Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue And Other Glues – 3 Reviews

original tacky glue

In a previous article, we have talked about suitable glues and sealers for inside or outside miniature fairy gardens. There were a few types of glue that I forgot to mention in that article and that I use a lot for crafting ( especially Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue), so let’s dive into 3 other ones. ( Other …

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Victorian Dollhouses – Some Insights

victorian dollhouses

There are many different styles in dollhouses, but the Victorian dollhouses are amongst my favorites. I’m also fond of the Tudor-style (what an interesting, but cruel, part of history!), the Cabinet dollhouses, and my newest article: the Georgian style. But today I am diving into the Victorian age. What Is The Victorian Style/Age? During Queen …

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Robotime Miniature Kit- An Expanded Review Of Cathy’s Flower House

robotime miniature

Today I will be talking about the one Robotime miniature kit called ‘Cathy’s Flower house’. Simply because it’s one of the three kits from Robotime that I got for my birthday (what a surpriiiise it was, I was so happy !) In a previous article, I was talking about all the different kinds of dollhouse …

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Dollhouse Miniatures 1 12 Scale Or 1 24 Scale OR Others – Some Insights

dollhouse miniatures 1 12 scale

While using dollhouse miniatures 1 12 scale is most common in the miniature world and most interesting for collectors, there are all kinds of sizes and scales. Before you decide which scale of dollhouse miniatures you are going to buy or build, you should determine what skills you want to apply or what your collection …

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