A Top 12 List Of Luxury Mansion Dollhouses And High-End Miniatures

When Googling the word “luxury mansion dollhouses”, I basically ran into the same articles and websites that I had seen before.

On most of them, there is hardly any information available, or it is about the Kidcraft company, for example.

But I wanted to dig a little deeper, and of course, I am looking for something more handmade and original as well 🙂

Anyway, I started to dig on Pinterest, YouTube, Etsy, Instagram, and more.

Because I didn’t want to write about a factory-made luxury mansion dollhouse, but really something created from the heart.

The next blog post is what I came up with, after almost digging a rabbit hole that became way too deep haha!

At the same time, I found more than just the luxury dollhouses but also some fancy luxury miniature interiors and furniture, and even the “finest” miniature clothes!

Updated 22/09/23

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Luxury dollhouse number 1. Big man-small World

Starting with one of my all-time favorites: “Big man – Small World”.

I have found him and his breathtaking work on Instagram, and he is selling his work on Etsy as well, and his stuff really belongs well in luxury mansion dollhouses!

This artist is from Italy and is a graphic designer/ art director/ illustrator with an insane passion for miniatures, dollhouses, and OOAK creations.

He creates a lot of high-end interiors and miniatures, with a marble look, for example, and a golden finish.

Looking for miniature chandeliers, classy vases, and mantle clocks, or do you just want to check out his grand dollhouse interiors? Take a look at his Instagram page!

@Big man Small World

2. The Helmerich luxury Doll house by Jimmy Landers

Jimmy Landers from Huntingburg, Indiana created this fabulous and majestic luxurious dollhouse.

It seems you can find some more information on this dollhouse here on this website.

While I’m not sure if it is still for sale and if the article is updated, the price was listed at a stunning price of $64,900.00 and includes shipping within the continental U.S.

This grand design custom dollhouse measures 7 foot-5 inches and has 10 rooms with 2,5 baths and 8 custom-designed coal-burning and lighted fireplaces (created by Sue Cook)

Take a tour of this house by looking at the video below!

3. Tatas Luxury Miniatures

Sometimes it is a shame that certain artists aren’t to be found on Google or social media and this is one of them.

The only information I can find is that this miniaturist is from Germany and that the dollhouse rooms are handmade and have high-end miniatures, like the gorgeous vintage desk in the pictures below!

I have found Tatas miniatures on Etsy.

4. Mulvany And Rogersamongs the most fancy dollhouses in the world

I have contacted Mulvany And Rogers to be able to publish their pictures on my website, but until then, you will just have to believe me when I say that these professional miniaturists create amazing and large luxury mansion dollhouses!

Historically schooled, Mulvany and Rogers craft custom-made dollhouses and miniatures on a scale of 1:12.

Trained as historians, they aim to have their dollhouses correctly built according to history and I would advise you to check out their website to see these gorgeous dollhouses.

Let’s start with their social media pages and website:

The dollhouses build so far are:

  • Hampton Court,
  • Versailles,
  • Buckingham Palace,
  • Fontainebleau,
  • The Albert Hall,
  • Sans Souci,
  • Brighton Pavilion,
  • Malmaison,
  • Palazzo Vendramin-Calergi,
  • Casa Batlo,
  • Bagatelle,
  • Het Loo,
  • Cliveden,
  • The Garrick Club,
  • Villa Barbero,
  • Hamilton House,
  • Frampton Court,
  • Spencer House,
  • Hogwarts, Ralph Lauren,
  • Paris and Ham House,
  • Surrey.

All of these in 30 years’ time!

If you would like to see a lot more stunning pictures and techniques on how to create these dollhouses, the good news is that they have published a book as well about their work and it looks fabulous!

5. Miniature Luxury Fashion

Let’s talk about something else than dollhouses in between, but still looking quite luxurious: these dresses and accessories fashion on a scale of 1:12! (you don’t mind do you? 🙂 )

I could have kept it for another article, but then I was like: these mini clothes are surely fancy and high-end, so let’s go!

The creator of these fabulous luxury miniature clothes is called “Fashion in Miniature” and is available on Etsy. You can also find her on Instagram and keep up with everything she makes, it will astonish you 😉

6. Aida Pravia: high-end doll house furniture!

We..must..not..forget (shout it out to the people in the back): Aida Pravia!

Aida is a Spanish miniature artist who has also created grand-designed dollhouses.

Her miniature furniture pieces or something else and I think I can say quite unique.

Take a look at this Rumpelstilstking dollhouse, made in an old wooden vintage wardrobe, for example.

It is decorated from top to toe and is quite luxurious with an asking price of $5553. Is this high-end enough for you haha?

Can you imagine how much time this fantastic artist spends on painting and decorating this?

Let me show you another example: Grandma’s kitchen!

And have you seen her luxury mansion dollhouse?

Or this one, amazing, right?

7. Eda Demirel Nergiz luxury dollhouse

I found this European miniaturist on Facebook where she presented her grand design dollhouse, based on a real-life mansion named Macar Feyzullah Pasha in İstanbul, and it is absolutely stunning.

You can find more of her luxury miniatures, book nooks, and miniature decoration interiors on Etsy as well.

Make sure to check out her Instagram if you would like to see more!

8. Antonella Nardi miniLuxury miniature fashion

Let’s check out some more fancy and high-class miniatures in the fashion and accessories world!

Antonella Nardi from Italy creates the most breathtaking and fancy miniature clothes, accessories and more, like really in a luxury style and belonging in luxury mansion dollhouses for sure!

I will let the pictures below do the talking this time!

9. Colleen Moore’s Fairy Castle

Colleen Moore became a successful investor after her Hollywood career, earning $12.500 per week, which was a fortune at that time. This way she could pursue her childhood dream and passion: dollhouses.

She had designed a very charming ‘Fairy Castle’ dollhouse, which is 9 feet square and stands 14 feet tall, and has 11 rooms.

Spending half a million dollars (yes, that’s $500.000) from 1928 to 1935, she employed about 100 different craftsmen to build it.

The castle is filled with anything rich, stylish, and fancy you can imagine (have a look at the video below and be amazed!).

10. Wrambeck Miniatures

Wrambeck Miniatures creates beautiful dollhouses and miniatures.

Fascinated since childhood for miniature artists around the world, this lady called Jessica Wrambeck from Sweden, started to create miniatures herself from 2017

She bases her work on pictures and settings and finds inspiration from different time periods by doing research for it.

She can also work with different kinds of materials, like wood, clay, and more.

When a journalist contacted her for an article about her English Manor, she decided to create her website.

I would advise you to also check out her Instagram page and YouTube channel.

11. Dollshouse Unique A fancy Dollhouse!

Well, classy and luxurious for sure!

Tracey Embleton creates the most wealthily designed room boxes and she sure knows how much they are worth, so why not!

I will let you be the judge about these high-class prices with the pictures below and for more you can take a look at her webshop. (currently not selling anything)

12. A vintage Victorian Dollhouse

Talk about a luxury mansion dollhouse, this is one of them for sure!

This stunning vintage Victorian dollhouse is created by Sconnie Vintage.

It is fully furnished and painted and decorated with the most exquisite dollhouse furniture in the Victorian style.

If you would like to know more about this dollhouse, check out the description here.

My Final Conclusion.

That’s it, for now, on the topic of luxury mansion dollhouses.

I have contacted a few more miniature artists creating high-end dollhouses and miniatures, but so far I haven’t received permission or an answer from any of them to use their images from their websites or Instagram pages.

So to be continued hopefully, because there are more beauties out there for sure!

If you have any questions about this topic or just would like to chat with me, please leave a comment below in the comment section or join my social media pages or Facebook group.

I wish you happy crafting!

Kind regards,


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