9 Different Ways To Display Your Miniature Dollhouse Collections, Dollhouses, And Dollhouse Kits!

When it comes to showcasing your wonderful dollhouse creations, the right display can make all the difference. Displaying your miniature dollhouse collections is not just about finding a space for your items; it’s a careful dance of aesthetics, protection, and space management.

You can always adjust your approach down the road, but starting with the right ideas sets the stage for a collection that delights and inspires.

Stay tuned to discover the ins and outs of showcasing your DIY dollhouse kits, homemade dollhouses, and miniatures with the finesse they deserve.

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DIY Display Mastery: How to Showcase DIY Dollhouse Kits and miniatures in Glass Cases?

If you’re a miniature kits enthusiast ( I am constantly creating these, it is an obsession lol), you understand the joy of completing a DIY dollhouse kit. The meticulous detail of Robotime and Cutebee kits deserves to be seen, not tucked away.

For this, plexiglass cases can play a pivotal role, to not only keep your mini marvels dust-free, but they also add an extra layer of sophistication to your display.

A glass case can be simply a cover or an enclosure with shelves, depending on the size and number of pieces in your collection.

A simple dust cover for one kit:

Selection depends on whether you’re showcasing a single masterpiece or a series of tiny abodes.

Plannig to create multiple DIY kits? Showcase them in a larger vitrine cabinet:

First, consider the layout of your room and the available lighting. A well-lit display in the right spot can turn a miniature into a focal point.

Next, think about the backdrop. Velvety linings in deep colors can make lighter-colored miniatures pop, while lighter linings enhance darker pieces.

Now, for the DIY’ers, creating your own glass case might just be an exciting weekend project. With some clear acrylic sheets, wooden frames, and a bit of hardware, you can build Custom glass display cases.

This gives you full control over dimensions, design, and the pride that comes with a self-made showcase, as seen in the video below by Pop Culture Living room:

Remember, this isn’t just about protection; it’s about presentation.

7 More Creative ways to showcase your dollhouses and miniatures:

1. Use a dollhouse turntable for your dollhouse.

Another fantastic way to display a complete dollhouse is by placing it dollhouse on a turntable, which allows viewers to explore the specific details from all angles with just a simple spin.

Now again, you can always purchase a regular, large enough and sturdy turntable, known as a “Lazy Suzan”, but I have also explained before how to create your own larger dollhouse turntable, the choice is yours!

2. Create a dollhouse from a bookcase.

Another way to showcase your dollhouse miniature collections is by creating a dollhouse bookcase and just organizing all your miniatures in it!

Preferably in the same style, of course, and most likely it will be a modern-style dollhouse or even a Barbie style dollhouse, because: why not?


3. Just place your small dollhouse or dollhouse kits in your bookcase and cover the front.

You could either cover your entire dollhouse with a plastic shower curtain, attached with velcro, or place your small dollhouse in a bookcase and cover it with a (see-through) plastic sheet against the dust.

shower curtain to cover dollhouse


4. Showcasing book nooks is easy!

The thing with book nooks is that you always have room to showcase them if you have a bookcase actually filled with books!

While yes, the dust can still enter the book nooks, but these days, there are book nooks that include a plastic see-through front, like the latest book nooks from Cutebee.

A well-placed book nook, nestled among your hardcovers and paperbacks, can take your guests on a visual detour into the magical world you’ve crafted.

5. A special way to showcase miniatures is creating fairy gardens.

Fairy gardens are something totally different than dollhouses or dollhouse kits and also require a different way, evidently, of showcasing the miniatures and fairy houses.

You could just place your fairy houses and fairy miniatures on the ground in your garden, as you can see in my video below, or you can create fairy gardens in containers.

As for containers, you can place your fairies and fairy accessories in broken plant pots, a wheelbarrow, an old metal washing bin, or even a bathtub, and more.

Create A Fairy Garden 404

6. Put your miniatures in a picture frame and hang it on the wall.

If you don’t have any spare room to place any dollhouse or miniatures, why not create mini scenes in a picture frame and hang them on the wall to showcase them?

7. Place your dollhouse furniture and accessories in a cabinet.

And last, but not least, you can showcase all of your dollhouse items in a cabinet!

This used to be very trendy in the Netherlands with the famous dollhouses in a cabinet, in the 17th century.

Petronella Oortman’s Dollhouse (1686), for example, is now housed in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and is called a cabinet dollhouse.


The cabinets were often ornately decorated with marquetry (inlaid wood), carvings, and brass fittings.

Wealthy Dutch families commissioned these dollhouses not just for children’s play, but also as a way to display their social status and possessions.

Why not find yourself a (vintage) cabinet with glass doors and do the same?

My Final Conclusion

I hope that I could provide you with enough ideas on how to display your miniature dollhouse collections, and if you have any more questions, please feel free to leave them down below in the comment section!

You can also join my social media channels below if you like, especially all my Youtube tutorials where I show you tons of projects to create miniatures from waste or everyday household items!

I wish you happy crafting!

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