41 Handmade Or Homemade Dollhouses That Will Make You Want To Be A Tiny Person

Handmade and homemade dollhouses are everywhere on the internet, some even more lovely than others.

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During the years, I have kept so many links to gorgeous or peculiarly designed dollhouses, that it was time that I made an expanded list of them all 😉

Will you follow me on my next journey?

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Update 19/12/23

Homemade Dollhouse number 1: Made From Fabric!

I have actually found several dollhouses made from fabric and I thought I’d mention a few of them. These are quite special in my opinion!

And very cute and safe to play with by toddlers.

This is created by Pockets of learning

And this handmade fabric dollhouse is made by Joyce Gets Crafty

Handmade Dollhouse number 2: White Wooden dollhouse

This wooden and homemade dollhouse represents a villa is white, is engraved, and includes white pieces of miniature furniture.

All elements can be put together without screws.

I love the look of it!

This dollhouse is created by @ Milin Toy

Homemade Dollhouse number 3: a dollhouse in a suitcase!

Not a “dollhouse” exactly, but this suitcase is suitable as one! And if you just close it, it becomes portable so that you can take it with you everywhere 😉

I wrote an in-depth article about dollhouse suitcases!

This portable dollhouse suitcase is created by @Alin Ahsap Diyari

Homemade Dollhouse number 4: a portable and foldable dollhouse

Another portable dollhouse, but this time not in a suitcase, but a wooden and foldable one.

It says it is an “Amish” handcrafted dollhouse, but I’m not sure why it is Amish.

This dollhouse looks modern and I love its wooden and sturdy look of it!

This dollhouse is created by @ PA Dutchman shop

Homemade Dollhouse number 5: The Painted Lady Dollhouse

This finished dollhouse, painted, wallpapered, and decorated floors/doors/molding, including lights, was originally a dollhouse kit from a company named RealGood Toys.

It took +100 hours to complete, has a very fine design, and you can put any miniature furniture inside as you please.

Can you imagine living inside this house?

This homemade dollhouse is created by @ Dollhouses by Sally

Homemade Dollhouse number 6: A modern “Fleur De Cottage” dollhouse

This cute little dollhouse is handmade and made from wood.

This is a 2-story 1:12 scale dollhouse, with an opening window and door, white wooden floors, a porch, a cupola, and a staircase. Plus beautiful flowers as decoration.

I find it very cute and people buying this handmade cottage seem very happy with their purchase.

This cute cottage was created by Tiny Snow Dropz

Dollhouse number 7: a model scale dollhouse on a scale of 1:48

Do you have dollhouse accessories on a scale of 1:48 which are looking for a place to stay?

Then this cute little cottage on this very small scale might just be suitable for it!

This little cottage is created by @ Botany Bears

Dollhouse number 8: country cottage mansion

The next dollhouse is constructed from a Greenleaf’s Harrison model.

The current owner started working on it in December of 2021 with a cozy and unique design in mind.

She wanted it to feel like it belonged in Stars Hallow with some light florals, gingham, and deep jewel tones. It has seven one-of-a-kind, fully decorated rooms.

One room even has a little dollhouse of its own!

This gorgeous house is created by Minie Pixie Dreamhouse.

Dollhouse number 9: a vintage miniature dollhouse

Let’s take a look at this vintage house made in 1989.

It is made from pine wood and the curtains are hand crocheted. For people who love a sturdy wooden vintage dollhouse!

You can find this house in this store by @ Compton Creative

Dollhouse number 10: Vine Covered Coastal Country Cottage

A dollhouse on a scale that we haven’t mentioned before: scale 1:24.

This coastal country cottage is covered in vines and could be presented as a fairy house in your mini garden, why not?

You can have a look at this cottage by @ Drum Time

Dollhouse number 11: An even tinier dollhouse!

Have you ever seen homemade dollhouses this tiny?

Well, they do exist, on a scale of 1:144, hard to believe? You don’t need to believe me, you can go check it out below 😉

It is made from solid cast resin and it could fit your 1:12 scale dollhouse!

This tiny dollhouse was crafted by Miniature Crush

Dollhouse number 12: A Lauren Victorian dollhouse

This is a very large dollhouse, that you would need to assemble yourself, but what a challenge!

It is a DIY dollhouse puzzle, which means that you do have some work to do, but the result is a copy of a home in Laurel Delaware in the US, and its design is in the Gothic style.

This house has 3 stores and has striking detail in its millwork and gorgeous colonial windows.

This large DIY dollhouse is created by @silk artworld

Dollhouse number 13: a dollhouse and bookshelf in one!

I love how people can create a dollhouse from a bookshelf! It is large enough this way for children to play with all kinds of dolls and sizes.

It comes with a lot of pieces of furniture, but you can basically use it for other stuff as well, like stuffed animals.

This dollhouse/bookshelf is made by Rajbh Articrafts

Dollhouse number 14: A Gothic Haunted Dollhouse Witch House

This witchy dollhouse looks amazing and is very expanded, I am sure that you will agree!

I will just show you how beautiful this is with pictures this time 😉

This fantasy dollhouse created with a big piece of imagination is created by Really Gothic.

Dollhouse number 15: A magnolia dollhouse farm

This modest little dollhouse is simple, yet lovely.

I love the simplicity of the black-and-white colors and is handmade from wood.

Take a closer look at this house created by The Boho Wardrobe

Dollhouse number 16: Fairy House Handmade OOAK Fae Pixie 

I have created and will continue to create my own fairy houses, but this one looks fantastic as well and it is giving me new ideas 🙂

It is a handmade OOAK Fae Pixie Elf Cottage and if I was a fairy, I would want to live in it!

This fairy house is created by @ Missys Vintage corner

Dollhouse number 17: A cherry wood dollhouse!

This beautiful wooden dollhouse is made from cherry wood and looks very sturdy with great craftsmanship, do you agree?

I would surely like to live in a wooden, natural, real-size house like this one haha!

This wooden and open dollhouse is created by @ Palumba Camden Rose

Dollhouse number 18: Un Souvenir Dollhouse Conservatory

This dollhouse conservatory really caught my eye, as it is quite elegant and made by a professional!

It is luxurious and has high-class dollhouse furniture, in my opinion. Check it out!

As you can see, this is made by Cinderella Moments

Dollhouse number 19: A French Cottage Dollhouse

Let’s have a change in style, so why not a little cottage in the French style? 😉

It is rather basic, but I am sure that you could add a lot of greeneries (I can just imagine the lavender!) and furniture to turn it into your own place!

This french dollhouse is crafted by Ponies In The Garden

Dollhouse number 20: A tiny dollhouse for a dollhouse

Isn’t this cute and can it get any tinier? Well, maybe, but still 😉

This colorful and furnished little dollhouse, decorated with country flowers is created by Creative Crafts For U.

Dollhouse number 21: New Orleans dollhouse kit.

This New Orleans-inspired dollhouse kit in 1:144 scale is made from plywood and includes wooden pieces to build the structure and base and interior window details & front door.

So elegant!

This DIY dollhouse kit can be found on Etsy by Faithminiatures

Dollhouse number 22: Country Dollhouse Farmhouse

This farmhouse dollhouse is another vintage and solid one from the 1980s.

It is made from pine wood with cut moldings, siding, shutters, a front porch with turned railings, and windows with curtains.

The interior has a wood floor, staircase, and wallpaper. Are you ready to move in your vintage miniature furniture?

This wooden dollhouse is being sold by Schearbrothers.

Dollhouse number 23: An abandoned diorama room box

This dollhouse room box is quite peculiar! It represents an abandoned house with a post-apocalyptic look.

This OOAK piece has an intentional dilapidated feeling, made from balsa wood and foam core. And it is very realistic!

You can find this piece of art at Twisted Copper Forest

Dollhouse number 24: a Barbie-like dollhouse

We can’t miss out on a Barbie-like homemade dollhouse, now can we?

Cause it sure is handmade, a large mansion made from wood, with three stores high and suitable for your kid to play with her dolls.

This mansion dollhouse is available by Comfort and Beauty

Dollhouse number 25: A 1:144 scale Dollhouse Miniature Wooden Log Cabin

We have found another tiny one 😉 This wooden dollhouse/log cabin is on a scale of 1:144 and uterly adorable, isn’t it?

This is a DIY dollhouse kit and can be found at Miniature Rosegarden.

Dollhouse number 26: A Hearts Desire Creation

This is another one of the tiny homemade dollhouses on a scale of 1:144, and it is fully finished, so not a kit 🙂

It’s handmade, white with a blue roof , and ready to get furnished with your dollhouse furniture. If you can find any on that scale?

This cutie is crafted by @ Tiny Little Furniture

Dollhouse number 27: a real wooden dollhouse

Does it show that I really adore these handmade wooden dollhouses? 🙂

This handcrafted Waldorf/Montessori dollhouse with an open concept is breathtaking!

This fantastic dolls house is made by @ master Toymaker, David Smalley from Elves and Angels Toys

Dollhouse number 28: Chinoiserie Room Box

A very pretty and elegant Chinoiserie room box.

It is a kit that has oriental-style mural wallpaper, French doors leading to a patio/garden area, and a parquet floor.

Kit includes wallpaper, flooring, a fireplace, a chandelier, and wall sconces. Beautiful and classy!

You can find this room box kit @ Samantha Creations

Dollhouse number 29: Genevieve, Lady Victorian Wooden Dollhouse

This dollhouse you need to assemble yourself from a kit, if you like 😉

It represents a “San Francisco Painted Ladies” Victorian dollhouse called Genevieve and is made from sturdy wood.

It has 7 huge rooms and a wonderful interior space, that you can still furnish yourself.

This Victorian dollhouse kit is created by @ Miniature Rosegarden

Dollhouse number 30: Victorian Gothic Mansion

Yet another Victorian/Gothic-style dollhouse, but I can never get enough of those, can you?

This is made by @ Wood Craft Stories

Jaikes, this article is long, are we there yet? haha. Nope, let’s go on, there is more to enjoy!

Dollhouse number 31: The Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse

This dollhouse is one of the biggest out there for your children to use, that is. There are larger projects, I know 😉 Just not to “play with” haha, while this one is sturdy enough for your kids.

This bright, four-level dollhouse stands over four feet tall and has working lights and a flushing toilet and even an elevator.

This homemade dollhouse for kids is created by @ Jewel Miners. There are lots more homemade dollhouses on her page as well, go check them out!

Dollhouse number 32: Wooden Peg Doll’s House

A very small dollhouse cottage, with a backend that you can open or close for transport.

Furthermore, it has 2 stories high, made from wood, that has been painted and decorated, outside and inside, to resemble a fairytale English Tudor cottage.

Small, but cute!

This cute little house is crafted by @ Whitty Bear Designs

Dollhouse Number 33: Little House on the Prairie Cabin

This is a basic and “rough” design, a little bit “shabby”, but the more reason for me to love the style!

This scale model is modeled after the Ingalls house/cabin in the series, ‘Little House on the Prairie’.

The cabin is approx on a scale of 1:52, now you don’t see this often in the miniature world.

This little house on the prairie is crafted by @ Old West Miniatures

Dollhouse number 34: Have a custome made tiny house!

Why not have your own house or a fantasy home recreated by a professional?

These custom made houses were created by @ Make your mini

Dollhouse number 35: A Fairy House in a Victorian boot

Talk about something special that I have never seen before!

In the series of fairy houses , this is quite peculiar indeed: a fairy house in a Victorian boot.

This amazing project is made by @ Touch A Heart Creations

Dollhouse number 36: Personalized Wooden Farmhouse Shabby French

It’s a little bit of a shame that this house doesn’t have pictures with the real colors, but only black and white, but what I like is the modern look and especially the little mouses in it 😉

Mice dollhouse is made by @ Fiddle Frames and co

Dollhouse number 37: A stackable dollhouse

Wouldn’t it be great if you could stack all the rooms of a dollhouse in a different way and thus get a different structured dollhouse whenever you want to?

Well, this is when stackable homemade dollhouses come to the resque!

This stackable dollhouse is made by @ Huisje Design

Dollhouse number 38: A Duracraft Newberg Fully Furnished Classic Dollhouse

This is one of those homemade dollhouses that looks incredibely real! If the photo wasn’t taken outdoors with a larger background, you wouldn’t notice it was a miniature house instead of a real size house. Nice job!

Custom homemade dollhouses made by @ Emmy N Hiros

Dollhouse number 39: A cardboard and wooden dollhouse

Did we have a cardboard dollhouse yet in this article? Don’t think so!

Well, here’s one and it sure is pretty!

This cardboard dollhouse is made by @ Fabulous Finds by Cindy

Dollhouse number 40: An Abandoned house

An abandoned or “spooky” dollhouse is always a site to see, isn’t it? 😉 I love the imagination that went in them.

This abandonded house is created by @ Cornel 73

Dollhouse number 41: Vintage Doll House Box

This is not a literaly dollhouse, but a storage box with a dollhouse front, and as final project, I thought I’d mention it. Just because of its decorum 🙂

There we go, this was an article that I worked a long time on, writing and doing the research, I hope you enjoyed it!

This is created by @ Shabby Art Boutique

My Final Conclusion

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post on all of these homemade dollhouses!

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask them below in the comment section.

You can also join me on my social media channels or large Facebook group!

I wish you much fun with these dollhouses and happy crafting!

Kind regards,


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  1. My 4-year-old niece really loves to play with dollhouses and since her birthday is coming up, I want to give her a new dollhouse. 

    Your selection of dollhouses is really cute! ☺ Indeed, they are so tiny that I am already imagining what it would be like as a tiny person living in one of these. That would be really cool, I’m sure!

    But while these are all so pretty and adorable, I am having a hard time deciding which one is perfect for my niece. Since she already has about 2 or three dollhouses, I want to give her something that she will really like. 

    If it were to choose one for myself, I would definitely go with The Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse because it is of the right size, not too tiny and not too big. I do not have to worry about small children swallowing some of the pieces. But I know my niece loves Barbie so I’m gonna have to choose the Barbie-like homemade dollhouse. It would be perfect for her Barbie dolls.

    By the way, which among all these is your personal favorite? If you were to buy one for yourself, which one would it be and why?

    • Hi Alice

      Thank you for your wonderful comment and story, and for sure, the Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse is awesome for your niece I would think 😉

      My personal favorite is the fairy garden boot, made in a real boot, I think it is very nice art!

      Kind regards,


  2. What an amazing hobby. Though I am not a woman and never played with dolls or doll houses I can appreciate the imagination that goes into creating them.

    Not only that it takes a lot of skill and craftsmanship along with attention to detail when it comes to creating this miniature masterpieces.

    • Hi JR!

      Thank you for your positivity and for sure: there are lots of men creating (wooden) dollhouses as well. Do you know Kevin Jackson, and his Tudor dollhouses, for example? Amazing craftmanship!

      Kind regards,



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