Miniature Dolls House Communities: Where To Share Your Miniature Dollhouse Passion?

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned expert, you are not alone in your passion for miniature dollhouses. We’re about to embark on a tour around the best places to join miniature dolls house communities and to connect with fellow enthusiasts.

Share your mini marvels, and ask the burning questions you’ve been hiding in your tiny toolbox because it’s a passion, an art, and a delightfully tiny obsession.

So, whether you’re itching to show off your latest mini masterpiece or just want to chat about all things small, I will help you find different communities and explain some pros and cons!

1. Miniature Dollhouse Forums: The Heart of the Miniature Community

Why would we want to put dollhouse forums on number 1 to join a community?

Well, I have summarized several reasons for you:

  1. Focused on the Niche: Forums are typically dedicated to specific topics or niches, such as miniature dollhouses. This means you’re engaging with a highly targeted and passionate audience who shares your exact interests.

  2. Structured Conversations: Forums have organized threads and categories, making it easy to locate and participate in discussions that interest you. Conversations are threaded, which is especially beneficial for following and contributing to ongoing topics.
    On the other hand, Facebook group posts, as an example, can quickly get buried and become invisible.

  3. In-Depth Information: Forums encourage longer and more in-depth conversations. Enthusiasts can provide comprehensive answers to questions and share detailed tutorials or guides. Facebook posts and Pinterest pins are often shorter and less comprehensive.

  4. Anonymity and Privacy: Dollhouse Forums often allow for more anonymity and privacy, which can be appealing to those who want to share their passion without revealing their real identity. Facebook is for example tied to users’ real profiles.

  5. Archived Knowledge: Information shared on forums is archived and easily searchable. This means that even older discussions and valuable insights remain accessible. In contrast, it can be challenging to find specific content in the constantly changing feeds of Facebook groups.

For myself, on the other hand, I considered creating a forum on my website, but this sadly requires a monthly cost that I can’t afford, maybe some day!

The most popular dollhouse forums and platforms for discussing miniature dollhouses.

Here’s a little list of the most popular dollhouse forums that I could find or that I have joined myself, see you there maybe?

  1. Greenleaf Dollhouse Forum

    I have joined the Greenleaf dollhouse forum for a while now, but mostly I am just reading other people’s stories without participating myself.

    This forum has an incredible amount of tutorials and information for you, lots about how to assemble their dollhouse kits, how to paint the dollhouse, etc.

    It is really worth joining if you are looking for information on dollhouses and miniatures! And most of all, it is still active!

  2. Dollhouses Past and Present.

    A wonderful dollhouse forum from the UK. Some topics seem a little outdated, but other topics like the renovation of dollhouses still seem very much “alive”

    It also has a great “identification”-section that I really like, where you can ask the members if they can identify your dollhouse or miniatures or even dolls.

Other than these 2, I did find other dollhouse forums, but they seem abandoned.

2. Social Media Groups: A Large miniature community

While forums have their advantages, as we have seen before, social media groups and channels also have their pros for sure.

Let’s have a look at a few pros and cons of social media channels:

  1. Visual Appeal:
    Social media channels are much richer in pictures and videos, making it easier for members to showcase their miniature creations, because they can add them straight from their phones.
  1. Accessibility and Mobile-Friendly:
    Social media is accessible through mobile apps, making it convenient for members to stay connected on the go. This accessibility encourages more frequent and spontaneous interactions.

  2. Instant Interaction:
    Social media groups facilitate real-time discussions, quick responses, and immediate engagement. Members can share updates, ask questions, and receive feedback almost instantly and usually don’t need to login to their social media page anymore.

  3. Global Reach:
    These groups transcend geographical boundaries, allowing enthusiasts from around the world to connect and exchange ideas, even in other languages than English.

  4. The advantage of Facebook groups is that they can feature specialized subgroups within the same community, allowing enthusiasts to join specific discussions tailored to their interests, such as fairy gardens or miniature tutorials.

There are multiple social media channels everywhere on dollhouses and miniatures!

There are so many social media communities on dollhouses and miniatures, including on Instagram and Pinterest, that I’d rather stick to a number of Facebook groups, simply because these are the most active and discuss a number of topics in the mini world.

Instead of Instagram, which is rather for personal artists to admire, and Pinterest, which is great for visuals and ideas, but people don’t talk much on Pinterest, I have found out on my own Pinterest channel 😉

Let’s get to the point and share some very interesting Facebook groups on particular dollhouse and miniature topics, starting with my own!:

3. Dollhouse Clubs and Miniature exhibitions

I know that the Netherlands and the UK have quite some dollhouse clubs and yearly exhibitions, but I am not really aware of any in the US.

After researching this, I did find this website, where you can see all the dollhouse clubs per state.

Joining dollhouse clubs and participating in events offer several advantages:

  1. Community Connection: Clubs provide a sense of belonging and connect you with like-minded individuals who share your passion for miniatures and probably find new friends or partnerships!

  2. Learning and Skill Development: You can expand your knowledge and skills through workshops, tutorials, and interactions with experienced members. And get support for troubleshooting problems.

  3. Access to Resources: Always wanted to try out certain crafting tools, but not sure if you need them? In most dollhouse clubs, you can try these out in workshops!

  4. Inspiration and Ideas: Engaging with other enthusiasts and viewing their work can spark new ideas and inspire your future projects.

4. YouTube Channels: Visual Tutorials and Showcases

Miniature dollhouse YouTube channels are like tiny portals to a world of creativity and imagination. What makes them so much fun is the sheer joy of watching these miniature masterpieces come to life.

It’s like embarking on a tiny adventure with each click. You can pick up tips and tricks from experienced creators, marvel at their attention to detail, and get lost in the magic of watching entire miniature worlds unfold before your eyes.

And the best part? You can create your own, share your journey, and be a part of this delightful miniature community, all while having an absolute blast and detailed tutorials!

Join the YouTube influencers and subscribe to their channels!

Besides my own YouTube channel (kidding, I’m far from good), there are a lot of miniature influencers on YouTube that amaze me every time they upload a new video tutorial!

So let’s just go straight ahead and show these channels!

  • 1. Julie Twydell Miniatures

I have recently discovered Julie Twydell’s miniature channel and although she is not among the biggest dollhouse influencers yet on YouTube, I love her video tutorials and especially her short projects.

Take a closer look at her mini hobbit house!

  • 2. Miniature creator

This miniature creator only uses popsicle sticks to craft mini projects, but wow the imagination and what this person can do with these sticks is absolutely amazing!


There are not so many videos available on this channel, but I love to watch how this creator cuts out cardboard and more to create breathtaking dollhouses in Disney theme, like this Haunted mansion:

  • 4. Bentley House Minnis

I am lacking words to express how I love this dollhouse maker, especially the Adams family haunted house, on which she worked 11 years!

  • 5: Easy DIY Miniatures

If you are looking for easy DIY mini projects, this channel is the place to be with hundreds of ideas! (I don’t know how she finds the ideas it haha)

  • 6. My own YouTube channel

While I don’t claim to be an expert or influencer on YouTube at all, I did want to mention my own channel of course:-)

It is a mix of short videos of the process of something on working on or bought, my tutorials on making something with everyday materials like popsicle sticks or showing the process of assembling or kitbashing my DIY dollhouse kits.

I haven’t produced much lately, but I am picking things back up again. Sometimes I get involved on social media about my mini projects with matchsticks, oeps! (disclaimer, they don’t set on fire no 🙂 )

Most of these channels have a miniature community section where you can also leave a question or proposal or just too chat, well at the least you can on mine 😉

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My Final Conclusion

I hope that you enjoyed this article on where to join a miniature dolls house community, online or not, and I hope you find your cozy place to chat about all this lovely miniature art!

Don’t forget to join my social media channels as well and if you have any more questions, please feel free to leave a comment down below in the comment section!

I wish you happy crafting!

Kind regards,


4 thoughts on “Miniature Dolls House Communities: Where To Share Your Miniature Dollhouse Passion?”

  1. Hi Lizzy!

    Your dollhouse info is really thorough and so helpful for people who want to share their work. Personally, my favorite social media is Pinterest like you mentioned. Some of the work you’ve listed is so creative! Like the elaborate way you can make things out of popscicle sticks. And then, the lady you have posted above who worked on the Addams family house for 11 years, that is the coolest thing ever! I love spooky stuff and it’s Halloween today so I really loved seeing that. Same with the Disney Haunted Mansion. That was always my favorite ride.

    Thanks so much for sharing, you’re tempting my artist fingers to take up yet another hobby 😀


  2. I like the idea of using YouTube to showcase your miniature doll house creations. I think more and more people would much rather watch a video than read and talk about their hobbies. Not stating that people don’t enjoy that too. However, in my 14 years of business I have noticed that I enjoy videos so much more than creating blog post.

    I’m really an entrepreneur at heart and honestly believe what you love doing and making a business out of it is an unstoppable pair that will 100% bring success.

    Have you ever considered selling you’re creations on Etsy or eBay?

    • Hi dude!
      I am rather like you indeed, I create my own Youtube tutorials, but also love to watch others DIY miniature projects! There’s something about watching these tutorials that is so calming to watch and I learn something better then just reading a text.
      That being said, sometimes it is handy though to see a DIY dollhouse plan, for example, in writing. To have a visual better look at measurments and such or how something is constructed, luckily there is tons of information everywhere for both 🙂

      I did consider selling, but I just don’t think I’m good enough, or some of my projects are so cute that I just want to keep them myself haha, but thanks for the compliments!


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