The 9 Best Handmade Dollhouses- Some Insights

My favorite type of dollhouse for sure is handmade dollhouses.

Most of all, because they are made of wood and that is, you guessed it, my favorite material for anything concerning crafts and art objects.

For sure, you can make your own dollhouse by hand, and get all of the needed power tools yourself, but lots of dollhouse makers have that extra “touch” and this is what I wanted to show you in this blog post.

Let’s just dive straight into these fantastic handmade dollhouse makers.

1. DecorativeWoodHobby

This USA-based crafter and seller on Etsy creates wonderful wooden dollhouses and handmade Toddler Gifts, like wooden parking garages!

The designs are incredible and very creative, very suitable for little kids and toddlers.

You can finish them in any style you like, and paint them. Or just leave them blank as they are, it is totally up to you 😉

They seem easy to assemble and the shipping cost is free!

2. Palumba Camden Rose

Julie Alexander from Palumba Camden Rose from Michigan makes gorgeous natural wooden toys and home goods.

It looks like these are mostly made for toddlers.

Of course, she also creates solid dollhouse furniture and very cute dollhouses.

The dollhouses and dollhouse furniture is made from cherry wood hardwood and maple wood and the scale seems to be on 1:12.

3. ElvesandAngelsToys

Now, Juliane Smith from Elves and Angelt Toys is another level of breathtaking handmade dollhouses!

These are high-quality, handcrafted toys, wooden play kitchens, and quite original, they’re lovely!

They sell wooden play kitchens, dollhouses, Walldorf play stands, farm and stable play, tables/chairs/bookcases, etc.

What makes these special as well, is for example the handcrafted wooden castle, nice! These are made from hardwood.

4. MearsFineCrafts

Would you like to keep it “simple”, but sturdy, and totally design the rest of the dollhouse itself? Then Trey Mears just might have the right houses for you.

These are made with premium Pinewood. It looks like these are most suited for Barby-like dolls, according to their scale.

There are only 2 available, so please don’t hesitate too long!

5. Karens Dollhouse

If I understand this well, Karen Aird restores pre-owned handmade dollhouses and also adds dolls for the particular dollhouse.

This style of handmade dollhouses is absolutely amongst my favorites, I mean just look at the pictures below!

She also sells other things like (vintage) dollhouse furniture and dolls that are sure worth taking a look at.

The scale is 1:12th.

6. Drumtime

For once, we have a different scale of dollhouses here: on a scale of 1:24, and they are adorable!

Dave from Drumtime sells all basswood 1:24 scale little houses covered with mystic vines and flowers (in plastic), no cardboard is used.

He has sweet little miniature dollhouses, fairy houses, gnome houses, or shabby chic accessories, with excellent craftsmanship!

Let the pictures below be the proof of that!

The interiors are painted and ready for you to finish to your tastes or you could just leave it the way it is and empty.

7. KoshkaStudio

Elena Patton from KoshkaStudio in Texas creates handmade wooden dollhouses.

I don’t see a scale mentioned for these cute houses, but I would think it is about 1:24?

Anyway, the measurements are always in the description of the piece.

Like for this illuminated wooden miniature Moscow mansion.

It is made from the following materials: electric string, plastic details, polymer clay, cardboard, plywood, and reclaimed wood.

She also creates wooden miniature cottages (blockhouses) and gnome houses. Isn’t that adorable?

8. My Gipsy Valentine

Kathy Short from “My Gipsy Valentine” creates Bohemian and Gypsy Inspired Jewelry and Art.

Her little houses are handmade from paint, paper clay, heavy-duty cardboard, so this time there’s no wood involved.

9. MilinToy

Jerzy from “MilinToy” is a European company that creates wooden toys.

They make products to entertain and teach children, which is their mission statement.

Also, they dedicate their toys to conscious parents who are looking for ecological, educational toys made of the highest quality materials.

The dollhouse villas are made entirely of wood, are engraved and all elements can be put together using no screws at all.

My Final Conclusion.

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post on these artists with handmade dollhouses, they are very much all over the world.

If you have any questions or would you just like to chat, then please leave a message below in the comment section.

Or join my social media channels or Facebook group.

As always, I wish you happy crafting!

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4 thoughts on “The 9 Best Handmade Dollhouses- Some Insights”

  1. OMG. All of these dollhouses are so cute! I might want to refer this to my cousins. If I may ask a question, is it hard to make it by hand? 

    I think my personal favorite one is the Palumba Camden Rose. It’s more like a summer house! So cool!

    Thank you for sharing this great article!

    • Hi Sugiya!

      The one from Palumba Camden is fantastic, a good choice!

      About your question, I think that anyone can make a dollhouse, with help from the right power tools , building plans and just to will to create 😉

      I wish you happy crafting!

      Kind regards


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