One Of The Best Dollhouse Miniature Shops On Etsy – Kathleen Holmes

dollhouse miniature shops

Of course, there are a lot of magnificent dollhouse miniature shops on Etsy, like Aida Pravia and so many others. But amongst my favorites, Kathleen Holmes is a top miniaturist as well, in my opinion! Let’s dive a little deeper into her story and her work with this review and more info: Kathleen Holmes sells …

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One Of The Best Sellers On Etsy = Aida Pravia!

The best sellers on Etsy

This artist has to be one of the best sellers on Etsy that I have ever seen, and that is the shop from ‘Aida Pravia’! Usually, I review/give some more information on Etsy shops for more than 1 shop at a time, all in just one blog post, but this one I wanted to mention …

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Small Ceramic Tiles On Etsy – 5 Reviews

ceramic tiles on etsy

As I was writing my previous article about miniature floors, I realized that buying miniature ceramic tiles on Etsy, is the best place to be. I just didn’t find any pretty ones on Amazon or elsewhere. So today, I am going to show you all the beautiful and small pieces of artwork on Etsy that …

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Etsy Dollhouse Miniatures – Miniature Books

Etsy dollhouse miniatures

Do you know this worldwide shop, where artists around the world produce all kinds of handmade things so that you can buy unique objects? Then it’s about time you do! Not only does Etsy sell dollhouse miniatures, but anything you can imagine: embroidery, special postcards, handbags, hats, clothing, paintings, sculptures, you name it, they have …

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