DIY Dollhouse Kits From Cutebee – Some Insights.

Cutebee dollhouse kit

In previous articles, I have talked a lot already about dollhouse kits, from Rolife to Hongda and Hoomeda. Today, however, I am going to dive a little deeper into the DIY kits from Cutebee. Let’s just go straight on and see what I can find as I am writing this article and see if I …

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Laser Cut Dollhouse Kits On Etsy – A Review

laser cut dollhouse kits

In the world of laser cut dollhouse kits, the one that I purchased on Etsy is surely worth buying, in my opinion. I made a fairy house that I will put in my fairy garden later when spring comes along! So I wanted to write a complete review for you and made a video of …

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Miniature Kits – From Hongda And From Hoomeda

miniature kits

As I am moving on in time and looking at all the beautiful miniature kits on Facebook or Youtube, I realized that there are more brands than just the ones I have talked about in a previous article. That is, of course, the commercial ones and not the ones on Etsy, because there are many …

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Miniature Dollhouse Kits- Some Research And Insights For You !

Miniature Dollhouse Kits

Buckle up, because we are going for a long ride around the world to do some research on miniature dollhouse kits. I never even knew there were so many different dollhouse kits until l I looked them up on Amazon, AliExpress, Google, Banggood, and last but not least: Etsy! I have found 11 different brands …

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