30+Tips On How To Make Fairy Garden Furniture And Fairy Houses DIY

As soon as the sun is out, it is a great time to help you figure out how to make fairy garden furniture and fairy houses that you can put in your fairy garden or yes: indoors.

Also, in the meantime, I have made much more fairy garden stuff myself and learned along the way, and have found sooo many extra ideas, that sometimes I get lost in this world…

So let’s get my thoughts in order and write you an expansive list of all the things that you can create for your fairies :-).

Buckle up, it is going to be another long tutorial!

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But First: What Materials Do You Need to make Fairy Garden furniture and fairy houses?

The answer to this question can be quite comprehensive, depending on which things you want to create, so I made separate paragraphs and hope this will make it clear.

Put A Fairy Garden In A Container Or In Your Garden?

That is totally up to you!

  • , I have created my fairy garden in my real garden, so I just used the soil that was already there and added little plants over time.

    In summer, I already had plants growing around my little garden and those slowly kept growing around my fairy garden.

    In this extensive list of small plants, you might find the ones suitable for your garden.

my fairy garden

  • But if you want a container for your fairy garden, then of course you need:

    A container. This can be anything: an old wheelbarrow, (large) plant pots, an old aquarium, to even an old bathtub, for example.
    Anything you can think of that holds soil and water.

    Potting soil

    Small plants

Which Materials Do You Need To Create Pathways, Rivers, Fences, etc, In Your Fairy Garden?

A little list of things that you could use:

  • a variety of stones
  • slices of wood (I cut mine with my table saw)
  • gravel (aquarium gravel works well)
  • blue glass stones to create a river
  • bark that has been cut into pieces
  • sheet moss (in a craft store or on Amazon)
  • popsicle sticks or wooden craft sticks for the fences (plus paint and varnish if putting outside)

What Do You Need To Create Fairy Houses?

This is kind of a hard question for me, as there is a lot of variety in how people create fairy houses.

But below is a little list of things you might need, and we will dive deeper into this further down this article in my list of ideas!

  • a tree stump that looks whimsical or a tree that has been cut down in your garden. (no need to cut a tree down on purpose for a fairy garden haha!)
  • I have used wooden laser-cut fairy houses-kits that I just needed to decorate and make them my own.
  • an old plastic bucket that you no longer use
  • Strong glue
  • Acrylic spray sealer (if placed outside) or Mod Podge (outdoors)
  • Someone on Etsy makes fairy houses with seashells and sand!
  • stones or pebbles for decoration or to actually build fairy houses
  • sometimes people make fairy houses from metal
  • Lots of times fairy houses are made from resin
  • wood (roofs, windows, doors, etc..)

What Do You Need To Create Fairy Garden Furniture?

Actually not that much:

That summed up the most used materials to make fairy garden stuff, so let’s dive into different tips and projects!

(it is kind of hard to organize everything according to furniture or houses, so these tips will be mixed up sorry.

But again: you should be able to “jump” to the topic by using my “table of content” above this article, thank you for understanding)

1. How To Make A Fairy House By Using Laser-Cut Wood.

Well, I had to start with this one haha!

Why? Well, I am pretty proud of what I have made so far by creating (well actually decorating) my laser-cut fairy houses kits.

I have crafted two, and the third one is almost finished.

Basically, I bought these kits from one of my favorite Etsy sellers, glued them together, varnished them with mod podge outdoors in 3 layers, and then decorated them.

You can follow the process in these articles and a walkthrough of the materials that I used:

You can also see the result on my Youtube channel (sorry for the bad quality videos, as I was just learning to make videos)

In this video below, you can see the process from start to end and placed in my fairy garden:

In the second video, you can also see the process of me creating my second fairy house:

2. How Do You Make A Fairy Garden Patio?

To do this, I would like to refer you to this fantastic video on Youtube made by “Miniaturegarden”.

3. How to make fairy garden furniture from twigs?

What can I say about this? The examples are pretty much endless, but let’s go!

Most pictures below are pretty self-explanatory, but I will add some explanation here and there.

As for the materials used, please check out the beginning of this blog post, thanks;-)

1. A fairy garden chair.

These were a bit of a hassle to make, in the sense that gluing twigs together can take a while, even when using grab-fast tacky glue.

Sometimes I just needed to use superglue, which I prefer not to in general, but sometimes there is no other choice.

This twig chair is made from regular twigs that you can collect while you are walking your dog 😉

(Fake) moss and other “green” decorations have been glued to it. This looks like something the fairies would appreciate!

2. How To Make A Fairy Garden Furniture Bed With Twigs?

I made my own fairy garden bunk bed for my treehouse from willow twigs, some fake green, some feathers, and cardboard.

All glued together with grab-fast tacky glue.

I would think that this picture is self-explanatory. If not clear, please ask me below in the comment section if you have any questions 😉

3. Create A Miniature Bookshelf For Your Fairy Garden By Using Twigs

Created by FaereyForest

You can basically create any bookshelf with twigs, just assemble them with strong and quick-working glue!

4. Create A Fairy Garden Picture Frame And Little Table.

This one might need a little bit more explanation as you can see in the picture below.

The painting on the easel is framed and made of twigs and some miniature flowers are added.

Now the painting itself can be a printable that you first drenched into black tea or coffee, or you can use any drawing that you made yourself, why not?

The little side table is made from a real stick as a base, and the tabletop is a slice of a stick, just glued together. Add some (fake) moss.

5. Create A Fairy Garden Washing Line.

This washing line I made for my own fairy garden.

So I cut out a piece of wood for the base, painted it brown, and added some little stones.

Then I glued 2 willow twigs on it and attached a fishing line and some moss here and there.

The basket I still had in my crafting place and the little clothes pins you can buy online or at your local craft store.

6. Create A Little Fairy Garden Side Table.

I think that this picture also speaks for itself? If not, fire away the question below in the comment section 😉

4. How To Make Fairy Garden Furniture With Popsicle Sticks?

This topic can get quite extensive as well, as you can imagine.

But I will cover as much as possible to my knowledge, as always ;-). Let’s just dive straight into things:

1. How To Make A Fairy Garden Miniature Bench With Popsicle Sticks?

Guess what? I have made a video tutorial of that ;-). And I have even added some miniature cushions, take a look!

2. How To Craft A Miniature Chair With Popsicle sticks?

Yet again, I have made a video of this for you! Just follow the instructions again 😉

And remember: each of these can of course be painted, decorated with moss, varnished to put outside, etc..

3. Make A Miniature Lounge Chair And Umbrella With Popsicle Sticks.

I don’t want to push my own Youtube channel.

But actually, that is a lie, just because I am pretty proud of what I do haha!

Have a look at the next tutorial on how to craft a lounge chair plus an umbrella with popsicle sticks!

4. Create A Mini Hammock With Popsicle Sticks.

I’m a little bit ashamed now to promote another video of mine… NAAAHHH! 🙂

( this is the last one, I promise!)

Oh no, I can’t promise that, because I will probably create more of these in the future lol.

5. Fairy Doors and Windows can also be made from popsicle sticks.

  • There are lots of tutorials online on how to craft fairy doors with popsicle sticks, but I would like to refer you to the website of Rootnursery.

She explains it well, and made some great examples 😉

  • Making fairy windows with popsicle sticks seems rare and they seem more like an addition to the window instead of a whole fairy window with just popsicle sticks.

    Like in this picture I found on Pinterest from Jamie Ewing.

In this DIY fairy garden balcony, the roof is made of popsicle sticks end glued together.

The hanging lantern is a piece of jewelry chain, a green bead cap, and a plastic yellow bead and the handle is a piece of gold floral wire.

The balcony is a piece of decorative tin ribbon spray painted black.

  • Oh, I actually forgot that for my oldest fairy house, the doors and windows are also made from popsicle sticks.

    But I don’t like them as much really, should have decorated them some more with twigs and stuff. If I find some time, I will try to glue some on 🙂

my fairy garden 8

5. How To Make Fairy Garden Furniture From Wooden Branches?

To create this type of fairy garden furniture, I would assume that you would need something heavier than a table saw like the one I have, for example.

My Proxxon table saw would just be too light for the job, as the branches would be much too thick.

If you do own a large table saw with sturdy and larger blades (handyman, anyone?), then you can easily craft these little fairy garden tables and chairs.

Just cut out slices of wood, glue them together, and varnish them. Ready!

Fairy Garden set, artist unknown.

6. How To Make A Fairy Garden House From Stones?

To create a fairy house from stones, there are several ways:

First Method:

  • Just find or buy a bag of stones at your local garden store, or buy them online.

    The advantage of buying them online is that there are a lot more varieties in colors and shapes.

    You can have a ‘grey’ fairy house, but why not use shiny stones in different colors?
    The most suitable size would be about the size of a quarter.

    If you are going to put your fairy house outside, it is important to use strong and waterproof glue. As mentioned before, the E6000 adhesive works well.

    You can just glue the rocks in a square shape and thus build the house.

    I haven’t built a fairy house in this way myself, so I can imagine that sometimes it is hard to wait for the stones to glue together, to have that “bent wall” to the roof, without any support to do so. (do you get what I mean?)

    This problem can be solved by using the next method.


Fairy house made with stones by @AMAhomeandgarden

Second Method:

  • The second possibility on how to create a real stones fairy house, is kind of exactly the same as the first one, except that this time you can use plastic waste as support to glue the rocks on.

    Myself, for example, I used an old plastic bucket, cut it in half, collected flat stones (slates) available in my neighborhood for free, and glued these on the bucket.

You can see the result in this video: ( in the meantime it is greatly expanded with a lot more plants and houses and I will make a new video soon!)

Most people, however, use a plastic water bottle and glue pebbles to it, but first, draw the doors and windows and such. After that, you can grout it.

In the video below the person uses cement to stick the pebbles to the plastic. I think that both ways would work:

7. How To Make A Fairy Garden House By Using A Treestump?

Artist Unknown, please let me know if this is yours, thanks!

This method for making a fairy house is quite common on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook groups.

After all, these are the most natural homes for fairies to live in, right? 😉

Personally, I haven’t found a tree stump in the woods yet that I loved and said to myself: “wow, I could make a fantastic fairy house with this!”.

But other people get much luckier, found a whimsical treestump in the woods (or have a tree cut off in their garden).

So basically, you need to find your own tree stump or have one in your garden and decorate it by adding a roof, a door, windows, a ladder, (outdoor) lights, moss, or anything else that you like to add. (the only limit is your imagination!)

How to do this I would refer you to the next Youtube videos:

I just looove this next walkthrough!

And some ideas:

Before you ask: yes, I know that a lot of fairy houses and fairy garden furniture online are made from resin or metal, but I would like to keep this blog post about natural or affordable materials.

I will write an article on fairy houses made from resin sometime in the future though!

8. How To Decorate A Fairy House With Natural Or Cheap Materials?

To decorate a fairy house with natural or affordable materials, the options are endless.

A little list of what you could use:

  • popsicle sticks (for roofs, fairy doors, fairy windows, etc..)

  • Pine cones

Like this one in the next video, you need some patience there!

  • Little pebbles or even large rocks

As I did with 2 of my fairy houses:

the first one: was covered with little white pebbles that I got in the hardware store.
the second one: is where I put large slates on the roof.

  • (fake) moss, leaves, etc..

Take a look at the next fantastic video for a walkthrough! (I wouldn’t use a glue gun though, but a waterproof and strong glue)

  • Tree bark.

    Aren’t these fairy houses made from tree bark breathtaking?

This one is made by “Littlewondersnthings” on Etsy.

Another example where tree bark is used to actually make the fairy house, is this example from “Carinacts” on Etsy.

  • even walnut shells and pistachios!

  • I have seen one artist using shells and sand! These below are made by “fairyhousehandmade” , who is on Etsy.

9. How To Decorate Your Fairy Garden In Itself?

To decorate your fairy garden surroundings, you can create little (white) picket fences, all kinds of ladders, make little roads and paths, mushrooms, water wells, playgrounds, benches, little parks, rivers and even beaches.

But we will talk about those in a future blog post, this one is getting quite long lol!

Related article:

My Final Conclusion

I hope that you enjoyed this very long tutorial on how to make fairy garden furniture and fairy houses for your fairy garden.

I could have written even more about this topic, but that will be for another day;-)

If you have any questions or if you would just like to chat with me, please leave a comment below in the comment section or join me on one of my social media channels or fantastic Facebook group.

I wish you happy crafting!

Kind regards,


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