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Miniature Room Boxes – Some Insights And 11 Ideas For ‘Containers’!

Miniature room boxes

Today I would like to talk to you about miniature room boxes and other unusual ways or containers to make miniatures in. (I love it! ). Let’s just dive straight into the topic. What Is A Miniature Room Box? A room box is made typically to put miniatures scenes in. These scenes could be anything, …

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Building A Miniature Christmas Village – With The Help Of Etsy

miniature Christmas village

In 2 previous articles, we have talked about getting your Christmas miniatures ready for the holidays: make a Christmas gift basket or a Christmas kit. But why not build a complete miniature Christmas village, with some help of Etsy’s magnificent crafters? Off course, you could also buy kits from Robotime or Hongda and make ‘a …

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Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue And Other Glues – 3 Reviews

original tacky glue

In a previous article, we have talked about suitable glues and sealers for inside or outside miniature fairy gardens. There were a few types of glue that I forgot to mention in that article and that I use a lot for crafting ( especially Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue), so let’s dive into 3 other ones. ( Other …

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DIY miniatures tutorial – how to make small doors and windows

DIY miniatures

In this next DIY miniatures tutorial, I will try to explain how to make miniature windows or miniature doors. Before, I have written a few articles about how to craft miniature walls, miniature floors, miniature roofs, and all kinds of miniature water for dioramas. The easiest way, of course, would be buying a miniature kit, …

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Miniature Dollhouse Flooring – A Walkthrough

Miniature dollhouse flooring

In 2 previous articles, I have talked about how to make miniature walls and miniature water (streams, beaches, and waterfalls.) Today we are going to talk about miniature dollhouse flooring and how to make those DIY-style. To craft this miniature dollhouse flooring, you don’t need as many materials at all as in the miniature-water tutorial, …

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Thé Best Book Nook Store Is To Be Found On Etsy !

book nook store

Now, buying a book nook diorama, where I talked about here, is going to be harder than buying miniature books, where there are literally hundreds off. But thé best book nook store is definitely to be found on Etsy. As I said before, Etsy is thé place for handmade craftsmanship and unique pieces or even …

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Etsy Dollhouse Miniatures – Miniature Books

Etsy dollhouse miniatures

Do you know this worldwide shop, where artists around the world produce all kinds of handmade things so that you can buy unique objects? Then it’s about time you do! Not only does Etsy sell dollhouse miniatures, but anything you can imagine: embroidery, special postcards, handbags, hats, clothing, paintings, sculptures, you name it, they have …

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The Best Magnifying Lamps For Miniature Work: Some Insights

best magnifying glass

In this article, I will talk about the best magnifying lamps that you could use a lot for miniatures and dollhouses and all the different ones. I use mine a lot because getting older means sometimes that your eyes can use the support 😉 Especially for miniatures at a very small scale (look here for …

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