Thé Best Book Nook Store Is To Be Found On Etsy !

Now, buying a book nook diorama, where I talked about here, is going to be harder than buying miniature books, where there are literally hundreds of. But thé best book nook store is definitely to be found on Etsy.

As I said before, Etsy is thé place for handmade craftsmanship and unique pieces or even customs if the artist wants to do that.

Let’s take a look at what is being offered about book nook dioramas on Etsy. To be honest: there’s not a lot there yet on the market, as it is a rather new trend. And every artist I found is going to have a short explanation of what they make.

I really, really hope there’s going to be more and more people making these, and more people will be setting up a book nook store.

I have no clue if I could handle these myself, but who knows somewhere in the future, between my personal work or making miniature kits?

Let’s take a look at 6 shops that I think to stand out here.

BIG UPDATE (September 2021), on new book nook stores, to be found here on a more recent blog post.


1. BookNooksOrg.

What is it?

book nook store

– The artist seems to make only one and the same book nook shelf insert. But absolutely looks like a nice one. It is made out of wood, which I definitely prefer over plastic.

What’s so special about this one you might ask? :

– it has a completely functioning clock and working lights

– for every sale of a book nook, they will send 20 réal books to a charity called ‘ Books for Africa’. Nice, right? See here what this charity is all about!

Stars : Etsy miniatures books

More info.

– The power adaptor and battery are included.

– the cost to ship is free (in the US)

– Dimensions (L x H x W): 8″ x 8″ x 3.5″

Price : 199,99 $


 2. Junes Booknooks.

What is it?

book nook store

– It may look like she is only making 1 piece of book nooks on Etsy, but that is not the case at all, she makes several, plus other miniatures. And wow, take a look at her Instagram!

– She definitely is my favorite in the book nook-world (on Etsy that is), I must admit.

– each book nook took her 14 to 20 hours to make

– 100% original designs

Stars:  Totally worth the Etsy miniatures booksreviews.

More info:

– materials used: chipboard, resin, plastic, glass, wire, paper

– items are lit by miniature LED lights and a lithium-ion battery pack.

– uses mirrors to create the illusion of deeper spaces

Price: varies, depending on the object you want, but the one in the picture is 250,00 $


 3. Vegawoodworks :


What is it?

– 1 book nook product. About a ‘medieval alley’ theme.

– Lovely item for fans of Harry Potter

book nook store

Stars : book nook store

More info:

– high quality LED lights and low energy/heat that should last for years

– It is powered by a 3v(US) wall plug with an on/off switch on the back.

– included are flickering lanterns, bottles, crates, a cat, a Potion shop, a bakery, and a Tavern, along with color-changing lights in the potion shop window. There is also an angled mirror in the back making the alleyway seem like it goes on much further.

Price: 239,99$

PS: he also sells a little red dresser, which I find cute as hell and just had to mention. How about you? Red dresser. It’s a little bit pricy though, but then again you have a very unique item: 749,00 $

little red dresser



4.MartinsGiftShop :


– Personalized, laser engraved music boxes, earrings, puzzles, and of course book nooks

– everything seems laser-cut or engraved

Stars: Etsy miniatures books

More info:

– I can find 4 objects related to book nooks.

All of these are not completed or assembled book nooks, you have to assemble these yourself and glue the pieces together. Ideal for people who want to make book nook shelf inserts themselves, but not totally from scratch. As they are laser-cut, it should be easy to make these miniature kits yourself.

He has 4 pieces :

– a box in walnut, that you have to fill/decorate yourself

– Roundtop living hinge book nook, made from birch wood. Including a Fairy door and 2 fence pieces.

– another empty book nook, with pieces in walnut wood (the outside looks like a brick wall), that you need to assemble yourself. It can be made in any size you want and can be engraved with a laser.

– a beautiful alley book nook kit, laser cut. DIY kit made from birch wood.

Price: variable, check out the link below

5. Techarge :

What is it?

– Sells 1, Japanese-themed, old Town mini alley book nook.

– as it is laser-cut- he can sell several pieces of the same book nook

– currently not accepting custom work

Stars: Etsy miniatures books

More info:

– Size: 9.5″H x 3.5″W x 8″D

– materials: wood, 3D printing, plastic, moss

– 2 bright LED lights

– The sign uses 4 AA batteries. Batteries are not included.

Price: 219 $


6. HemispheresCo :

And then the last, but not least book nook store is this one.

What is it?

– Is selling a few book nooks-kits. I have recently seen themes from Sherlock Holmes, Les Misérables, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, etc..

– laser-cut

Stars: Etsy miniatures books

More info:

– Materials: Baltic Birch Plywood

– sizes: variable depending on the piece, check out the shop

– is a miniature kit, so you need to assemble it. (looks quite easy) .

– Included are all of the elements that you see in the finished example, including wood pieces, 3d printed details, miniatures, paper, and a lighting kit

– extra’s that you need to buy:  duct or painter’s tape, wood glue, and 3 AA-batteries

Price : around 84,14 $

UPDATE: Hemisphere Design has NEW book nooks at the moment, check them out!

Conclusion :

I can’t seem to find too many people that specifically make book nooks on Etsy, probably because it is a rather new trend? But the ones I have found, sure are gorgeous and worth the money they charge. Lots of materials and craftsmanship go into these.

Let me know if ever you should buy one or make one yourself from a kit!

Do you have any questions about a book nook store or do you want to share your story about miniatures? Then please leave a comment below or join me on my newest Facebook group!

I wish you happy crafting!

Best regards,


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