Top Unique Miniatures For Dollhouse Collectors And Enthusiasts.

Aren’t you often amazed by unique miniatures from dollhouse collectors, when reading a dollhouse magazine or just scrolling on social media?

With my blog post of today, I am taking you on another tour of the most unique dollhouse miniatures in the world, buckle up!

Unique and handmade miniatures from around the world for collectors – a list!

Today, I am taking you on a world tour and it is going to take some time to show you my favorite miniature projects that you might not have heard about yet, as not all dollhouse collections appear in the US. (not to say that there aren’t any nice ones in the US, far from it 😉 ! )

Whether it’s shabby chic furniture, a Victorian-era grand piano, or even a miniaturized set of Harry Potter book nooks, each piece carries its own charm.

Online marketplaces such as Etsy or eBay are treasure troves where you can connect with creators from across the globe, ensuring a diverse and unique collection.

In this, we are talking about serious pieces of miniature art, and we’ll start of with Italy.

Don’t worry too much about finding artists who can ship to your location. Today’s collectors can access world-class talent from all corners of the globe!

1. Mariangela Gagliardi from Cosediunaltromondo.

Kicking off with an artist from Italy, Milano is Mariangela, who you can also check out on Instagram here.

Mariangela Gagliardi, the esteemed professional miniaturist from Cosediunaltromondo, has a captivating and handmade collection of dollhouse accessories accessories and realistic miniature food.

Each meticulously crafted piece, handmade without molds and scaled to 1:12, showcases Gagliardi’s unwavering attention to detail, capturing the essence of realism.

Featured prominently in esteemed collectors’ publications and treasured in private collections worldwide, Gagliardi’s creations stand as a testament to her unparalleled artistry and commitment to the craft. Let’s check out her work!

From miniature real-looking food:

To dollhouse accessories, pretty dolls and dresses, toys and animals and more, (there is so much to talk about!).

But what I also definitely like is the dollhouse furniture;

What I am impressed about for example is this French Louis XV secretary desk Bureau with a walnut finish

Or how about this cute little white miniature crib?!

Check out these miniature collector’s items here.

2. Letrang Sao from Vietnam.

Did you know that the ‘Far East’ also has a great territory where lots of amazing miniaturists sprout? If you ever scroll around on Instagram, you will notice that you find one of the others where you just push that ‘follow’ button instantly haha!

Letrang Sao from Vietnam is to me one of those intriguing high-end miniatures that deserve a place for sure on my website!

She creates 1:12 dollhouse furniture as well as 1:6 dollhouse furniture and also musical instruments. I can resume these as classy, stylish, and immensely professional work!

I’m running out of words now, so I will just let the next pictures do the explanation 😉

More miniature musical instruments!

Other than these, there are a number of intriguing dollhouse furniture pieces like chairs and tables, and more!

Check out this high-end miniature creator here.

3. MiniCrafts by Aga

Let’s travel to Poland this time, with these magnificent dollhouses and dollhouse furniture, mostly in pastel colors. For lots of these, you could consider that resembles the Shabby Chic style.

Most of the dollhouses are made in cottage-style , and have the sweetest look. The little houses are decorated both inside and outside and include tons of furniture, and are on a scale of 1:12, which is the standard scale in the dollhouse world.

So you would have no problems with also using and finding other dollhouse accessories if you would like to.

Check out this dollhouse collection items here.

4. English Genuine Art and Craft by ShabChippyMiniWorld

Heading over to France, we have another rare and unique collection of the finest miniatures.

The pieces of art are all handmade and mostly in the ShabbyChic style. I am always totally amazed when I see they have new things and how they upcycle dollhouse furniture, making something gorgeous out of something old.

Check out the prices and details here of these unique miniatures!

My Final Conclusion

I hope that you liked these unique miniatures for dollhouse collectors. While of course, there are lots more and I will talk about those a lot more as well in the future, these are just breathtaking, in my opinion. How about you?

If you have anything to share or ask me, please leave a comment down below in the comment section or join me on my social media channels below 😉

I wish you happy crafting!

Kind regards,


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  1. Hi Lizzy,

    My niece is going to love this article, especially the pictures you have shared.

    She has so many dolls and dollshouses, that she is going to have to get rid of some as they can’t all fit in her room 🙂

    I will share this article with her and her parents and encourage them to read through your others and comment.

    If they see my comments then hopefully they will follow suit.

    Keep up the amazing work.

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  2. These unique miniatures from dollhouse collectors around the world are truly remarkable. I am impressed by their pride in workmanship which is evident in their detailed design and work. I look forward to viewing more samples by going to eBay and Etsy. Thanks for your informative article.


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