The 9 Best Christmas Miniature Craft Kits

Almost Christmas time, well I know that for my American friends, Thanksgiving comes first, sorry ;-). So, have you been looking for Christmas miniature craft kits yet or do you have a reason not to be interested? Do let me know 😉

Anyway, I have looked for all the available Christmas miniature kits on the market and reviewed them with a combination of my own experiences with the brands and opinions from people on social media, etc. Let’s go!

But first: What to Look for When Buying Miniature craft kits?

Everyone has different preferences on what is important or not when deciding on a miniature craft kit, but I want to offer my opinion on the most important things that these kits should have.

Look out for:

  • How many hours does it take and am I willing to work on this for a (long) time?
  • The scale: be sure that you have enough room in your house to work on your kit and to place it somewhere to admire it 😉
  • Is it sturdy/durable?
  • Does it include all the materials that you could need for these kits or do I need to buy extra?
  • Check out the pros and cons of each item, so that you don’t get an unpleasant surprise ( I do my best to look for cons as well, not just the pros )

This way, you know beforehand, what you are facing and hopefully can deal with an issue if it should occur 😉 Anyway, most of these are to be enjoyed and make you a happy crafter! 😉

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A Quick Overview Of Christmas Miniature Craft Kits If You Are In A Hurry.

Sometimes, you don’t want to read all the information, but just quickly want to get your present, I totally get that, so let’s have a quick oversight first 😉

Further below, I go more into depth on each item.

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NameStars On 5Where To Buy/price.
christmas miniature kitA very small Christmas room****Check out prices here.
Ice and snow Manor****Check out prices here.
A Christmas Snowy Night****1/2Check out prices here.
Christmas Eve, a small kit****1/2Check out prices here.
 Holiday time****1/2Check out prices here.
Christmas Snow House ****1/2Check out prices here
Christmas Eve****1/2Check out prices here
 A little Christmas Room boxNo reviewCheck out prices here
A Christmas Book Nook ***1/2Check out prices here.

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And now the Expanded reviews on 9 Christmas miniature craft kits

Miniature craft kit number 1: A very small Christmas room

This little Christmas DIY kit is quite small but cute and perfect for beginners. You will probably finish it in one afternoon. Perfect for a last-minute gift.

BrandMontidey, but that is probably not the
original brand, as I never heard of it.
Scale1: 24
Pro’s– Quickly made, very small kit
– the latter makes it very affordable as well
– made from safe and environmentally friendly materials
Contra’s– Limited number of miniatures present in this kit
– glue, LEDs, and batteries not included
Our Ratings4/5
Hours to Make4-5 hours maximum, is my estimation

Compare prices too

Miniature craft kit number 2: Ice and snow Manor 3D.

Now here is a bigger Christmas DIY kit than the first one. To me, it has more character, but is it worthwhile as well? Let’s check it out with the pros and cons below!

The materials used are wood, paper, and plastic. Made of high-quality wooden board.

Pro’s– This DIY kit has a unique character, I haven’t
seen many people making it
– should include a music box and dustproof cover
– and should also include an English manual, which
can be rare for these types of brands
– decent quality
– it seems like it is easy to assemble
Contra’s– glue and batteries not included
– the front porch light only has one LED light in it
Our Ratings4/5
Hours to Make3 days, so I would think at least 24 hours in my estimation

Miniature craft kit number 3: A Christmas Snowy Night

I haven’t seen this on social media a lot either, but that is surprising because at first sight, I love it and it has a cute design and gets lots of good reviews.

This kit includes printed paper, cloth, wooden parts, plastic parts, LED lights, a music box, and a few tools. (don’t expect too much of the tools)

So, let’s talk about this one called “Christmas snowy night”!

Pro’s– comes with an illustrated English manual
– gorgeous design
– an affordable price for the size and quality of the house
Contra’s– doesn’t include a dust cover
– looks like it’s a bit harder to assemble
– glue not included
Our Ratings4,5/5
Hours to Make20 to 30 hours

Miniature craft kit number 4: A Christmas Eve

This DIY house kit is small but gets you in the Christmas mood very easily.

Ask the seller for English instructions if they come in Chinese only!

Pro’s– Very sturdy materials
– well-made/cute design
– has a music box
Contra’s– Glue and batteries not included
– the instructions need more details
Our Ratings4,5/5
Hours to Makeabout 12 to 18 hours, as it’s a small kit

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Miniature craft kit number 5: Holiday time

Not many times it happens that a pretty little miniature Christmas tree is included in these kits, but this one has a lovely one, in my opinion 😉

The miniature food turkey on the little table is a little bit weird, but you could keep that piece for another kit, if you like.

The materials used in this mini dollhouse kit are: high-quality wood, fabric, plastic, paper, etc

Pro’s– Very affordable little DIY kit
– non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials
– easy to assemble
– a very cute designed kit
Contra’s– glue and batteries not included
– beware if you want the dust cover as well, that
you need to ask this seller and it will cost you a
little bit more
– instructions are not very clear, check out some Youtube
videos first
Our Ratings4,5/5
Hours to Make12 to 18 hours

Miniature craft kit number 6: Christmas Snow House DG18

This kit is the only one I found so far from Robotime aka Rolife. And then again, only one is left on Etsy.

I have no clue if it is been taking off the market or not, especially because I can’t find it on Amazon or AliExpress.

That would be a pitty, as it is adorable! Anyway, a few more details are below.

Pro’s– limited edition
– includes a music box
– the kits from Robotime have good quality
– clear English instructions
Contra’s– As it only sells on Etsy now, it got quite expensive
Our Ratings4,5/5
Hours to Makeabout 10 hours

Miniature craft kit number 7: Christmas Eve

I’m not sure which brand this Christmas dollhouse kit is actually from,as I think that “Kisoy” is more like a retailer.

But it sure looks unique, with a little front porch in a Christmas theme included!

Scale1: 24
Pro’s– this kit has a variable design, with 2 floors
and a Christmas scene in front, quite unique!
– dustproof cover and music box included
– English instructions
Contra’s– glue and batteries not included
– directions are very unclear
– the materials used have a lower quality
Our Ratings4,5/5
Hours to MakeThis looks like it could take a while, so
I would say about 20-24 hours

Miniature craft kit number 8: A Christmas DIY room box

This Christmas DIY kit is rarely sold and only available on AliExpress.

For this reason, it is very hard to review, but I will hand you the information that I have available.

ScaleFinished Size:20.5×9.5×12.4cm /8.07×3.74×4.88inch
Pro’s– Very affordable kit
– dust cover included
– includes glue and LED lights
Contra’s– no tools included
– not enough information available
Our RatingsNot ratable as no reviews
Hours to MakeMy best guess is about 12 hours max

Miniature craft kit number 9: A Christmas Book Nook

Although this book nook with a Christmas theme looks wonderful, there is even less information or reviews available!

The seller could have at the least written a description of the book nook, but nothing is there. That will have an influence on my review 😉

Pro’s– This looks like a pretty design. At the same
time, that’s about all I can tell you haha
Contra’s– Even less information is available, so I have no
clue if the manual is English or not, which materials
are included, nothing..
Our Ratings3,5/5
Hours to MakeIt looks like there is a lot of stuff in this book nook
so my best guess is over 24 hours

New Arrivals Building Kits

All the different brands of DIY dollhouse kits

Would you like to see oversight of the best brands of miniature kits online? Go check them out here!

My Final Conclusion.

I wouldn’t have thought beforehand that I would find as many Christmas miniature craft kits, but here we go: a good list for you to choose from 😉

Do you think that you have one to add or do you have a question? Please feel free to ask in the comment section below, or join me on my social media channels or Facebook group.

I wish you a merry Christmas and happy crafting!

Kind regards,


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  1. It is this time of the year when we begin to think of innovative and creative ideas to make our Christmas colorful and enjoyable. Craft kits are play important roles in our home decoration. No matter what your budget is, it is never too small to get one or two for the home.

  2. This is an awesome article on the best Christmas miniature craft kits! I loved building stuff as a kid, so I would have been super happy with these types of gifts, along with Lego and other building kit products. I’m wondering if you have more reviews on miniature craft kits? Although I love the Christmas theme, it would be awesome to see miniature craft kits of other styles as different people prefer different styles.

    • Hi Kevin!

      Thank you for your wonderful comment, much appreciated!

      There sure are other types of miniature craft kits with another theme, as you can see in this oversight here! If you are looking for a particular type, please don’t be afraid to ask!

      I wish you happy crafting!

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