DIY Dollhouse Kits From Cutebee – Some Insights.

Cutebee dollhouse kit

In previous articles, I have talked a lot already about dollhouse kits, from Rolife to Hongda and Hoomeda. Today, however, I am going to dive a little deeper into the DIY kits from Cutebee. Let’s just go straight on and see what I can find as I am writing this article and see if I …

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Get Your Book Nook Shelf Insert Kit On Etsy – DIY Style

book nook shelf insert

By now you have probably heard about a book nook shelf insert, aka ‘book nooks’? If not, you can always go ahead and check out my blog posts about them: here and here. Today I am going to review about 5 book nook kits from Etsy shops for you. So that you can make one …

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Are you In need Of Good Christmas Ideas? – Why Not Buy A Miniature Christmas Kit ?

Good Christmas Ideas

Are you looking for good Christmas ideas already? Then maybe you could look out for Christmas-related miniature kits! Let’s have another look at my favorite site: Etsy and I will make 5 reviews. Shop number 1. DollHousePlus Makes :  Doesn’t seem to make anything himself, but sells well-know dollhouse kits, like from Robotime and from …

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A Miniature Victorian Dollhouse Kit – Easily Found On Etsy !

miniature victorian dollhouse

In a previous article, we talked about the Victorian architectural style and a little bit of history and a few miniature artists creating these kinds of dollhouses and miniatures. A miniature Victorian dollhouse kit can be easily found on Etsy, so today I am going to review about 5 of them. Let’s start with the …

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Miniature Kits – From Hongda And From Hoomeda

miniature kits

As I am moving on in time and looking at all the beautiful miniature kits on Facebook or Youtube, I realized that there are more brands than just the ones I have talked about in a previous article. That is, of course, the commercial ones and not the ones on Etsy, because there are many …

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A Fairy Garden For Kids – Made Easy With Kits From Etsy

a fairy garden for kids

Making a fairy garden for kids can be a lot easier with the help of Etsy’s artists. In a previous article, I have talked about fairy garden kits on Etsy before. Mostly for adults, although some of them your children could also create without any issues ;-). Here in Europe, the end of summer is …

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One Of The Easiest Robotime DIY Kits = Miller’s Garden

Robotime DIY kits

This must have been the easiest one of the Robotime DIY Kits that I have done so far: Miller’s Garden. Do you remember how much I struggled with their other kit: ‘ Cathy’s Flowerhouse‘? Well, I would advise not to start with the latter, but to start with Miller’s Garden, if you don’t want to …

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Robotime Miniature Kit- An Expanded Review Of Cathy’s Flower House

robotime miniature

Today I will be talking about the one Robotime miniature kit called ‘Cathy’s Flower house’. Simply because it’s one of the three kits from Robotime that I got for my birthday (what a surpriiiise it was, I was so happy !) In a previous article, I was talking about all the different kinds of dollhouse …

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