Pretty Lego From China: My First Miniature Lego House Review By JMBricklayer

Well, this time is not my review, but one from a young family member of mine ;-). A cute little Lego house called “Medieval Lighting Hotel” was gifted to me and then passed to my 14-year-old nephew, so I could see his opinion about this Lego from China, and it wasn’t that bad at all!

Quite on the contrary, although there are some negative sides and we will go over all of them in the article, so let’s dive straight into things!

PS: While I did receive this product as a gift from JMBricklayer, I am NOT paid by this company and neither will it influence my review/ does it need approval from JMBricklayer or any other review on my site! Just to be clear!

JMBricklayer added a very nice touch: one tile printed with the logo from my website!

But first, why would I be interested in Lego from China ?

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You can basically say that my site isn’t only meant for adults, but also for teenagers and younger kids, as they like to craft miniatures and miniature houses too! (of course Lizzy, pretty logical haha!) So why not dive into these ones from JMBricklayer?

JMBricklayer is a rising star that’s beginning to turn heads in the world of building blocks, and hailing from China, this brand has made quite an impression

Just don’t worry too much about thinking that this is an obscure brand – because it’s not (yes, my honest opinion!). With a keen focus on detail and a rich array of themes (it has lots of different miniature houses!), JMBricklayer is crafting its own legacy one block at a time.

The interior of the castle house

In my opinion, what makes JMBricklayer stand out is its dedication to reimagining the classic building block experience and the ‘Medieval Inn Building’ in this review is a testament to that.

Now, you might be thinking, ‘How does this newcomer stack up against a giant like LEGO?’ That’s what I’m going to dive into next. For some, it’s the familiarity and reliability of LEGO. For others, the fresh ingenuity of JMBricklayer might just be a door to a whole new kingdom of possibilities.

Brick by Brick: JMBricklayer vs. LEGO – A Comparative Analysis

I could be short here and say, according to my brother, there is hardly any difference between the two brands haha! 🙂 But I would like to add a few things.

When it comes to building blocks, LEGO has long been the king of the castle, renowned for its quality and innovation. But JMBricklayer, a newer entrant from China, is stepping up to challenge the throne. In my view, it’s essential to assess what sets these brands apart and whether JMBricklayer can truly stack up against the LEGO legacy.

Building experience of JMBricklayer.

One crucial factor is the building experience. With decades under its belt, LEGO has perfected the art of the click – that satisfying snap of bricks coming together.

But don’t count JMBricklayer out; their sets, including the ‘Medieval Inn Building’, offer a comparable tactile experience. My family has noticed the bricks fit snugly, a promising sign of the brand’s dedication to quality.

Only a few bricks left!

Quality differences?

Speaking of quality, let’s touch on the materials. LEGO’s ABS plastic has a legendary reputation for its resilience and longevity. So how does JMBricklayer fare? I’m impressed. The ABS used in their bricks feels robust, and color consistency is top-notch – an aspect any builder can appreciate.

Design and imagination?

Now, on the creative front, both brands strive to spark the imagination. LEGO has a vast range of themes and complexity levels. JMBricklayer, while newer, isn’t skimping on detail. Their ‘Medieval Inn’ set is a testament to their intricate designs, offering builders a rich storytelling canvas.

Let’s talk about prices.

Now, let’s talk money. LEGO isn’t known for being budget-friendly, but that’s where JMBricklayer has a potential edge. Their pricing strategy seems to focus on affordability without compromising quality. This approach resonates with me because it opens doors to builders operating on tighter budgets.

Brand perception is no small deal either. LEGO is a household name, synonymous with quality and creativity. JMBricklayer is building its reputation from the ground up. From what I can tell, they’re on the right track. Engaging social media presence and positive user feedback are creating a buzz around their name!

Building a Miniature Medieval Inn House: A Deep Dive Review into JMBricklayer’s bricks.

Right, let’s get some oversight first!

  • Product name: Medieval Lighting Hotel/Inn by JMBricklayer, a castle model. It has a number: 31103.
  • Places to buy: Amazon

  • For ages 14+ and up. (I’m pretty sure adults might enjoy this as well 😉 ). It takes about 4 to 5 hours to complete.

  • What’s included :

    – 2710 Building blocks, all arranged in 11 different bags, and some extra pieces

    – the medieval hotel consists of a dining room, a bedroom, a loft, an open-air chicken coop, and a gazebo with lots of furniture. It also has a small horse and carriage and a number of trees and flowers outside.

    Everything that can be opened in real size, like windows and doors and boxes can be opened.

    – equipped with LED light sets (batteries not included)

    – an English manual

In my video below, you can see my nephew working on this mini house and unpacking it! Sorry, it is not in English 🙂

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The Good.

  • Very easy-to-follow and detailed manual, don’t worry too much about being a building pro or a newbie
  • Beginners friendly
  • A beautiful design and an amazing result.
  • This brand has sturdy blocks and has great quality overall. Each tiny piece was in impeccable shape, ready to be part of your medieval creation.
  • Now for this, I’m not too sure, but I think it can be a collector’s item, and able to also customize it.
  • What about the completeness and condition upon arrival? Check and check. It was all there, no bricks left behind.

  • requires 3 AAA batteries for the lights which are not included and the manual doesn’t have some explanation about where and how to hang the little lights
  • When the little house is closed, you don’t see the interior. You can open it, but it is a bit of a fiddling process because the floors don’t open with hinges.
    It’s a little bit sad that the design doesn’t allow easy access to view the furniture inside.
  • My nephew said that adding the trees seemed like too much hassle, but maybe he was just tired of the project 😉

Check out the prices and details of this little house by JMBricklayer on Amazon.

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My Final Conclusion

While LEGO retains a deservedly mythic status in the world of building blocks, JMBricklayer’s emergence highlights an exciting shift.

Competition surely drives innovation, and I’m eager to see how these two brands continue to evolve and inspire builders of all ages.

That’s it for now, if I have any updates, I will surely refresh this article ASAP!

If you have any questions or comments about this Lego from China called JMBricklayer, please be sure to ask them down below in the comment section or join me on (one of) my social media channels below!

I wish you happy building!

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  1. Hey Lizzy,

    Lego was always a favourite of mine when I was a kid, and now that I am an engineer it still inspires me.

    My friends son Arthur is 7 years old and he loves lego too, so I am going to share this article with his Dad Paul and encourage him to look into this lego from China.

    If he has any questions or anything you can help him with I will encourage him to get in touch.

    Thank you for sharing and as always keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    • Hi Tom!
      Thanks so much for your interest and passing it on to your family! And sure, he can always get in touch
      All the best

  2. This lego set looks super cool, I may just have to try out a few of their different options! While building them is always fun it can be hard to justify the cost for a one time activity so JMBrickLayer may be a great option that appears to have the quality and experience to match LEGO without the hefty price tag. A company thinking about its users is always something I like to support and the customized piece with your logo was a very nice touch that shows they fit the bill here too.


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