The 9 Best Halloween Haunted House Kits – 9 Reviews!

I have written some great miniature Halloween tips before, but as it is almost that time of the year, I decided to write some reviews on Halloween haunted house kits, because there are really some lovely and quality Halloween kits out there!

I would say, let’s just dive straight into things, shall we?

A Quick Overview If You Are In A Hurry

Sometimes you just want to have a quick search to get straight to the product that you are interested in, hence the little table below!

Further details on the scale, etc, are available further down the article.

NameStars On 5Where To Buy/price.
DonnaK Riggs’ Haunted House DIY****Check out prices here.
Bates Motel Haunted House*****Check out prices here.
Kiki’s Magic Emporium*****Check out prices here.
Beckadoodles Mini Haunted
*****Check out prices here.
Addams family Haunted
House, 3D Puzzle
*****Check out prices here.
Rolife Magic House DIY Book Nook**** 1/2Check out prices here
1:144 scale Haunted House*****Check out prices here
 JanesbyDesign Haunted House*****Check out prices here
Miniature Joy DIY Book Nook Kit, Diagon Alley***1/2Check out prices

New Arrivals Building Kits

In depth reviews of these Halloweeh Haunted House Kits

Halloween Haunted House Kit Number 1: DonnaK Riggs’ Haunted House DIY

DonnaK Riggs owns a very small Etsy store, where she is selling this haunted house DIY kit and a book on how to build a graveyard (ain’t that spooky 🙂 ?).

This DIY mini kit consists of a 24” x 37” poster and all of the pieces are printed on quality stock paper (so this is a paper kit). You need to glue it on sturdyer cardboard or foam board. (I would think using balsawood could be nice as well)

It includes a full-color instructions booklet with over 60 photos and 16 basic pieces.

BrandDonna K Rigs
ScaleNot sure which scale this is: The finished house is 20” x 26”,
and sets on a 9” x 20” base.
Pro’s– one of a kind miniature kit
– this is handmade and of her own design
– You don’t need many materials for this kit, just glue
Contra’s– It is hard to give a good star review as she had few sales
– As it is a paper kit, this might not last for a very long time
or be sturdy enough for you
– I would contact the seller to find out how she cut
the foam board exactly to the same size as the paper,
maybe she used a cricut machine?
Our Ratings4/5
Hours to MakeAs there are 16 pieces, I would think about 12 hours
would be more than sufficient.

Halloween Haunted House Kit Number 2: Bates Motel Haunted House

This is a laser cut spooky Bates Motel haunted house that you would still need to decorate yourself as of your own wishes and taste.

It is made from wood: baltic birch.

The size of the house is 9″ wide, 14″ deep, and 12″ high. This is a great model for Halloween or for Bates / Psycho enthusiasts ;-).

BrandThe brand is called Victorian Dollhouses
Pro’s– Very sturdy materials: crafted from baltic birch,
which will last you a lifetime
Laser cut means very precise work, so it is making
it easy to assemble this kit
– the instructions come with pictures
– the seller includes glue
– very good quality kit
– fast shipping
Contra’s– the store doesn’t mention shipping policies,
(returns or exchanges)
Our Ratings5/5
Hours to
I wouldn’t think assembling this takes a long time,
about 5 hours max? Decorating will take longer 😉

Clearance Sale

Halloween Haunted House Kit Number 3: Kiki’s Magic Emporium

This miniature kit is from our familiar brand called Robotime, aka Rolife.

The “Magic Emporium” DIY dollhouse kit is rather new and not many people have built it yet, but enough for a review 😉

Pro’s– As this is a well-known brand and I have used it
Several times before, I know this is a good quality
– non-toxic and safe materials
– the proportion of finished parts is increased
compared to the previous kits, making the assembly
process simpler
– very suitable for beginners
Contra’s– you may have to supply your own glue and/or
– sometimes manuals are not in English, use Google
translate app if that is the case or contact Robotime
Our Ratings5/5
Hours to
from experience, I know that these can take some time
so I would think about 24 hours.

Haunted House Kit Number 4: Beckadoodles Mini Haunted

How about an easy DIY kit for once, something that your kid could do, I would think? 😉

Then this little and affordable project amongst all the Halloween haunted house kits comes to the rescue!

This kit includes laser-cut parts and miniature furniture, paper scraps, sticker wallpaper, and polymer clay miniatures.

The dimension is: 3 inches wide x 3.25 inches tall, and 2 inches deep (including the base)

You can paint and decorate this cutie as you prefer as well. And this can be placed as a dollhouse-in-a-dollhouse, because of its scale.

A little review below:

BrandBecka Doodles
Pro’s– there are wallpaper stickers included, so
you don’t need to paint the walls
– I think this kit is very affordable, seeing all
the miniatures that are included (I had to pay
a lot more before for other kits)
– laser cut (=very sturdy) and handmade items
– own design, so quite original, in my opinion
Contra’s– Returns and exchanges not accepted
Our Ratings5/5
Hours to MakeI’m really not sure, but I estimate about 5 hours max

Beware: this is very tiny, so do not expect a large 1:12 scale DIY kit.

Clearance Sale

Halloween Haunted House Kit Number 5: Addams Family Haunted House Puzzle

This one is more like a 3D puzzle than an actual kit, but the principle stays the same. (no no, not actual “puzzle” pieces, it’s just called that way)

The Halloween haunted house kit was laser cut, contains 140 pieces and needs glue to stay assembled.

You can leave it like it is (I really think that some laser-cut DIY kits have “character”), but of course, you can paint and decorate them for Halloween.

It is made from a 3mm MDF wood board and is approximately 11.5″ X 10″ X 11.5″ H, top of towner when it is assembled.

BrandCKS artistry
ScaleI can’t find the scale, but I would assume it is
on a scale of 1:24, as most of these 3d puzzles are
Pro’s– The kit is open at the back, so you can place
miniature furniture
– lasercut=quite sturdy
– handmade
– terrific design
– returns and exchanges accepted
– VERY affordable
– fast shipping
– great customer service
Contra’s– Doesn’t include detailed instructions, just a
picture and a PDF file
Our Ratings5/5
Hours to MakeI’m really not sure, but I estimate about 10 hours max
(without painting or decoration)

Haunted House Kit Number 6: The Magic House Book Nook.

Robotime/Rolife has come up with a few new magic and haunted-related DIY miniature kits lately, this book nook shelf insert is one of them.

Book nooks are something quite peculiar and lovely and it has been a trend for some time, so Robotime had to step up their production haha! This is the result of one of them.

The measurments are : 12.2 x 9.06 x 1.81 inches.

BrandRobotime aka Rolife
Pro’s– As mentioned before, Robotime is a well-know
and reliable brand
– you can use it as a nightlight
– well-illustrated instructions
– pretty design (in my opinion)
Contra’s– Batteries not included
– glue is not included
– the included paint and brush aren’t good quality
Our Ratings4,5/5
Hours to Makeabout 6 hours

Haunted House Kit Number 7: Haunted House from My Miniature Room Box

Another very small DIY kit, on a scale of 1:144, but I did want to mention it, as it’s extremely cute ;-).

This is a flat-packed kit, and the basics are from wooden materials ( 2mm MDF)

It has three floors and a flat roof and it sits on a fenced base and includes lots of miniatures, like gravestones and ghosts, a pre-made tree, colored sand, foam, and flock for ground cover and bushes.

The picture below is an assembled and painted house, to give you an idea of a finished project.

The assembled house measures approximately 57 wide x 73mm tall x 73mm front to back.

BrandMy Miniature Roombox
Scale1: 144
Pro’s– This kit is very detailed
– comes with amazing instructions
– fast shipping
– the seller is a 5-star seller on Etsy, which means
that it has great customer service
Contra’s– exchanges not accepted
Our Ratings5/5
Hours to MakeI can’t find or estimate how long this would take sorry

Clearance Sale

Halloween Haunted House Kit Number 8: Janes by Design Haunted House

How about a change from the wooden pieces and assemble a kit from (heavy weight) pre-cut cardstock?

Then choosing this little well-designed haunted house kit with heavy-weight pre-cut cardstock might be the thing for you. A little review and more details are below!

BrandJanes by Design
ScaleThe finished house stands approximately 10″ high
by 8.5″ wide.
So it doesn’t look like it has a standard scale.
Pro’s– Very affordable DIY kit
– Purple LED lights with batteries are included
– very good instructions making it easy to assemble
– spider webbing is included
– the seller has lots of 5-star reviews
– returns and exchanges are accepted
Contra’s– A suggestion would be to label pieces
such as A connects to B etc, as there are many pieces
Our Ratings5/5
Hours to MakeCan be completed in an afternoon

Halloween Haunted House Kit Number 9: Miniature Joy DIY Book Nook Kit

Here we have another Halloween-themed book nook kit, this time from a brand called “Miniature Joy”. Which I think is not an actual brand, but a retailer for miniature DIY kits.

This particular book nook represents a Diagon Alley.

BrandMiniature Joy
Pro’s– easy to assemble
– great design
– sturdy laser-cut wooden pieces
– is no need for painting, everything is preprinted
– Electronics were all preassembled and wired (what
a blessing lol!)
– easy, graphical, instructions
Contra’s– glue is not included, check out the list of glues
for miniature DIY kits here
– the kit seems to make your hands black
– the pieces have messy edges
Our Ratings3,5/5
Hours to Makeabout 6 hours max

Clearance Sale

This blog post contains affiliate links and pictures from Amazon and Etsy

My Final Conclusion.

While I’m quite sure that there are probably lots more Halloween haunted house kits on the market out there, I am pretty confident that I picked the best ones.

If you want to add a haunted house kit or if you have any questions to ask, please feel free to do so below in the comment section!

You could also join (one of) my social media channels or fantastic Facebook group and show everyone your work!

I wish you happy crafting!

Kind regards,


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  1. Oh wow! These look absolutely wonderful! I’ve never seen anything like this before and what a great thing for children of all ages to get involved in, possibly with the help of adults depending on what kit they purchased but how great to be able to create something like this for Halloween.

    Having the option of different materials is a benefit too. Some may be a bit too flimsy to make but I absolutely adore the haunted house! I wish I’d known about these kits when my children were young as they would have loved to have enjoyed building such empires.

    • Hey Louise!

      Oh yes indeed, I often say this when I see wonderful things on Etsy: I wish that I had seen this before, when I was younger or the kids were young, we would have some great fun together!

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  2. Many thanks for this valuable and detailed post about Best Halloween Haunted House Kits. I really like Halloween too. But I have never made these. This time for Helloween, I will definitely make a meme. Will this be difficult for me as I have never done it before? Keep posting like this. I definitely share this.

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      You are very welcome! About your question: some of these are very easy to assemble, even together with children! I wish you happy crafting and let me know which one you created please 😉

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