Create A Fairy Garden-8 Tips And A Few Tricks!

I could probably write hours and hours about how to create a fairy garden, there’s just so much to tell! So many miniature fairy garden ideas come to my mind that I don’t even know where to begin.

Which materials are suitable to put outside, do you prefer gnomes, fairies, trolls, or even dragonflies?

Do you want to just put them on the ground or in pots/wash bins/wheelbarrows/teapots or even old shoes? How to decorate trees with little fairy doors etc.

I could show you thousands and thousands of pictures and videos, but I really think you could easily find all of those yourself on the internet, like A LOT. Just type in ‘how to create a fairy garden’ on Youtube and you will see!

I know that I am a little crazy about them, but they are SOOO damn cute! There’s literary no limit in what you can make to put outside, the ideas are basically endless. And the fantasy as well, using your imagination in the miniature garden brings you back into the world of a child s mind, it feels so good to keep that alive!

Talking about children: there is so much fun to be had with your kids in making your own fairy garden, and you can buy amazing kits on Etsy that you and your children can work on together. Have a look at this one and this, for example.

So far I only made a very small fairy garden in front of my house (I wish I had more time!). It is funny to see how people pass by walking in the street, their eye catches a small house, and then you see them looking around to see if I put other things outside, all surprised and giggling 🙂


What Are Fairy Gardens?

I really think that the most beautiful fairy gardens are made from natural materials. With things that you can find outside on a hike in the woods, in your garden (pun not intended), beaches, etc.

There’s magic to be made from a regular tree-stump, a strong waterproof glue, and materials made by nature. (also Mod Podge Outdoors is great for fairy houses)

If you are having issues in making fairy doors, windows etc., you can always buy these parts online. I will also review these later on in a separate article or lead the way to my favorite artists!

The inhabitants of a fairy garden can be just about anything: fairies, gnomes, mice butterflies, dragonflies. Use your imagination and it could be any fantasy creature out there.

A List Of Supplies That You Need Or Might Need To Create A Fairy Garden.

Basically making a fairy miniature garden, doesn’t need to cost a lot of time or money, as you can do a lot already with just everyday items. A list of a few things that come to mind:

– A container (inside or outside):

This could be anything; from a (broken) flower pot to an old sink, an old wheelbarrow, a teapot, a (hiking)shoe, a crate, an old suitcase, etc. Basically, anything you can use to put all your miniature scenes and plants in. Some things can stay outside, some things are better off in a dry place like a porch. Outside in your garden, you don’t necessarily need a container.

– potting soil

– specific plants, succulents (will add another article later as-well about the most suitable ones to put in a miniature garden)

– lollypop sticks

– shells

– twigs and sticks

– tree trunk (there are some wonderful trees out there all decorated with miniature doors and such)

– moss (plate moss is the best)

– little and bigger rocks (pebbles)

– a Dremel ( look here) and a table saw (and here )

– The very moment that you put your little stuff outside, wind, sun, and rain will have an influence on them:

Your own work, you can prevent them from getting destroyed by greasing or spraying your own work with a UV coating and/or water-repellent spray (Polystone spray is a good one). Then the colors and shapes are protected so much better!

Also Mod Podge outdoor is a good thing to protect them from weather influences. Read about Mod Podge here.

– If you ever would buy a little house, accessories, or miniatures to put outside, then it’s better to choose decorations that are made from the material ‘polyresin‘ with a weather-resistant (UV) coating. You can buy these on Etsy or others.

– Decoration pieces that you can’t make yourself or just don’t want to make yourself, there’s a lot to find online! Especially on Etsy: beautiful pieces of Art!

– materials for a pathway /brook /patio in your garden. Of course, you can look for it in a garden center, but you should also think about a pet shop/aquarium or use ‘magic sand’.


To create a fairy garden, start by making the floor plan and put plants with pots and all in the garden to determine whether it fits, and the fairy houses fit into the whole picture. Make sure that everything you glued together is sealed off by Mod Podge, always!

Keep gravel and stones to make pathways and such until at the end.


Time To Get To It With A Few (Cheap) Ideas!

You might know by now, that creating a fairy garden is not that complicated. It is a terrific way to have fun with your (grand) children! They can point out exactly how they want to arrange the garden for the fairies.

To give you and your little helper some inspiration, and to start out really cheap, here are some ideas that will make your fairy garden the most beautiful one.

1. Fairies need healthy food also!

Not only can you have a vegetable garden in the ‘big’ garden, but the fairies can also! It isn’t just healthy for them, they also set a good example for your (grand) children.

A vegetable garden is very easy to make. You can demarcate the vegetable garden by placing some twigs around it so that it is clear that this is not just any piece of garden. The vegetables can be put halfway in the ground for a playful effect. You can make these vegetables from Fimo clay, so you can be sure that they stay clean when they are put outside.

2. Fairies have to recycle as well!

You might have noticed it in the list of supplies: a broken flower pot.

As you can see, you can make the most amazing fairy gardens with a broken flower pot!
Besides the fact that a broken flower pot gives a special effect, it is also a good way of recycling. Now you don’t have to throw away your broken or cracked flower pot, but you can reuse it. The fairies teach your (grand) children what recycling is 😉

3. A little garden full of lights

A fairy garden is already beautiful during the day, but with the help of some lights, you can also enjoy it in the evening!  By adding lights to your fairy garden, the flower pot becomes a theatrical centerpiece in your garden. We are sure that visitors will be curious about what those lights do in that pot. Do you want to bet that they will be amazed at your fairy garden?

4. A Tiny world

A fairy garden mostly has moss and various plants, but what about adding some mushrooms? This way you can create a colorful landscape that will look more like a real forest.

Mushrooms are easily made from Fimo clay. You only need to use a small amount of clay, which you form into half a ball.  Then insert a toothpick. Make sure it is hard before you can paint it in different colors.

Would you choose the classic mushroom with red and white dots, or do you go for a different crazy/magical color? You can do anything you like or ask an artist to do it for you!

5. We will just have to eat a lot of icecreams!

Lollipop sticks are a wonderful, cheap, and easy way to make all kinds of miniature furniture. Inside or outside, but especially in fairy gardens.

You can create a (white) picket fence, benches, and fairy doors. The door from my backyard shed is also made from lollipop sticks. All of these are quite easy to make.

Don’t forget to put Mod Podge on everything if you are going to put them outside!

This one will take some more planning though, for sure ;-). But I just wanted to show you all the things you can craft just using lollipop sticks!

Create A Fairy Garden

6. A fairy child needs to play outside!

A fairy swing made by me. Just collect (or buy in craft stores or even in Ikea) little willow twigs, glue them together with a glue gun. Make the seat with a half-cut branch and there you go 😉 Again, don’t forget the Mod Podge!

7. A water well made by me.

A fairy must get some drinking water and must be able to cook and clean, just like humans;-)

I made this well, starting by using a cap from a cleaning bottle and upcycled it. Glue the rocks together, seal with Mod Podge. Add twigs and a bucket.

8. A fairy can do laundry too!

All you need is mini-clothespegs, a mini-basket, 2 sticks (glue them to a bottom made from wood, sprinkled with little stones), a rope, a piece of cloth, or mini clothes (  you can make some or buy some online ). And there you go, the fairies can do laundry too 😉


PS: I know these pictures of my own creations are like a mess, but I just started on my fairy garden and things will be changed around soon, I am planning on getting the ground cover removed and adding miniature plants as I should in a fairy garden!

Also, my ‘hobbit’ house needs to be renewed, I just found out about the sealing with Mod Podge myself, wish I knew it beforehand 😉 When I have it renewed, I will surely update my pictures!

UPDATE:  My fairy garden is renewed and a bit expanded, have a look at my Youtube video !:



Final Conclusion

There’s so much more to do and ideas in the fairy garden world, but I hope this article got you started in the right direction to create a fairy garden. So now that the sun is out, you can have fun with your kids! (or adults, I enjoy these as much as children do, you will just have to forgive me hihi).

Do you have any questions about how to create a fairy garden or do you have any other questions about subjects from my website? Feel free to ask in a comment or on my social media pages. My Facebook page or you can join my Facebook group or Youtube channel!

I wish you happy crafting!

Kind regards,


4 thoughts on “Create A Fairy Garden-8 Tips And A Few Tricks!”

  1. These are some cool ideas to do at home, I really liked all the fairy garden examples you have here, especially the fozzy bear and kermit frog.  Of course these days when we are all stuck at home, even having some new crafts projects can help make pass the time, but with this there is a permanent improvement to put in your child’s room, or in the garden.  

  2. These are unbelievably beautiful. I never thought they were. But as I kept reading, I felt like I was dreaming. They are really beautiful. They really real. Please help me understand. Do you hold a degree in this kind of Art? Do you have a master book with all the designs you do? To me I feel like you could have been to their world and came back and now you are giving us a glimpse of what you saw. Thank you.

    • Hi Michael !

      Thank you so much for all the compliments !

      I have no degree in this art at all, just use my imagination and look a lot of ideas on Pinterest etc .. Giving it my own twist 😉

      kind regards,


  3. Wow, I really like these ideas. I like to collect miniatures and cute items but never thought of creating miniature gardens.

    Your dollhouses and miniatures are so pretty, so happy looking at them. You must be very good at crafts :).

    I’m sure I can find many useful kinds of stuff in my storeroom to reused.

    Thank you for all the ideas and tips. I will be back for more tips :).


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