Another Fantastic Dollhouse Miniature Professional – Kammys Creations

Have you noticed “Kammy’s Creations”? No? Well, this is where I step up and show you the beautiful creations of yet another fantastic dollhouse miniature professional!

There’s not much else to say as an introduction, so let’s just dive right into things!

Who is “Kammys Creations”?

“Quote Kammy Hill”:

Kammy Duran Hill from “Kammy’s Creations” loved miniature things as far back as a little girl.

Her favorite childhood cartoons were Alice in Wonderland and Charlie and the Chocolate factory.

She began making little shoebox fairy houses after her younger sister unexpectedly passed away in 2012; she was only 40 and had 5 boys.

The fairy dwellings were a place where her sister would live and be happy and safe in her imagination.

After this she progressed to hand-build more elaborate houses, making a tree trunk fairy house that she called Enchanted Bunny Hollow.

Kammy has an English Cottage, a few modern kitchen Roomboxes, a modern Tuscan Patio, an old farmhouse, teacup scenes, etc. (you can see all the different miniature items below).

She says that she is obsessed with miniatures (aren’t we all haha?), they make her happy in such a dark world, where she can escape into a fantasy world in her imagination.

She has been featured in several miniature magazines and even has been on the cover of one of those, Γ nd published in a Fairy book!

Which dollhouse miniatures does she create and sell?

Well, that’s a question not easily answered, because she sells 452 different dollhouse miniatures, at this moment. Reason enough to have written a blog post on her work πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I will try and create a list of all the different miniatures, with a little bit of explanation:

Starting with something quite unique in the miniature dollhouse world:

Miniature windows with a stained glass look.

The materials used for these are acrylic and metal. They exist in different patterns and colors and of course, are handmade.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves. (there’s lots more to choose from!)

Miniature Mirrors

I think these small mirrors have a quite unique look as well, so creative!

There’s an abundance of choice, as the store has 3 full pages of dollhouse mirrors.

The materials used for these mirrors could be wood and faux mirror, and most of the time you can even select a color for particular projects and frames.

Different sizes of mirrors are available and even different styles: there’s Moroccan Moorish style, Cathedral style decorative window mirrors, and more!

Dollhouse miniature tables

Coffee tables, dining tables, entry tables.. Like about any type of table that you can imagine.

Lots of these miniature tables seem to have (stained) glasswork with wood, but also completely wooden ones.

There are also tables with wooden legs and tile on top. Most of the mini tables are beautifully decorated. Check them out!

All kinds of miniature wall decorations.

Kammy’s store sells all kinds of wall decorations like wall clocks, dollhouse picture frames, special shelves in the form of little houses, etc.

There is so much that it is impossible to mention everything in my blog post, so you will just have to check them out πŸ˜‰

Miniature dollhouse beds/ bed frames and bed ornates!

There is the cutest little miniature crib in her store, but also a miniature cat bed! Have you seen these, so cute!

You mustn’t forget to have a look at the wooden decorative etched double headboards and ornates either!

Miniature accessories

She also created tons of miniature accessories: miniature lamps, jars, perfume bottles, perfume dispensers, and more..

Again, please go check out her store πŸ˜‰

Some Customer reviews on Kammys Creations

Some customer reviews and details on shipping, packaging, etc..

5 star reviews
  • Overall, Kammy’s store has a score of 5-stars. This means that the average review rating is 4,8 or higher.

  • She has a good history on fast shipping which includes tracking. All 112 reviews mentioning shipping look great with all 5-star reviews!

  • I can see about 78 customer service reviews and they all look great to me! Just one person gave 4 stars, but that was a misunderstanding, I believe.

  • There are about 150 reviews that include the quality of the items from this store, at the date of writing this post, and I don’t see any issues there either. As far as I can tell, these are all 5-star reviews on the quality!

  • One little downside could be for you that returns and exchanges are not accepted, but you can defenitely contact Kammy if you have any issues!

Some screenshots of reviews, the names are blured for privacy!

How to contact Kammys Creations?

You can contact this dollhouse miniature artist in several ways:

This blog post contains images and affiliate links from Etsy/Awin

My Final Conclusion

I hope that you enjoyed this little blog post on one of my favorite miniaturists on Etsy: Kammy’s Creations.

If you have any more questions about this artist, please feel free to ask them below or join me on one of my social media channels or Facebook group.

I wish you happy collecting of miniatures and happy crafting!

Kind regards,


PS, there are several other miniature artists on my website, go check out Tyleen Barker, for example πŸ˜‰

4 thoughts on “Another Fantastic Dollhouse Miniature Professional – Kammys Creations”

  1. It is so amazing how you can take so many little parts and turn them into a work of art, I know this is a hobby for many people. Adults as well as children. I believe the miniature doll houses are pretty. I am sure that your readers will find these houses to be unique and amazing. It’s like building a mini model building.

  2. This seems like an extremely addicting hobby to have. I love how intricate everything is down to the smallest detail. And her story about why she started making the houses is sad but inspiring. You were very informative, as I had never heard of Kammys Creations and the pictures were very nice. Which would you say is your favorite of her works?

    • Hi Spencer!

      Yes, her story is very inspiring, this is why I always try to reach out to the artist before writing a blog post. The stories behind their work lots of times are quite sad or otherwise just the opposite. And that’s what makes it “real” , do you know what I mean?

      I have met many people in the miniature world that have a story like that and it amazes me every time how comforting this hobby and art form is. You can “escape” the reality of the real size world, it is saving people’s minds, bodies and souls.

      I just love her miniature painted glass work ,it is quite unique and I don’t that I have seen those elsewhere πŸ˜‰

      Thank you for your nice comment!

      Kind regards,



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