Aida Pravia Miniatures-One Of The Best Sellers On Etsy!

The Aida Prava Miniatures store on Etsy has to be one of the best sellers on Etsy that I have ever seen, and it is known not just in Spain (Aida Pravia Miniaturas), but also worldwide!

Usually, I review/give some more information on Etsy shops for more than 1 shop at a time, all in just one blog post, but this one I wanted to mention this separately because it is so fantastic. My vocabulary is too limited to describe this artist, I’m perplexed!


Did I say yet how wonderful this seller is haha! Let me tell you why I think that in the blog post of today.

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Who Is Adia Pravia?

Check out the Etsy store from Aida Pravia here if you can’t wait.

Aida Pravia’s shop on Etsy sells a large range of different pieces of miniature furniture and I have also seen a small dollhouse and room boxes (those lanterns, wow!)

Some more info about this shop.

The professional miniature artist Aida Pravia has graduated in Art History and it shows!

She has experience in the miniature world for over 20 years and in the meantime has developed her own and unique style.

In December 2020, the miniature magazine called ‘DollsHouse and Miniature Scene’ also showed her work.

Once you have seen her miniature pieces, you will recognize the style and use of colors easily and of course the technical sophistication.

Looking closer at her work, you will notice that she uses relief arabesque motifs and she got pretty famous for that.

Close-up of her work.

These miniature pieces have been painted with oil paint and everything is painted in detail, as you can see in the pictures below.

She got experience by painting real-size fabrics, like the Mantle of the Virgin at Oviedo’s cathedral and the Sanctuary of Covadonga. Also, luxury shawls were painted for famous people like Her Majesty Doña Sofia Queen of Spain, and The famous Opera diva Monserrat Caballé.

Her workplace and shop can be visited in Oviedo, where she also teaches other artists how to paint and do miniatures.

Also, she has gathered during her career plenty of awards, both national and international and has participated in many fairs and exhibitions. All of this makes her one of the best sellers on Etsy, in my opinion.

You can visit her social media pages: on Facebook and Instagram. She is on Etsy since 2017, where she had over 1200 sales so far.

Here you can see a little video on her Instagram of a Christmas tree with working lights and a gramophone as well!

The price :

The prices are high-class prices, but that is pretty obvious to me. They go from $50,00 to $3639,56. And these are her shop policies.

Overall Rank.

star reviews

Where to get this item.

On Etsy.

Picture time! (there is a lot more on her Etsy shop!)

The good and the bad :

Here is where I usually make 2 lists of the ‘good and the bad‘, viewing the shops of Etsy sellers.

In my personal opinion, I can not see anything ‘bad‘ about this fantastic artist or her shop, so I am not going to go down that road.

The only ‘bad’ thing about this could be the personal problem that I have that my wallet isn’t big enough hahaha!

A few good things that I can add to this shop is :

  • free shipping
  • well packaged
  • arrived quickly
  • great customer service
  • custom orders available

More recent work from Aida Pravia miniatures on Etsy

We are now in March 2023, and in the meantime, Aida Pravia is selling constantly more work on Etsy, and is amongst the best-selling miniaturists on Etsy as well.

So I figured that I would add more pictures, let’s go!

( have you seen her Alice in Wonderland room box, for example? amazing, no!)

My Final Conclusion

I don’t think I have ever written about such as fantastic seller as Aida Pravia on Etsy before, since the start of my website.

But I just kept bumping into her wonderful work on social media, and I just hàd to write a blog post about it! And I hope you will enjoy her art as much as I am.

Do you have any questions about this article or would you like to talk some more about dollhouses and miniatures?

Then feel free to leave a comment below or join me on my newest Facebook-group.

I wish you happy crafting!

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8 thoughts on “Aida Pravia Miniatures-One Of The Best Sellers On Etsy!”

  1. I liked your website. Although I know nothing about miniatures, your website gave them a cozy, homey feel.  All of the pieces you show are beautiful.  Have you given some thought in to selling your personal work? I think you would do well if you did. I found your personal work quite beautiful. I am sure many others will too.

    • Hi nursemona!

      Thank you for your compliments. Selling my personal work would be hard I think. Like the Treehouse that I am working on right now, is quite heavy and it would be impossible I think to ship something like that across the world. But thank you for giving me the confidence! 🙂

  2. Woww what an informational post! I am not an etsy fan, but I will check it out after this because I am curious about Aida Pravia since she is Spanish. I am Filipina, but married to a Spanish and we live in Barcelona. I will definitely check this store because based on your article, she sells several religious things and my family is Catholic and we love to collect and buy religious objects for our home.

    • Hi Julai!

      Yes, Aida Pravia is Spanish and she is known very well, worldwide, for her fantastic and professional miniature work! I hope you find what you are looking for on Etsy:-)

      Have a great day,


  3. Your website is really amazing, I love looks of it and content too. I have never even tought about these things but your articles are great to read. Pictures are amazing too, it is just so sweet and homey. Keep up good work, this is trully one great site and writting.

    • Hi Barbara!

      Thank you for your comment, those keep me going to write about dollhouses and miniatures, have a great day!

      best regards,


  4. Hi her work is beautiful. Doll houses have been a part of my life since I can remember. A few years ago I bought my own I am slowly adding bits and pieces as I go my daughter’s eyes light up when she sees it. There is something magical about the miniature world! 

    I have just checked out some of your tutorials it has put me in the mood for crafting!

    • Hi Alicia!

      Her work sure is beautiful, isn’t it?

      If you are going to craft miniatures, I wish you a lot of fun with the tutorials! And if you have any more questions about them, feel free to ask them 🙂

      Kind regards,



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