Laser Cut Dollhouse Kits On Etsy – A Review Of My Fairy House!

In the world of laser-cut dollhouse kits, the one that I purchased on Etsy is surely worth buying, in my opinion. I made a fairy house that I will put in my fairy garden later when spring comes along!

So I wanted to write a complete review for you and made a video of the process of me working on it. At the end of this article, I will include a video from my Youtube channel.

But first: what is a laser cut dollhouse?

A laser cut dollhouse is mostly a wooden dollhouse or other type of miniature building which is created using a laser cutting machine and wood.

These machines use a digital design file to guide a laser beam as it cuts through sheets of wood to create precise pieces which can be assembled to form a complete dollhouse. (as you can see in my Youtube video)

Laser cutting allows for incredibly detailed designs, including complex shapes, and fine details that may be difficult to achieve by hand.

Wood is a popular material for laser cut dollhouses due to its durability, versatility, and natural beauty.

Laser cut wood dollhouses can be found in a variety of styles, sizes, and designs to suit a wide range of tastes and preferences, from traditional Victorian mansions to modern dollhouses.

A laser cut dollhouse kit: My review on this fairy house.

Product Name: Laser cut dollhouse kits-A  Fairy  Garden

Place(s) To Buy: Etsy

Price: The kits in this shop go from $24,30 to $32,80

Owners: AlchemyEngraving

Overall Rank:

Warranty: Returns accepted

Product Overview :

This Etsy shop makes fairy doors, fairy garden kits, engraved keyrings and so much more.


The Good And The Bad :

The good:

  • very nice laser cut fairy garden kits for your fairy garden
  • highly detailed 
  • instructions are included and very easy to make
  • suitable for indoors as well as outdoors, I have glued and varnished it 3 times with Mod Podge Outdoors.
  • the buyers are raving, this means that this shop is getting a lot of 5-star reviews in the past 7 days.

The bad:

  • I didn’t encounter any major problems, maybe just a small one. And that is the red attachment on top of the roof (as seen on the main picture), which was a little bit to lose. So I needed to glue a small piece of wood extra on both sides, to strengthen it. (as seen in the video below).

Support: contact the seller on Etsy, she is very helpful

My Final Opinion :

Watch my Youtube channel to see the process of making this fairy house and don’t be shy to give your opinion ;-). Do you like how I finished it?

The video below shows you how I assembled it from beginning to end.

I assembled it with Mod Podge, which gives it a varnish at the same time. Then I glued little rocks on the walls ( the rocks are bought in any regular hardware store). 

Also, you can get any kind of weeds, grass, or miniature plants on Etsy as well, everything you see in the video I bought there!

miniature birdbox

To finish it off, I added a small mailbox, I found an example on Pinterest. Then I made a little bird box from cork ( I just drilled a little hole in it with my Dremel ) and added a windowsill on one window on the left of the house.

fairy garden mailbox
miniature windowsill

My Final Conclusion

I really enjoyed making this one and I am sure it will look wonderful in my fairy garden when spring comes back soon!

Do you have any questions about this miniature kit or would you like to chat some more about dollhouses and miniatures? Then please leave a comment below or join my newest Facebook group.

Happy crafting!

Best regards,


2 thoughts on “Laser Cut Dollhouse Kits On Etsy – A Review Of My Fairy House!”

  1. These are adorable! I love making doll houses, and these remind me of fairy houses. My daughters and I use crafting as a pass-time. Fairy houses are one of our favorite types of crafts. These are very creative and look absolutely amazing! Do you make any fairies? Have you thought of providing fairy furniture?

    • Hi there,

      Thank you, they sure are adorable! I don’t make fairies yet, maybe in the future or I will buy them on Etsy. Oh yes, fairy furniture I am going to make myself as well, keep an eye on my site and the category ‘personal’ work! 😉

      Happy crafting,



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