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I don’t know about you, but I tend to find the easiest way to create miniatures is to follow allong video tutorials for making dollhouse miniatures.

There’s something that I don’t like about learning from manuals, for example. I know that in detail, following a manual to the letter is the best thing to do in not just the small world, but for me personally, that is always the last thing that I tend to check out, according to my husband as well hahaha! “check out the manual girl before you ask me!” 🙂

So yes, I do prefer video tutorials for making dollhouse miniatures, and if you are like me, you will enjoy this article full of sources for video miniature tutorials and actual videos, my personal top list!

It would be silly not to start with the first one, my own video tutorials 😉

1. Everything Very Small: My YouTube Channel

So, I hope that you already have seen my own YouTube channel. But if I can be so arrogant: have you even subscribed and liked the HELL out of it? Hahahaa!

No? What are you waiting for then lol!

Let me describe the “intent” of my channel.

What I try to do with my miniature tutorials, is create all types of miniatures from scratch, and from everyday materials or even trash.

This includes dollhouse furniture, dollhouse accessories, mini flowers, and more. But also, I sometimes take you through DIY dollhouse kits. From unpacking/unboxing videos to showing you how I work on them and even explaining the manuals from Robotime/Rolife.

Sometimes I even create very long types of “tutorial” videos on these kits, but most of the time I just show them off.

cutebee dollhouse review

But, so most of my videos are shorter, but efficient and easy dollhouse miniature tutorials, step by step. And if you still have any questions, you can just ask below the videos 😉

Most materials that I use are popsicle sticks (learn how to cut those sticks here), skewer sticks, thick paper (papercraft), cardboard, matches and matchboxes, sometimes polymer clay, and more.

Especially the matches sometimes raise some discussion, but I haven’t set my house on fire yet hahaha!

So, if you are looking for large and complicated dollhouse structures or miniatures, my YouTube channel is NOT the place to be (although I am personally working on a large treehouse dollhouse and I will be explaining more about this in a final video), it is intended as a channel for beginners in the miniature world and to set you on your way in our mini world!

2. The Miniature Town

Heading towards my personal preferences in the miniature video tutorials, “The Miniature Town”- YouTube channel is allong my favorites.

If you’re like me and like to create even miniature accessories like tiny bottles and such yourself, this video channel is ideal.

It is a mix of short and longer tutorials and you can find any mini-accessories, but I don’t think I have seen dollhouse furniture on this channel.

Anyway, you can decorate a complete dollhouse I think with these tutorials haha!

2 adorable examples are these tiny flip-flops and the DIY Miniature Starbucks Frappuccino:

3. Rina Vellichor

Moving on to the next channel, we can now say that things are getting a bit more complicated or more detailed, but still very doable for beginners (with a little bit more persistence maybe haha).

Check the video tutorials for making dollhouse miniatures by Rina Vellichor here.

Rina creates a lot of miniature accessories with polymer clay, which can be a somewhat higher level for some people, but don’t let that discourage you, we all had to start somewhere!

Also, if someone can take you through a how-to-do something step by step, you would be surprised at how much easier things get, instead of figuring things out by yourself! So by oh means, give it a try!

As you can see, the process of for example making this miniature cake, can take a bit longer, and also more detailed and requires a steady hand and lots of patience, layer per layer 😉

But what a result!

If you want to be swept away and totally amazed, then check out this mini pigeon bird made from polymer clay, I can watch it from start to end!

4. Sugarcharmshop

Do you want to see the cutest and tiny minis ever? Make sure to check out Sugarcharmshop’s video tutorials 😉

From creating miniature dioramas-in-a-wallnut tutorials (like in my tutorial that explains how you can use outdoor materials for miniatures) to creating a matchbox dollhouse, dollhouses in a tin, elegant dollhouse furniture, amazing doll clothes, miniature accessories and so much more.

There are over 400 videos for you to enjoy for the longest time!

Here’s the walnut house:

And here’s the matchbox dollhouse:


5. Where The Gnomes Live

What I love about the “Where the Gnomes Live” channel, is the way the tutorials are made: she walks us through how to make things step by step by using her own voice, and it is so soothing to watch and listen to 🙂

Of course, she also has the most fantastic DIY dollhouse tutorials, what I like the most is all the “natural” minis and fantasy minis like (hollow) trees those hollow logs made from paper clay below, wow!), the mini dollhouse crystals, the paper clay acorn house (wow again!), and more.

And also, don’t forget the Gnomes!

Totally my genre of minis! And she makes it seem so easy, but my guess is that it’s not 🙂

Don’t forget to subscribe to the channels you like and be sure to give them a “thumbs up” for support, thanks!

Looking for very expanded dollhouse miniature tutorials from professionals and very affordable and into detail? Check out my tutorial reviews from Domestika courses!

My Final Conclusion

I hope you find these video tutorials for making dollhouse miniatures interesting, and if you like to share your favorites, you can do this in the comment section below or share them on my social media channels like my Facebook groups!

I wish you happy crafting!

Kind regards,


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