I Got A Miniature Making Course On Domestika: An Online Tutorial On Making Dollhouse Furniture!

I am totally IN-LOVE with the miniature-making courses from Domestika classes, and I can’t help but be addicted. No, there is no cure! 🙂

Especially when the miniature courses have English audio, have the topic of miniature furnishing, ànd this time include a teacher that I admire: Chelsea Andersson.

What else can I say? I can’t wait to tell you all about it, so let’s go!

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Updated 07/12/23

But First: Who Is Chelsea Andersonn with her miniature making class?

You don’t know Chelsea Andersson, from “Chelseamakes“? Shame on you! (kidding).

But seriously though, unless you have been hiding from anything in miniature size (I can’t imagine that), surely you must have heard about “Making it“?

Shhht, it’s on TV. In the USA. On NBC. (why am I so cheeky today, Lizzy?)

Well, I’m sorry, I get a little bit like this when I am overly excited about something, ha! #sorrynotsorry.

Anyway, where were we..

So, you might know Chelsea Andersson from this crafting show called “Making it”, and she has been creating some fantastic miniatures in that show!

And I hope that you can watch it again if you missed it.

A little list of where you can find her channels:

I hope I didn’t miss anything?

Oh yes, I did, of course, and a quite important one:

Not only are these miniatures pretty (mostly modern), but Chelsea creates handmade and sustainable miniature furnishings and dollhouses while using modern techniques.

Chelsea Andersson was a full-time landscape architect until recently.

And while she was studying this, she also wanted to learn how to create furniture (also while using laser-cutting machinery), and actually fell in love with furniture design.

Because she didn’t have enough room in her apartment, she picked up making miniature furniture again, as she did in her youth.

During time, she created a line of miniature furniture, made from maple plywood, called “Simple Kids“, and they are formaldehyde-free.

@Simple Kids Miniature Furniture

The part where she explained in her introduction video how her hamster became a muse for her miniature scenes was so cute!

Chelsea is now a full-time miniaturist and left her job as a landscape architect.

In these Domestika classes, Chelsea will teach you how to build charming furniture and home accessories from scratch!

Check out the 6 best DIY miniature courses here.

Which Materials Do You Need For This Domestika miniature making course?

You don’t need fancy equipment for these classes and you can just go around your house to find recyclable trash and scraps.

But furthermore, you need lots more things, which are not even all on this list, so I would suggest following these classes step by step for the furniture and then go on gathering other materials for the rug, miniature plants, etc..:

So what you need, but not limited to:

  • a craft knife (and spare blades)
  • a hacksaw or jewelry saw
  • different kinds of scissors (miniature scissors, fabric scissors, etc.)
  • glue (fabric glue for the fabrics or fast grab tacky glue, wood glue, super glue)
  • (craft ) paper for the mini plants, graph paper for the sketching
  • all kinds of fabrics
  • sanding sponges/sandpaper
  • a large cutting mat
  • wire cutters
  • a flat and clean environment
  • a ruler (metal) and metal square
  • optional: a Dremel tool
  • dowels
  • binder clips
  • coffee sticks
  • good lighting
  • mod podge

For the chair: ⅛” basswood sheets,  ⅛” wood dowels,  Faux leather, or “wax fabric”

And more, for the rug, accessories, etc..

What Will You Learn In This Domestika Dollhouse making course?

The course will teach you how to design and build a full miniature 12-scale living room, but also:

  • an explanation of all of Chelsea’s influences like: “The Fantastic Mr. Fox” by Wes Anderson and magazines like “Dwell”, and other artists working with real-size furniture.

  • Technique foundations: building the miniature furniture as shown in the picture below; get your inspirations, create mockups, and then build them from scratch.

  • Help you to decide what scale you are going to work with: 1:12 scale, 1:6 scale, and 1:24 scale, so the most common dollhouse scales. And some explanation on how to calculate the scales.

  • She explains some fiber and fabric techniques and shows you a wide range of choices in fabrics, but will also teach you how to look at them from a miniature perspective.

    Because how the fabric looks, will also define what your miniature piece will look like on a certain scale.

    In the course, she will also teach you what to fill the fabric with.

  • The Foundations of working with wood. In this course, wood will be used to create the couch and the chair.

    Chelsea will teach you a lot more about balsa wood and basswood and which one is best to use.

    If you do have a laser cutter machine, it would be better to use something like plywood.

  • Workspace preparation and the materials used.

    In this course, Chelsea will show you the materials used during the classes, and not much is needed:

    Things like an x-Acto knife (aka a craft knife), a hacksaw, sanding sponges or sanding paper, a Dremel, and other basic materials, as shown above, are basically sufficient for this project.

  • Another thing that you will be learning in this course is how to stain your miniature furniture and what paint to use. (hint: acrylic paint works fine or you could use spray paint).

    If you prefer to keep your miniature furniture in a natural look, Chelsea will teach you how to do that as well.

@Chelsea Andersson Miniature Furniture On Etsy

  • Yes, another technique foundation to learn in this course! Paper techniques!

    One of the things that you will learn in this course is how to use paper techniques to create little miniature plants and other accessories.

  • Gather inspiration and how to make some sketches.

    In this part, Chelsea explains where to find inspiration. (hint: social media is a big part of this).

    She also explains to you how to make a sketch on a piece of graph paper and how to experiment with color.

  • At the end of the course, Chelsea also talks a little about additional tools that you could purchase if you decide to dive deeper into the miniature world, like a Cricut machine, a 3D printer, or a laser cutter.

    Also, she will dive a little deeper into the displaying of your miniatures.

  • Of course, she will also walk you all the way through how to create all the miniature furniture and pieces, but I have kept that for the next paragraph below, to have a little better oversight:

Which Miniatures furnitures Will You Create In These Domestika Classes?

So, besides all of the above classes, Chelsea will guide you through the process of making a large list of miniature items:

  • 2 Chairs, a small and a larger one
  • A rug
  • 2 paper plants
  • a table
  • 2 couches
  • how to repurpose objects to create miniature accessories

So that is a total of 9 videos and they are really thorough!

A Review Of This Domestika Miniature Making Class By Chelsea Andersson.

The Good.

  • English Audio

  • This is a very expanded tutorial, that explains a lot of topics from the miniature world covered: furniture, plants, and a rug

  • I love how you can really create your first miniature living room, furniture ànd accessories, everything included. This is really an ideal course for beginners!

  • I could understand the teacher very well, I never had to go back to listen again to what she said, unless of course, I missed a step lol

The Bad.

  • Quite hard to find any negative points, as I enjoyed these courses very much and all the reviews so far of others have been positive 100% as well.

  • Is “too affordable” (when on sale, so hurry!) for this expanded course a “negative” point, maybe? Probably not for you haha!

    When it’s not on sale, then maybe just a small point of critique: can be a high-end price.


Also Included In This miniature making class is:

  • a printable PDF template for every piece of furniture (you can modify it any way that you like), done in Adobe Illustrator

  • An SVG file if you would like to make the furniture with your laser cutting machine.

  • A wire gauge chart

  • Printable graph paper

  • An SVG file for the plants as well as the books

  • SVG files if you have a laser cutter

  • a template on how to make your own miniature books

My Final Conclusion

I hope that I have been able to completely inform you about these Domestika classes from Chelsea Andersson on making miniature furniture.

But if you have any more questions, please feel free to ask them below in the comment section or join me on my social media platforms or on my cozy Facebook group.

I wish you happy crafting!

Kind regards,


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  1. Thank you very much for this valuable detailed post about Miniature Furnishing. Actually, I have never made such designs. But when I read this, I felt the same way. Especially in her course, everything is taught in a way that is understandable. And you can create designs very easily. I will definitely try it. Keep posting like this. I definitely share this.

    • Hi Pasindu

      Thanks so much for the compliment as usual!

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  2. I have had to watch several youtube videos on miniature furniture. I have always wanted to do it myself, although i have followed some videos and have been able to produce some but i feel they do not give me the taste I want to see in miniature structures. I believe following Chealsea with her course will make a lot of difference for me. Thank for introducing this course

    • Hi Parameter,

      You are very welcome and I hope you will enjoy this course from Chelsea!

      I wish you happy crafting!

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