13 Reasons Why Kids And Adults Should Play With Dollhouses – Doll House Play Benefits !

The other day, I saw someone saying in my Facebook group, that she didn’t understand the hobby of dollhouses and miniatures for adults and there is no such thing as doll house play benefits for them.

The reason why she said this, was that she is used to having a craft that is “functional”; like doing crochet, from which you can make a baby’s blanket, for example.

After discussing this for a while, it made me realize that I should write about this topic because there definitely ARE reasons why we never should stop creating or even “playing” with dollhouses.

Those who have been following my website and FB group for a while now, know that this topic would come up sooner or later haha, so let’s dive straight into things!

But First: 7 Reasons Why Children Should Play With Dollhousesdoll house play benefits

Playing with dollhouses can develop one’s language in a group.

By having children play together with a dollhouse, they end up in a social situation where they can develop their vocabulary and language.

Children can “act out” the events happening in their real world and thus learn how to get along with each other.

Children can develop a language in different ways.

What you see when kids start playing together with their dollhouses, is a language-rich, beautiful and simple, and imaginative play that completely absorbs their world!

Kids create self-esteem by roleplaying.

In the dollHouse world, anything, and everything is possible in a magical way.

Dollhouses help children to learn how to roleplay and you can’t play until you believe in yourself!

Often times it is easier to let the miniature objects play a role than to play a role yourself.

Roleplaying with miniatures and dolls

Also, toddlers start imitating their parents. By imitating you, they will also learn that the world continues to exist even without you watching them.

It will start with simple actions like giving their doll a drink but then become more and more extensive.

All of this will be great for social learning later in life.

Learn about the seasons.

Learning about the seasons can be achieved by creating different sceneries during the year in the Doll House.

When autumn starts, for example, you can add little polymer mushrooms, leaves, chestnuts, and other nuts.

If you are using dolls you can replace them with gnomes in autumn and thus create an autumn forest!

This helps the children to see the changes in nature during the changing of Seasons and learn new words that turn into new stories for role-playing.

The Whole Family Bonding

Creating dollhouses, miniatures and dioramas doesn’t have to be a solo project.

Oftentimes you can see that when you buy a dollhouse for your daughter it quickly becomes a whole family project, where everybody adds a little piece of themselves into that dollhouse.

Seeing the whole family come together to build and decorate the little house can be so much fun.

Building a family project.

Mostly because there is something to do for everyone.

Do you like to build the foundation of the dollhouse with wood and glue or would you rather be the dollhouse furniture builder?

Or would you rather paint or decorate the walls or be the seamstress to make linen and cushions for the doll house? There is a task for everyone.

And that is what bonds the family together! And yes that goes for boys too!

No Rules In This House!

How many girls do these days still are ruined by rules?

As much as parents these days would love to be a no-rules kind of mum or dad they are also usually practical, as it is just how society works.

I mean you don’t have to follow a recipe by the letter, but if you change everything, the food wouldn’t be tasty anymore either, now would it?

No rules in a dollhouse!

But in the Doll House there are no other rules than being kind and gentle.

So so this means when you play with your daughter and her dollhouse, this is not the time to correct or fix any “mistakes”, but just let her be herself. There are no rules in the fantasy world or for the dollhouse!

Learn About Spatial Awareness And Even Maths!

All doll houses are very educational for children!

For example, playing with a wooden bear requires some imagination.

Because after all, most children have only seen a bear a few times in a zoo.

You can for example ask your children to reorganize their dollhouse to accommodate more people, and create spatial awareness.

When dad or mum is creating a new piece of miniature furniture, you can show your kid how you take the measurements, for example.

After that, you can for example ask your children to measure a surface, like a floor.

Simple math tasks can be asked of your kids as well, like asking to make more room at the dining table, because “2 people are joining the doll family for dinner”. 🙂

Several Hours Of Play.

Dollhouses tend to be played with for a longer time than other toys.

Oftentimes in households, you can tell and literally see that the dollhouse has been used a lot more and longer than other toys.

Kids return to the dollhouse over and over again throughout the year.

The love for the dollhouse can be renewed with each new miniature item.

Creating something new you or a season change or even just rearranging the furniture, and redecorate and your kids will start playing all over again.

Dollhouses for Adults: 6 Advantages Of Crafting Dollhouses And Miniatures For Elderlydoll house play benefits

So as I told you before, it is not just children that want to play with dollhouses but adults as well.

And this is for several reasons, being mental as well as physical.

Let’s discuss a few:

Crafting miniatures releases mental stress.

Studies have shown that creating art and crafting can relieve mental stress at any age.

And this would also involve dollhouses and miniatures.

Not just creating or collecting, but things like redecorating and painting are a fantastic way to take your mind and soul away from the sorrows of daily life and can even relieve depression.

Learn new skills at any age.

Have you always wanted to learn something new on your coming pension? Well, you are not alone!

Many people finally have the time to learn a new skill when “the job is done” and don’t want to get stuck on the couch for the rest of their lives.

And this might come as a surprise, but not everyone has ever learned any kind of art in their childhood or later. So why not start with miniatures?

It can improve motoric skills and coordination.

You would need to improve hand-eye coordination when crafting dollhouses and miniatures.

To start and try things out, I would recommend getting a miniature kit and seeing if you are advancing in that field.

Or maybe, you can buy already assembled dollhouses and just (re)decorate them or/and collect dollhouse furniture and place them the way you like it or as you would decorate your real size house.

Let’s maintain coordination while getting older!

It is totally up to you to find out how “deep” you want to go with this hobby.

Another similar benefit of crafting miniatures is that it increases focus and most definitely: patience! 🙂

Strengthens social bonds.

Besides health crises like Covid19, getting involved in miniatures and dollhouses can turn into real social gatherings.

I used to go to miniature meetings myself and even took several courses, held in miniature stores even.

Social bonding remains important at any age.

And why not organize these meetings yourself, explaining in your own home something more about the simple projects that you can work on together?

It is so much fun, trust me! 😉

Believe it or not: it is a very light form of exercise.

Trust me: if you would be sitting in my crafting place for a while, you would notice that crafting miniatures is not being as immobile as just sitting on the couch watching TV.

(By the way: this is my crafting place in the video below):

My treehouse, for example, that I am working on, is at eyesight, so I need to stand up first to work further on it now.

Especially if I need to cut wood with my little crafting table saw, I need to go back and forward lots of times during the day to measure things out, cut some more if not enough, glue the pieces to the house, etc.

Your body moves a lot, really!

I would assume this would be the same for painting, for example. Lots of people paint standing up as well:-)

Your arms, shoulders, etc, have a little workout as well. Don’t believe me? Just give it a try and you’ll see 😉

Dollhouses Can Tell Your Own Life Story Or Special Interest.

Dollhouses have been around for a long time and one of the nicest things is that they can tell us a story about the time I’m and the country in which they are made.

The Dutch, for example, used to create cabinet dollhouses. While American dollhouses were often open at the back, English dollhouses usually had a beautiful front door.

On the other hand, people in my Facebook group often talk about something awful (or nice thing!) that happened in their lives, and then they try to reconstruct a dollhouse or miniature kit that tells exactly the same personal story.

And I think that’s beautiful!

More questions answered about doll house play benefits.

More questions came up on Google when people were talking about dollhouse play benefits and I will try to answer them for you!

Is a doll house good for kids?

Well yes, it has many advantages, as explained above!

Do the same benefits of doll house play count for todlers as well?

As you can have a toddler of only 2 years old already playing with a dollhouse, it can give the same benefits of doll house play as well.

How can I take safety precautions for a child that wants to play with a dollhouse?

I have explained all about dollhouse safety in this blog post here.

My Final Conclusion

So there you have it, 13 reasons why children, but also adults, should create dollhouses and miniatures, but of course also “play” with them.

And no, this is not really unusual or “useless” at all! 🙂

If you have any questions on this topic or if you would like to add something, please leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Also, I am on almost any social media channel out there and I have a Facebook group that you and your friends can join. Please do!

I wish you happy crafting!

Kind regards,


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  1. Thank you for sharing this great post about 13 reasons why kids should play with dollhouses, you make me remember when my girls were little, they still young but they barely play with their dollhouses anymore because they’re into sports, but one of the dollhouses that my daughter loved was the calico critter. I used to help them to put it together and we played for hours. they still played sometimes with their calico critter and they still grow in their collection.

    and like you mentioned it helped them work together and be more sociable.
    We used to have so much fun and I agree with you the adults should play too.

    Thank you 

    • Hi Gv Porras,

      Thank you so much for your positive feedback and yes: keep playing, it does you good in this difficult world ! 😉

      Kind regards,


  2. This is a very interesting article and I enjoyed reading through it. Generally, play is an essential part of life, especially during childhood. According to research playing benefits the brain. When children play they tend to take  the roles of adults like the parents or teachers, these make them think critically as they try to mimic adults’ actions.

    As they do this continually, they develop in different areas psychologically.

    • Hi Bethel!

      You are absolutely right and thanks for the confirmation!

      I wish everyone happy playing!

      Kind regards,


  3. Hi Lizzy,
    Have you read about the Hobbit house created by a woman in New Zealand some good years ago? Amazing. She donated it to a museum. If you haven’t, I can send you the link.
    I myself am working on a large, traditional Japanese dollhouse.
    So much fun and a creative and psychological outlet.
    Bless you for sharing your affirmation!
    all best regards,


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