Where To Find DIY Barbie Doll House Plans To Build Barbie’s Dream Home?

In the series of doll house plans, today we will be diving into the world of Barbie doll house plans and it will be the first time that I will be actually talking about Barbie.

The reason I haven’t talked about Barbie yet is because I prefer to mostly focus on handcrafted or original brands, rather than over-popular and plastic brands like Barbie (sorry that’s just my opinion).

But in this case, building a Barbie dollhouse from scratch seems like a fun DIY project as well, just like making your own Barbie clothes or other dolls’ clothes, so that got my attention indeed 😉

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Update 21/01/24

What are the typical charasterics of a Barbie dollhouse?

Let’s talk a bit about the design of a Barbie dollhouse first, as to get an idea of what you should consider when constructing such a house and what kind of Barbie doll house plans to look for.

1. The typical scale of a Barbie doll house.

Barbies have the largest scale in the dollhouse world, which is 1:6, as opposed to the smallest scales.

Barbie dolls are approximately 11.5 inches tall and the houses should be spacious enough to allow easy maneuverability and interaction between the dolls, with rooms and furniture designed to fit their scale.

So, a Barbie dollhouse should be larger than a 1:12 scale dollhouse, or the Barbie dolls are way too small and theirs a large difference there!

To calculate any dollhouse scale from one to another, you can also use my scale convertor.

Convert any measurement in a known scale into another known scale.

Convert in scale

to in scale

2. Barbie doll houses have multiple rooms.

Take into account that these houses from Barbie have multiple rooms and can include a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, dining room, and even spaces like a home office or a pool area.

3. Barbie houses have colorful and vibrant looks.

Bright pink and pastels create a playful and colorful atmosphere, with colorful wallpaper and flooring, and furnishing.

4. Fashionable and stylish furniture.

From chic couches and elegant dining sets to glamorous beds and trendy accessories, the miniature furniture is designed to reflect Barbie’s sophisticated taste and lifestyle.

5. Barbie houses can have functional accessories.

Barbie doll houses often have functional accessories to add a sense of reality and playability.
Features like movable elevators, working doors and windows, and others ad to imaginative storytelling and role-playing.

6. Versatility and Expansion and customizable.

Some Barbie doll houses are designed in such a way that you can expand them, allowing users to add additional rooms or accessories over time.

This feature enables collectors and enthusiasts to continually grow and evolve their dollhouse setup, and even create quite large doll houses over time!

Where Can I Find Barbie House Blueprints and DIY Barbie doll house plans?

As always, dollhouse plans are found on several platforms and that is the case even more for Barbie because it is a famous brand.

So let’s just dive straight into things!

1. Always the first place to look: Pinterest!

While I have my own Facebook group of 5000 members and there are many more FB groups out there on dollhouses, I have never found actual DIY plans over there.

But Pinterest (surprisingly?) never lets me down to find anything dollhouse related! And neither did it this time, a few Pinterest Pins that I could find on Barbie doll house plans in about 5 minutes only:

  • Stansplans
    Following the link of this Pin takes you to a detailed explanation of how “Stan” created his Barbie dollhouse!
  • The Shop Of Miniatures.
    The next Pin link will take you to the blog section of this store and a full list of DIY dollhouse plans on a scale of 1:6 🙂

  • An Eclectic Eye

Again, if you follow the link, you will see an article where a beautiful and large Barbie doll house is made and most of all: a clear and large picture of the Barbie doll house plans.

  • House Ful Of Handmade
    While these DIY dollhouse plans look great for Barbie dolls, I would make it deeper though, as one person also said in the comment section. Other than that: perfect as a basic construction!

As you can see by now I think, it is hard to just find DIY Barbie doll house plans on Google, at least websites having them, but through Pinterest finding those websites is so much easier!

2. Take a look on YouTube!

After Pinterest or kind of at the same level, YouTube is my place to go for anything dollhouse-related, walkthroughs, plans, ideas, and more.

If you like to see some of my own work on Youtube, check out my Youtube channel.

But so, let’s take a closer look at YouTube for Barbie doll house plans.

  • 1. KPO design

Looking to create a Barbie dollhouse with cardboard?

The video below contains detailed instructions for exactly this using cardboard, and it is a replica of the Barbie Dreamhouse.

This dollhouse is very large – 48″ tall by 36″ and gets you through the process with measurements step by step.

  • 2. Build it, make it.

Build it, make it, takes you through a complete process of building your own dollhouse where your 1:6 scale dolls can fit in perfectly.

All the measurements are shown inside the video, but you can also purchase the actual plans for a small price on Etsy.

3. Check out Barbie dollhouse plans on Etsy!

While I needed to look hard for DIY Barbie doll house plans on Etsy, I did find something, let’s take a look!

  • Toy Making Plans

Toy Making Plans is a company that sells plans for scroll saws-Table saws-band saws, and CNC Machines.

The ones below are plans for a small Barbie doll house.

An easy-build doll house by Toy Making Plans

  • Build for Joy

Easy-to-build plans and step-by-step instructions for this dollhouse with 5 rooms & balcony.

Barbie doll house plans DIY by Build4Joy

  • Pauli Transfers:

Woodworking Plans to make-your-own  Classic Barbie Doll House, when finished will have 4 rooms for 12″ dolls, and it can be transported like a suitcase. It even includes instructions for over 2 dozen dollhouse furniture pieces.

Dollhouse plan for Classic Barby by PauliTransfers.

4. Find plans in Books!

Look what I have found! A book on Amazon that describes exactly how to build a Barby doll house made of ½” plywood, without any previous experience required, written by Dennis Day!

That’s it for now, this article might get expanded in time when I encounter more dollhouse plans for Barbie!

Also, how to actually build a Barby house and even how to Customize a Barbie’s dreamhouse, we will keep for another day!

My Final Conclusion

I hope that you found this article on Barbie doll house plans informative and if you have any more questions or remarks, please leave them down below in the comment section.

You can also join (one of) my social media channels below or my cozy Facebook group.

I wish you happy crafting!

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  1. Great article on finding DIY Barbie doll house plans to build Barbie’s dream home! It’s important to consider the scale, multiple rooms, vibrant colors, fashionable furniture, and functional accessories when constructing a Barbie dollhouse. Pinterest and YouTube are great platforms to discover dollhouse plans, and Etsy and books like the one by Dennis Ray on Amazon are also excellent sources. With these resources, you’ll be able to create a customizable and ever-expanding Barbie dollhouse. Happy crafting!

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  2. Great article on Barbie doll house plans! I appreciate the detailed overview of the typical characteristics of a Barbie dollhouse, such as the scale, multiple rooms, vibrant looks, stylish furniture, functional accessories, and versatility for expansion. The suggested platforms like Pinterest, YouTube, Etsy, and books are excellent resources for finding Barbie house blueprints. I’m particularly interested in the DIY aspect and would love to hear more about your personal recommendations or any additional tips for constructing a Barbie dollhouse. Looking forward to your future updates!

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