest and largest in the world to produce dollhouses (kits).

But don’t let people from Europe or anywhere else, let that scare you off, because they have retail stores all over the world!

Greenleaf has gotten recognition amongst design institutions, miniature organizations, and hobby associations.

You could say that it all started out with this 10-year-old boy called Anthony W. Roberts, who used just his 2 hands, scrap wood, and a hand saw to make a building plan for the church.

This boy became the talk of the town when his project was discovered by Mr. Wiley.

Mr. Wiley offered the, then 12-year-old, Anthony a job for his Greenleaf Steel Rule Die Corporation (Greenleaf SRD).

In the spring of 1947, Anthony made his move and opened Greenleaf SRD in a cow barn in upstate Schenevus, NY.

While the business passed onto his son Dean a generation later, it has now become the largest brand in die-cut doll house kits under the well-known name of Greenleaf Products.

greanleef big dollhouse kit

After that, it leads to several name changes and owners.

In 1993, the company then came out with a line of dollhouses that are named ‘Corona Concepts’.

The Corona line has a similar appeal, always keeping its high quality and a large variety of styles and sizes. Some of the current Corona houses have a simpler design so that beginners are more tempted to try them out first with easier projects.

Some More Information About The Actual Products from Greenleaf dollhouses

  • The scale of these Greenleaf dollhouse kits and miniature furniture is either “full scale” (meaning 1-inch-scale or 1:12-scale) or “half-scale” ( which means on 1:24-scale).
  • open-back designs of the dollhouse kits.
  • materials used: (laser)-cut wood
  • the dollhouse or furniture kits don’t come with paint, furnishing, or other decorations. So you need to finish them DIY style.
  • These houses are intended for +13 adults only and finished houses aren’t meant for children to play with!
  • tab/slot assembly

Where To Buy Greenleaf Dollhouse Kits.

Greenleaf Dollhouses is located in Schenevus, NY, but sells online as well.

They are available on Amazon.

Available Products From Greenleaf.

This company has a big list of different products and is very diverse (I don’t think that you can miss out on anything you could need or want), so let’s go:

  • Greenleaf dollhouse kits
  • dollhouse furniture kits
  • miniature shingles
  • dollhouse flooring
  • miniature lighting kits
  • dollhouse additions
  • dollhouse building supplies
  • mini decorations
  • dolls
  • miniature buildings (like for example a trailer)
  • birdhouse kits
  • laser cut dollhouses
  • half-scale/full-scale dollhouses
  • web store exclusives
  • miniature villages
  • they also now sell latch hook kits

Contact Info for Greenleaf Dollhouses


Tel: (800) 253-7150

They have a Website.


Returns and exchanges are accepted.

Overall Rank.

4 stars and a half

The Good And The Bad.

The Good.

  • affordable prices for decent quality
  • have been around for decades and so they were able to build up a good reputation
  • with free shipping costs if an order is over $49,00
  • easy instructions/good manual
  • people talk a lot about Greenleaf on social media, especially on Facebook groups! (so it is easy to ask questions in a community if you need help)
  • the recent designs can appeal to beginners as well as more experienced dollhouse builders

The Bad.

  • some of the furniture kits seem to have not-so-good quality wood
  • if you are not happy with a kit, you need to pay to send it back. So these 2 points made me decide to give this shop 4 and a half stars and not 5.


Greenleaf is the only company out there that has put its name on its dollhouses and the name is protected, so beware of copycats with less quality! They might look the same, but don’t get tricked into buying cheaper ones and get scammed!

Some more FAQs on Greenleaf dollhouse kits.

In this section, I will try to answer some more questions that you might have about the house kits.

Is Greenleaf dollhouses still in business?

Oh for sure, Greenleaf dollhouses are here to stay!

What scale are Greenleaf dollhouses?

The Greenleaf dollhouse kits are on a scale of 1/24

Where can you find Greenleaf dollhouse furniture?

You can find their dollhouse furniture on their website.

What are the most known Greenleaf dollhouse kits?

Off course, I don't know or have assembled all of them, but these seem the most known Greenleaf dollhouse kits:

  • Greenleaf Arthur Dollhouse Kit

  • The Fairfield Greenleaf Dollhouse
  • the Greenleaf Garfield dollhouse

  • the Greenleaf Orchid

  • the Beacon Hill dollhouse kit

Greenleaf dollhouse kit instructions, where to find?

If you are missing the dollhouse plans of Greenleaf, you can find them on their website as well.

A Few Pictures Of Other People’s Work Of Greenleaf Dollhouse Kits.

Let me tell you first about the Greenleaf dollhouse community, which is a platform from Greenleaf itself, to have beginners ànd veterans chat about miniatures and dollhouses and help each other out with questions and such. It is recognized worldwide.

Furthermore, some pictures of what buyers made from them;-)

Number 1.

This kit is called ‘Greenleaf Pierce’ and it is bashed by a customer. She opened up a wall between the kitchen and dining room and eliminated a wall on the second floor to open the staircase and create a master bedroom suite with a sitting room and master bath.

Number 2.

This is the exterior of the Greenleaf Storybook Cottage, also made by a customer. It has a nice greenhouse iteration, no?

Number 3.

Greenleaf’s ‘Willow Crest’. Not much information was available sorry.

Greenleaf Willow Crest

Number 4.

I personally like this one a lot. This house has 800+ pieces and it is looking good! (Beacon Hill by Greenleaf.)

Finally, I have a video for you from “AngieAug”, describing how she puts a Greenleaf dollhouse kit together!

Sugar Plum Cottage

My Final Conclusion.

I sincerely hope that you found this blog post on Greenleaf dollhouse kits informative enough and that you enjoyed it.

If you have any questions about this blog post or do you have anything (else) to share with me? Then please leave a comment below or join me on my newest Facebook group now!

I wish you happy crafting!

Best regards,


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6 thoughts on “Those Pretty Greenleaf Dollhouse Kits – What Are They All About?”

  1. Hi there Lizzy! You inform quite deeply.  Very impressive. Honestly, I never really knew Greenleaf had this much beautiful doll- houses. I have only previously seen their Fairfield doll house. However,  I recently bought on of those for my nephew and it says that it’s a 1/2 scale dollhouse and I am not sure what that means. Any help?

    • Hi Vanabell!

      Thanks for your positive comment, I try my best;-)

      I think that 1/2 scale for the house that you bought for your nephew, would mean half scale. and thus it means that the scale would be on 1/24 .

      Happy crafting!


  2. I loved your article, the content is very informative also.

     Have you been constructing miniatures long I have played around with close peen furniture which is very cool, but not as cool as these miniature cotages.

    I especially liked the travel trailer, and their website rocks their very affordable 

    Thank You So Much,

    Bill Wright   

    • Hi Bill,

      Thank you for your comment, this company is really great, isn’t it;-)

      I have been crafting miniatures on and of , ever since I was a teenager. But only in about the last 12 years I got more dedicated to them!

      Happy crafting!


  3. Hi, Lizzy I live in the UK & I can’t get a Greenleaf Doll house kit shipped to me. I have tried their website, Etsy, & other websites, but none of them will ship to the UK. I absolutely love the Garfield doll house kit, & I also like the Pierce Doll house kit, but even if I can find somewhere who will ship one of those kits to me, they are asking for over a £1200 for shipping, & nearly a £1000 for the Garfield doll house Kit. I have a Beacon Hill doll house & it is beautiful, but I have fell in love with the Garfield Doll house, & I wish I could get a kit that won’t cost me over £2200. I would be very grateful if you could give me any information on how I may purchase a kit, & I would love to buy a Garfield kit without costing me the earth. Thank you in advance, kind regards Nadine.

    • Hi Nadine!
      Wow, what a story! They are really trying to scamm you, aren’t they? Those shipping costs and prices are way to high!
      I have been thinking about this and maybe you can try to leave a message on my FB group is someone from eihter the UK has a spare one and wants to send it to you, or even ask the group if someone from America wants to buy it and ship it to you, for an extra fee.
      My selling and buying group is = Dollhouses and miniatures, selling and buying.

      I hope you can find someone who you can trust! (maybe come to an agreement, pay a smal deposit and the shipping costs, and pay the rest later).
      Still might get risky. But maybe you get lucky and find someone already in the UK?
      Good luck!


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