Top Modern Dollhouses – The 50 Most Original Ones!

If you have checked out my FAQ page, you can see that I have talked about most dollhouse styles by now on my website, but never about something obvious: modern dollhouses.

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And I think it was about time I did, don’t you think so as well? πŸ˜‰

So I was diving some more into this world of peculiar and/or modern dollhouses and found a lot more of them that intrigued me and that I wanted to share. So let’s go!

Are you looking for modern dollhouse furniture? Please check out this blog post!

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But First: What Are Modern Dollhouses?

There is not so much to say about this style of dollhouse actually.

I would describe a modern dollhouse as contemporary, mostly made from wood, and it can have modern LED miniature lights or even little solar panels or lights working on solar energy.

Lights working on solar energy you say, Lizzy? Oh yes, for sure, I am using a small string light for my fairy houses outside, working with a little solar panel πŸ˜‰

But I would think that it can still have different styles, from Scandinavian to hip and more, and I will show you 50 different ideas or examples in the list of modern dollhouses below!

1. Frank Halmans’ modern Dollhouse On A Vacuum Cleaner.

Frank Halmans is an artist from the Netherlands who has created some funny dollhouse-related pieces of art.

Like this “modern dollhouse-on-a-vacuum cleaner” and a large “bookhouse” that you can fill with books! Quite original, wouldn’t you think?

2. Noelino Toys: wooden modern doll houses

I just love how every toy and dollhouse in this store is handmade with wood and original. One of my favorites for modern dollhouses.

There’s a wooden treehouse, a wooden farm set, a Waldorf dollhouse, and more. Take a closer look at the store!

3. Replica dollhouses.

Have you ever seen mailboxes as a replica of a real-sized house? People tend to laugh at this and think it is “kitsch”, which sometimes: yes it is haha.

Seen on the “Ugly Belgian Houses” – Facebook page

But on the other hand, I do think that being able to create an exact replica of your own house is really professional because you need to know what you are doing, no? I mean, I don’t think it is that easy at all..

Anyway: a very nice example of a fantastic artist creating replicas of a house is The Arne Jacobsen Doll House by MiiBoxen, available on Minimii.

4. Eco – Dollhouses With Solar-Pannelsvery modern!

In these days of environmental challenges, it is important to teach your children about ecological solutions regarding energy.

Ecological and modern dollhouses are a fantastic way to show them how everything works and show them the future of our homes.

A very nice example of a “green” dollhouse is this one from Plan toys.

It has solar panels, and a windmill, and is made from non-toxic natural materials such as organic Rubberwood.

Plan Toys has eco toys and dollhouses.

Some time ago, there was also this dollhouse on the market, but it doesn’t seem available anymore.

This is sad, because the blue color and technical details make it seem suitable for boys as well, why not?!

5. Dollhouse-Inspired furniture.

You can find so much furniture for your children’s rooms these days and I love it!

There are dollhouse bookcases, room dividers, wardrobes, and so many more pieces of furniture that are dollhouse-inspired on the market. More than you may realize!

Take a look at this Etsy store, for example, it sells beautiful dollhouse-inspired furniture.

6. Very Lifelike and Modern Dollhouses And Roomboxes.

You might miss out on very lifelike and modern dollhouses, like one that you would want to move straight into in real life, with modern applications.

Well, I have found at least one company for you: Paris Renfroe Design.

Not only have they created modern miniature furniture, but even a modern style of houses: living in containers, but in miniature size!

The creations are called The M112 Pod house and they have several modern stuff in their online store.

There is even a gallery-room box with real little paintings in it!

7. Dollhouses That Aren’t Really “Houses”

How about playing with something that doesn’t really look like a “house”, but that you could still consider being a “dollhouse”, including dollhouse furniture and “dolls”?

Or not? I will leave it up to you πŸ˜‰ Take a look at this Etsy seller called Masalinka.

8. Qubis Doll House Tables

Made in the UK, the dollhouse tables from Qubis are quite different and totally amazing!

These are handcrafted by Amy Whitworth and have a permanent exhibition at the V&A Museum of Childhood.

They have a multi-functionality: on the one hand as a modern coffee table, and on the other hand, it is a doll house with sliding panels made from wood and perspex, enabling the “decorator” to create different compartments and rooms.

9. Cardboard dollhouses.

A quite hip trend is creating (modern) dollhouses by using cardboard. And most of all, people make some amazing things this way!

I have found this fantastic example on Youtube, can you believe that this is made from cardboard?

If you would need to look for premade cardboard dollhouse kits, you could always check on Etsy, as there are several artists out there and I will talk about them later.

But this next store from the Ukrain that I found has breathtaking miniature kits made from cardboard, wow!

Moms ManufactureStore:

It is quite expensive at the moment, but the prices will go back to normal again when the war is over, you could support the store though!

10. Luxurious Modern Dollhouses.

In the series of modern dollhouses, we can’t skip the modern brand Barbie and her new kind of architecture for a Barbie dollhouse, no?

This one is quite remarkable, I must say, and it sure is modern!

Not only does it look modern, but it is a high-class and luxurious design that is a modern architectural wonder.

This home has multiple layers, very geometric and extra-large, with a pink exterior and floor-to-ceiling glass windows.

Barby will need this eco-friendly home after her long day at work πŸ˜‰

11. Mark Turpin Miniature Architecture.

It’s like things just keep getting more extraordinary while I’m searching for more modern dollhouses.

If you don’t know the miniaturist Mark Turpin, it is time that you did!

This artist produces one-of-a-kind dollhouses, rooms, and miniature furniture, architecturally correct, for collectors and thus custom-made, unlimited by the style.

You can visit his gallery pages here. This contains classical and traditional styles, but also contemporary structures, which is the topic of this article.

12. Glass Dollhouses

Would you think that it’s possible to create a glass dollhouse, or at least with a lot of glass?

Well, it sure is! Just take a look at this perfect example of “Emmersondollhouse” from Brinca Dada. What do you think?

13. A Very Large Lifesized Modern Dollhouse At Grand Central Station.

If you ever walked past Grand Central Station in New York in 2013, you might have noticed this large and lifesized “dollhouse” that was set up there to show off the Threshold collection of Target.

You could walk just right through it!

14. A Dollhouse by Kathy Osborn.

Kathy Osborn is mainly a photographer, graphic artist, and children’s book illustrator, but she is also getting a lot of attention for her fabulous modern dollhouse of a 21st-century house.

Take a look at the Youtube video below to get some inspiration from her.

15. Cute Fruit Shaped Dollhouses.

“Rock and Pebble” has the cutest designs in fruit-shaped dollhouses that I have not seen anywhere else, not on Etsy, not on eBay, etc.. Lovely!

@ Artists using laser cutting machinery: there’s another idea for your Etsy store and others! πŸ™‚

16. Dollhouse miniatures in a dresser.

Make it easy on yourself and your kids, and have your dollhouse miniatures stacked in a dresser. Like in this example from kidsomania.

17. The Roomboxes From Peter Tucker.

Peter Tucker is a craftsman who creates miniature room boxes with modern classical furniture like Corbusier or Reitveld. You can find an expanded article on this artist here.

18. Paper dollhouse that you can color!

Have you ever seen these, dollhouses in 3D that you (or your kids lol), can color? I think that is an amazing way to spend your time or keep your children busy.

“MosesKnows” is the developer and used to be on Etsy, who knows if he will get back one day!

19. Roominate, made by graduate students.

This dollhouse is quite unique in the sense that it is not a typical “girly” dollhouse.

It is developed by 3 graduate students and this house was the first toy that they designed.

What’s so special about this is that it has circuits and custom-built parts, so that girls won’t just learn how to do housekeeping, but learn about what goes into actually building one.

20. Tiny little modern dollhouse art-inspired

How about a little dollhouse that is inspired by art, on a scale of 1:144? I think it is very cute!

It says that it is inspired by Eames, but I would think it is more inspired by Mondriaan honestly. What do you think? Check out more details here.

21. A Cool Way To Store Cigars!

Would you think that there are cigars behind this dollhouse facade? I wouldn’t have known!

The LINLEY ‘Partagas Serie D’ is created after the “Real FΓ‘bricas de Tabaco PartagΓ‘s”, an old cigar factory in Havana.

22. The minimalistic wooden dollhouse.

Why not have a minimalistic design in wood for a modern dollhouse, with minimalistic, but practical “dolls”, also in wood?

This artist on Etsy has it for you, take a closer look here!

23. A Dollhouse Puzzle!

I have no clue who the designer is of this jigsaw dollhouse puzzle, but this is fantastic, what an idea!

When a kid assembles the pieces of miniature furniture, it gets the shape of a dollhouse!

24. Dollhouses in a suitcase!

As I mentioned in my article on using all kinds of things as a container for a roombox, people also craft miniatures in a suitcase and thus make a “dollhouse” in this way.

With oftentimes a fantastic result, have a look at these sellers on Etsy:

  • Are you traveling with your dollhouse? πŸ™‚

By Alin AhsapDiyari

  • This is just lovely!

By KellyArtCo

25. A variation on the previous topic, make a dollhouse from a suitcase!

Bo Christian Larsson has done exactly that: create dollhouses with the help of vintage suitcases!

26. A Beach Dollhouse!

Why not get a modern dollhouse that you can see having it straight unto a (fake) tiny beach?

This seller from Etsy has one that you might fancy πŸ˜‰

27. A modern dollhouse needs a garage!

A modern dollhouse means that you need a garage for your car or motorbike, wouldn’t you think?

Check it out here.

28. Dollhouse-inspired bookcases.

What about a double-function bookcase that can function as a dollhouse as well? These are so-called dollhouse bookcases!

Doesn’t this one from Sarah Dos Santas look cheerful? Makes you happy just seeing it!

29. A Dollhouse in a treestump.

Isn’t this a fantastic idea, putting a dollhouse in a “treestump”?

Have a look at the store to see more pictures. On the outside, it is a tree stump, then you open it and tatatatataa: there are 2 parts making it a sturdy dollhouse to play with!

30. Contemporary dollhouse toys

TDO architecture has created this contemporary dollhouse which is also a lamp (yes!).

The design was based on the principles of Le Corbusier’s famed Villa Savoye, completed in 1929.

31. Get some privay in a “dollhouse box”

Isn’t this peculiar, have you ever seen anything like it?

Designer Soojin Hyon has made this desk-in-a-dollhouse-box, where you are totally closed off from the world and have lots of privacy.

It looks a bit too claustrophobic for me though haha.

32. Create your own bioclimatic ecological house

Dollshouse Roomboxes” has some special kinds of dollhouse kits on sale.

Amongst them is this model kit that is a science project at the same time: it is a bioclimatic ecological house and you can proudly display it on your desktop.

33. Minimalist dollhouse homes.

This name in the dollhouse world, you might have heard about before: Brinca Dada.

It is vintage on the one hand, but on the other hand, his dollhouse designs were quite modern and minimalistic. Brinca Dada is an artist from New-York-city.

Despite the minimalist approach, Brinca Dada has paid close attention to detail. Brinca Dada has definitely captured the essence of dollhouses with his versions.

34. Little guitares in a big guitar!

Sometimes people create very creative miniatures! Have a look at this guitar filled with miniatures.

And now, have a closer look, it is packed with mini guitars and other miniature music instruments!

(artist unknown, found on Pinterest)

35. Turn a Barbie House into a much more modern dollhouse!

” Paperandgluedreams” has turned her daughter’s Barbie house into this gorgeous modern dollhouse!

Isn’t the result way better than the original one?

36. A Foldable Modern Wooden Dollhouse for your kid’s Barbies!

Oooh yes, for sure! I am quite excited about this large Barbie house, made from wood!

This foldable wooden dollhouse sure beats the plastic ones, wouldn’t you agree? It is on sale by JamToySLNC

This is what it looks like when it’s closed, so you can bring the whole dollhouse with you on holiday, etc!

37. A Sustainable Mid-Century Modern Dollhouse With Matching Furniture

The artist and designer called Krista Peel from 3-star Studio designed and created a mid-century 3/4 scale dollhouse designed for kids, families, teens, decorators, model-makers, and collectors.

Inspired by their young daughter, they wanted to create a dollhouse that is recommended for ages 2 and up.

She sells a lot of modern and contemporary design miniatures as well and I might have written a separate blog post on her designs πŸ˜‰

38. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry made from Lego blocks!

You MUST click on this link to see all the pictures! (You will be amazed!)

This version of Hogwarts is made of about 400,000 bricks and took 12 months to build. It is designed to be architecturally accurate and completely playable. The artist is Alice Finch!

39. A Cardboard Dollhouse and a Matchbox- a peculiar design!

At an exhibition curated by StudioXAG , this cardboard dollhouse had giant hands above it and a matchbox for a dining table. Pretty peculiar, but somehow intriguing and it seems to “match”!

40. 3D Dollhouse popup books.

I have talked about popup books before in a previous blog post, but there are so many more original sellers on Etsy and they are all quite amazing πŸ˜‰

For example is this seller called “Lovelyscrolling” and her pop-up book house called “Miss Lily Shades 3D House book“. Lovely indeed!

41. Marc Giai-Miniet’s multi-level and “dark” dollhouses

The dollhouses with multi-levels from Marc Giai Miniet, are definitely not created for children, but more meant as collector items.

They have gray and dark colors, and dark themes featuring dungeons and laboratories, and other spooky topics πŸ™‚

42. A Tiny Modern Dollhouse Farmhouse.

I didn’t know that a modern farmhouse could be this tiny, on a scale of 1:144!

The one below is actually being sold on Etsy by JessicaCloeMinis.

43. Educational dollhouses for girls from Roominate.

Why not teach young girls something while playing with their dollhouse? And no, I don’t mean how to do the housekeeping lol.

The dollhouses from Roominate (a project by female engineering graduates), allow little girls to create their own dollhouses.

They are even complete with their own circuit system and teach girls how to be resourceful from a young age. That’s what I like to see!

44. A collapsable wooden dollhouse that you can carry as a briefcase!

This modern country dollhouse with a pergola from Puuzle is collapsable and you can carry it around easily when it is collapsed, like a briefcase! What a fantastic design!

45. A Felt gingerbread dollhouse

Childhood memories bring you back to gingerbread and eatable dollhouses, but what about this felted gingerbread dollhouse?

You can make this yourself with the help of this kit on Etsy! (not to be eaten though lol)

46. The Other way around: a real life Barbie “Dollhouse”

How about switching things around for a bit?

And construct a real-size house that is a copy of a Barbie dollhouse? What do you think? Not quite sure here myself haha. I mean: that’s a LOT of PINK!

Check out the EatonhouseStudio!

47. A Transformer-dollhouse/chair !

This is handy, on the one hand, you can sit on it (chair) and after you’re tired of sitting, you can start to play again with the dollhouse!

Transformers; more than meets the eyes! (sorry, youth sentiments πŸ™‚ )

By Torafu.

48. Top Architects design for charity.

So, 20 architects and designers assembled their forces to create their own modern dollhouses for a charity fundraising project called A Doll’s House.

And they were auctioned in 2013 at Bonhmams to benefit the charity for disabled children.

49. A Hobbit Dollhouse!

I think I’ve mentioned this Hobbit dollhouse/shire before, but by now I’m getting a little bit confused from all my blog posts written or not written πŸ™‚

Anyways, it doesn’t harm to show this piece of beautiful art once again: the Hobbit Home Dollhouse!

Created by Maddie Brindley (click on the link for the whole story and lots of pictures!)

50. A kid’s bed inspired from a dollhouse!

And finally, ladies and gentlemen, the last “modern” dollhouse for today! ( “wipes the sweat off her forehead” ).

Last, but not least, this gorgeous dollhouse-inspired bed for kids!

This specific model by Pottery Barn Kids takes a fun approach to the concept of a loft bed, disguised as a mini cottage.

The space below the “dollhouse bed” is filled with kitchen appliances and toys.

My Final Conclusion

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post on modern dollhouses and it will be expanded over time because I have a lot more to say on this!

If you have any more questions on this topic, please leave a comment below in the comment section or join me on my social media channels below or my fantastic Facebook group!

I wish you happy crafting!

Kind regards,


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  1. Wow, this is amazing to find that a modern doll’s house actually have solar panels and light can work on solar energy. I am really impressed that the energy saving technology has been incorporated into modern dollhouses. Some of these are simply amazing, specially the modern Barbie house. Any Barbie lover would love that.

    My granddaughter has her birthday coming up and she loves dollhouses, so I will be having a closer look to see if one of these will be good for her. 

    • Hi Line!

      It sure is amazing what people invent these days, isn’t it ? πŸ™‚

      I wish you much fun with your granddaughter’s birthday and her new dollhouse! πŸ˜‰

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  2. Hi Lizzy, What a great article about modern dollhouses. I had no idea that there was such a flourishing business in this area. It is many years since I was a little girl and my dollhouse was of the traditional kind – and I loved it. Some of the designs look absolutely spectacular. I especially liked the modular coffee table type of design and the cute fruit shaped houses. What will they think of next? Best wishes, Jenni.

    • Hi Jenni

      Thanks for all the compliments and yes I like the coffee table design too, talk about mulit-functional πŸ˜‰

      Have fun!

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